‘The Debate: Tarun and Gary on Insurance, No Insurance and What’s Right For You’

Moderated by Dr. Alan Mead

Last week we published a Thriving Dentist Show titled; ‘Breaking Free From the Shackles of Insurance’. As usual, Gary published a link to the new Show on Facebook with a short summary of the content of the Show.



Running Time: 85:19 minutes

In the comments, Dr. Tarun Agarwal indicated that he really appreciates Gary’s perspective but he has figured out how to make insurance work in his practice and he proposed a debate on the subject. Dr. Alan Mead, co-creater of The Dental Hacks podcast agreed to moderate the debate. In this Show, Gary, Tarun and Alan discuss; The various types of insurance, how Tarun and Gary both handle insurance in their practices, Tarun’s perspective on the difference between a ‘practice’ and a ‘business’, how to be insurance-friendly in any format, how to answer the question; ‘do you take my insurance’ and host of other details around the topic of insurance. The show concludes with a stimulating discussion about the real issue that holds most practices from achieving their potential!

BUSTING LOOSE From Insurance Dependence in Your Dental Practice