Blueprint to Create Both a Successful Life and Dental Practice

with James Goolnik

TDS Logo 600X600Developing a Thriving practice is a goal that has universal appeal. Our desire on the show is to share relevant information that you can use today to not only survive, but to absolutely THRIVE in today’s times. If you have been a regular listener to the show you know that Gary Takacs has a passion for helping more people enjoy great oral health. He does this by guiding Dentists to develop a thriving practice. Today we have a very special guest whose passion for great oral health and dentistry matches Gary’s! Today’s guest is Dr. James Goolnik and his credentials are quite impressive. Dr. Goolnik is the founder of Bow Lane Dental Group in London, England. He is the past president of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and he has been voted by his peers as the most influential person in dentistry for the past two years.

Running Time 47:18

Dr. Goolnik is the author of an incredible book titled, Brush. The subtitle is; Proven Strategies to Make You and Your Dental Business Shine. Gary and Dr. Goolnik are going to discuss the contents of the book in detail today in our interview, but before we do that I want to point out an observation about success. It’s apparent to me that one common trait of successful people is that they ‘give back’. They find ways to help those in need. Dr. Goolnik is one of those people. 100% of the profits from the sale of the book, Brush are donated to Dentaid, an organization committed to improving the world’s oral health. Well done, Dr. Goolnik!

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