Lessons From a Dental Company Celebrating 100 Years in Business with Ann Steinbock

According to US Census Data, less than one-half of one percent of businesses stay in business for 100 years! Very few Dental Companies can claim a 100 year History! Whip Mix is one of these elite Companies.

In this interview, Gary invited his friend Ann Steinbock, Whip Mix VP Marketing and Sales to share lessons on how they have successfully built a company to last. If you think Whip Mix is a gypsum model company you will be absolutely amazed at how they have evolved to be highly progressive and highly digital.

Ann Steinbock

In this Show, Gary and Ann discuss;

  • How Prohibition inadvertently played a role is the starting of Whip Mix in 1919,
  • the role of articulators and occlusion in the Whip Mix product mix,
  • courses available from Whip Mix on digital dentures,
  • the coming evolution (and revolution!) in digital printing in dentistry,
  • 5 specific Leadership Lessons Ann has applied in learning how to lead a company with over 170 employees
  • (Listening, Make it their idea, Cross-Training, Transparency and Communication).

Ann is from the state of Kentucky and one of the things Kentucky is rightfully proud of is their tradition of distilling fine Bourbon Whiskey.

Ann concludes the interview with a discussion of Kentucky Bourbon and an invitation for you to visit Whip Mix and enjoy a sip of fine Kentucky Bourbon!

Link to the Less Insurance Dependence Podcast: www.lessinsurancedependence.com

Ann’s Website: www.whipmix.com

Ann’s email address: asteinbock@whipmix.com

Below are two pdf documents about Whip Mix and their 100 Year History:



Smiles at Sea is Going to Cuba! with Elijah Desmond

Elijah Desmond

There are some very cool things happening in the world of Dental CE these days!

Gary has long been a fan of combining excellent CE with an incredible experience to make the learning come alive and live in the minds and hearts of those attending.

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary invited his friend Elijah Desmond to talk about his Smiles at Sea Cruises and in particular to share details about some events happening this October including a Smiles at Sea Cuba Cruise.

In this Show Gary and Elijah discuss;

  • Elijah’s motivation for starting Smiles at Sea, his vision for ‘Dentistry’s Got Talent’,
  • Elijah’s new book titled, Serial Entrepreneur: From Start Up to Success,
  • the Mastermind Meeting of the Future coming up this fall,
  • the Smiles at Sea Cuba Cruise where Gary will be one of the featured speakers,
  • Elijah’s plans for combining local charity events with future CE courses
  • and throughout the interview Elijah shares his passion for creating CE Events that provide a forum for learning, fun and connection with some of the brightest minds in dentistry!

Links for the ‘Let’s Ask David’ segment with Dr. David Hornbrook:



Website for Gary’s New ‘Less Insurance Dependence’ podcast:

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Website for Smiles at Sea:

Elijah’s email address:

The Indirect Path to Success and the Importance of Gratitude

with Dr. Nikki Green

Most Dentists will experience some hurdles on their journey to develop a successful practice.

Running time: 68:58

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary invited his long-time client and friend Dr. Nikki Green to share her experiences developing a thriving practice.

In this Show, Gary and Nikki discuss;

  • the practice that Nikki purchased and the blessings and challenges that came with this practice purchase,
  • the temptation that Nikki had to sell her practice and why she ultimately decided not to sell (and why this was one of the best decisions she made!),
  • the failed partnership Nikki experienced and the lessons from this experience,
  • her decision to build an ideal facility and role this decision has played in her success,
  • the value of Mentors including a list of some of the most important Mentors who have guided and influenced Nikki
  • and the interview concludes with a wonderful discussion of Gratitude and how truly embracing Gratitude has made such an amazing difference in Nikki’s practice and her life!

You will really enjoy this very candid conversation and likely find encouragement in the direct path that Nikki has taken to develop a thriving practice.

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Restorative Nation Website:

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Nikki’s website:

Link to the 2019 ‘Making it All Work; A Special Retreat for Women in Dentistry’ at The Pankey Institute: https://www.pankey.org/event/womens-retreat-2019/

Five Things I Would Do Differently If I started All Over on Monday Morning

with Dr. Steve Rasner

Experience is such a wonderful teacher! In fact, experience might be the best teacher. In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Dr. Steve Rasner to share his thoughts on the 5 specific things he would do differently if he was to start all over again on Monday morning.

Running time: 65:48

In this Show, Gary and Steve discuss;

  • How to thrive in a challenging economic environment,
  • why perseverance is a requirement for any Dentist desiring to achieve their full potential,
  • how being ranked 157th in your dental school class could actually be an advantage,
  • the five specific things Steve would do differently if he started all over on Monday morning,
  • how to regain your professional dreams when they may have been derailed,
  • how to embrace the concept of comprehensive care as a foundation in your practice
  • and throughout the interview Steve shares an abundance of practical tips that you can use tomorrow morning in your practice!

No theory here, just practical tips learned from experience.

Links for ‘Top Clinical Tips; with Dr. Lee Ann Brady:

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Restorative Nation Website:

Steve’s website:

Steve’s email address: drrasner@aol.com
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Creating a Dental Practice Everyone Talks About

with Fred Joyal

The fast track for Dentists to stay competitive in an online world where patients seek and share information faster than ever is to become remarkable! Fred Joyal’s new book is titled just that; Becoming Remarkable: Creating a Dental Practice Everyone Talks About.


Running Time: 61:00 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Fred on just what it means to be remarkable. Gary and Fred have been amazing friends for over 30 years and this interview is filled with tips you can use NOW to develop a Thriving practice. Gary and Fred discuss; the new world order of the dental profession, the tectonic shifts disrupting dentistry that all Dentists must recognize and how to respond to these shifts, what you need to know about the changing dental patient and they finish with an inspiring discussion of scarcity versus abundance and how to create an upward spiral of unbridled success! You will absolutely LOVE this interview!

Consider this an invitation to connect with Fred on Social Media:

Fred on Facebook: www.facebook.com/fredjoyal
Fred on Twitter: twitter.com/fredjoyal

To order Fred’s book; Becoming Remarkable

In the Promo code, enter: TAKACS to receive the book for $10 including shipping! Be sure and type TAKACS in all caps!