Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a Serious Medical Condition with a Dental Solution with Bryan Ferre

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is one of the most pernicious and misunderstood healthcare concerns of the modern era. Gary invited his friend Bryan Ferre as a Guest on the Thriving Dentist Show to share his knowledge about OSA.

Bryan Ferre

In this Show Gary and Bryan discuss;

  • The very personal story of how Bryan lost his wife Carrie to OSA,
  • how Bryan’s late wife suffered from nine of the known comorbidities of OSA,
  • the myths of who is at risk of having OSA,
  • current data on the size of the potential patient base in the US suffering from OSA,
  • how societal and environmental changes are creating a dramatic rise in the incidence of OSA,
  • data that reports that 80% of patients suffering from OSA are undiagnosed,
  • the science of Epigenetics in dentistry,
  • Craniofacial Epigenetics and the 4 key area where Vivos is making contribution in this important field,
  • why Vivos created the Institute for Cranio Facial Sleep Medicine,
  • how Dentists can work in concert with other healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat OSA,
  • how to successfully incorporate craniofacial sleep medicine into your dental practice
  • and throughout the interview Bryan shares his absolute passion and mission to help Dentists understand more about OSA and to become actively involved with screening for, diagnosing and treating OSA with the hope that he can help others avoid the very personal loss that he experienced. 

Link to The Pankey Institute: www.Pankey.org

Bryan’s website: www.vivoslife.com

More information about how to incorporate a breathing wellness center in your practice: www.vivosintegratedpractice.com

Link to Free Online Courses: www.Dentist.download

The Story of Three Young Dentists Who Are ROCKING Their Careers with Drs. Joseph Blalock, Scotty Blanchard and Luis Philipe Mariusso

You likely know that Gary is passionate about dentistry and you have probably heard him say that Dentistry ROCKS! This Thriving Dentist Show is one that you will absolutely love.

A little over  three years ago, Gary interviewed a group of young Dentists who were about the start their careers. They were a month away from graduating from the University of Kentucky School of Dentistry and that first interview was all about their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Dr. Joe Blalock

That Thriving Dentist Show was titled; ‘The Power of Relationships, Courage & Passion’ and here is a link to that interview http://bit.ly/2lFDYHn.

This interview is a follow up interview with three of those Dentists, Drs. Joe Blalock, Scotty Blanchard and Luis Philipe Mariusso. This Show is all about what has happened in the past three years.

In this Show, Gary, Joe, Scotty and Luis discuss;

  • What they have learned in their journeys early in their careers,
  • the CE direction that each Dentist has taken to enhance their skills since graduation from dental school, the good, bad and ugly of Associateship experiences,
  • why Joe has decided to open a start-up practice very soon,
  • the path to practice ownership for Scotty and Luis,
  • knowing what they know now what they might do differently,
  • the power and strength of the support network that Joe, Scotty and Luis have developed
  • and what they have learned about creating a successful work/life balance.

This is a very candid interview and you will appreciate the real life stories that Joe, Scotty and Luis share in the hopes that they can help their colleagues avoid any missteps and with the ultimate goal of inspiring their colleagues to pursue a life of purpose and passion!

Link to the Life and Dentistry Podcast: www.lifeanddentistry.com

Link to the Less Insurance Dependence Podcast: www.lessinsurancedependence.com

Link to the iLoveDentistry Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/iLovedentistry.online/ 

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CoDiscovery; What is it? When to Use it? Why to Use it? with Dr. Paul Henny

CoDiscovery is a process that was introduced to the dental profession many years ago by Dr. L.D. Pankey and Dr. Peter Dawson (among others) to help patients take a greater interest in comprehensive care.

In terms of diagnosis, treatment planning and case presentation, most Dentists were taught to identify an issue in the patient’s mouth and then recommend a solution to that issue. That works fine for simple or necessary dentistry. It doesn’t work so well for comprehensive care. CoDiscovery is an extremely effective way develop authentic relationships with patients and guide them to take a greater interest in their oral health.

Dr. Paul Henny

In this Thriving Dentist Show interview, Gary invited his friend Dr. Paul Henny as a Guest to discuss how to successfully integrate the CoDiscovery process in your practice. In this Show Gary and Paul discuss:

  • The definition of CoDiscovery, the history and background of the CoDiscovery process and why it is so effective,
  • the Three-Phase Adult Education model and why each phase is so important,
  • the three tiers of dentistry as developed by Avrom King over 40 years ago and how his predictions have played out,
  • the role of neuroscience and brain anatomy in CoDiscovery,
  • an introduction to the science of psychoneuroendocrinology,
  • when to use the CoDiscovery process and perhaps more importantly when NOT to use it
  • and the upcoming CoDiscovery MasterClass Workshop co-taught by Gary and Paul on April 3-4, 2020 in Chicago.

You will really enjoy Paul’s passion around the CoDiscovery process and you will find this process to increase your effectiveness with your patients!

Link to the Thriving Dentist Show interview with Dr. Paul Henny titled, ‘Dr Bob Barkley and Why He Matters Even More Today’ http://bit.ly/29pHv29

Paul’s website: www.codiscovery.com

Paul’s email address: paul@paulhennyDDS.com

Link to the CoDiscovery MasterClass Workshop, April 3-4 in Medinah, IL http://bit.ly/CoDiscoveryMasterClass

Link to the Bob Barkley Study Club FaceBook Group https://www.facebook.com/bobbarkley.studyclub

Link to Gary’s webinar: How to Control Your Overhead at 60% or Less (September 10, 5pm Pacific Time) www.lessinsurancedependence.com/webinar

Real-Time Online Scheduling with Weston Lunsford and Keith English

Gary often studies trends that other businesses are doing to see if they can be adapted to dentistry. Real-Time online scheduling is something that other industries are using with great success. For example, Millions of people use Open Table to make reservations at restaurants throughout the country. Gary invited his friends Weston Lunsford and Keith English as Guests on the Thriving Dentist Show to discuss the power of real-time online scheduling for dentistry.

Keith English LocalMed

In this Show, Gary, Weston and Keith discuss:

  • The recent acquisition of LocalMed by Dental Intel,
  • the history and background of LocalMed,
  • how LocalMed overcame the doubters to become the largest real-time online scheduling resource in dentistry,
  • why NOW is the time to incorporate real-time online scheduling in your practice,
  • why patients love real-time online scheduling,
  • research that reports that 36% of patients who use LocalMed would not have made a dental appointment without real-time online scheduling,
  • the consumer concept of instant gratification and how real-time online scheduling fits this concept,
  • how your office maintains complete control when you incorporate real-time online scheduling,
  • the benefits of a scheduling system and how LocalMed helps your practice adhere to a great scheduling system,
  • how the merger of LocalMed and Dental Intel will benefit your practice,
  • the power of practice analytics and real-time online scheduling
  • and the interview concludes with great Leadership tips from Weston and Keith; two brilliant Leaders who are making a difference in the lives of their Team Members!

Keith’s website: www.localmed.com 

Weston’s website:   www.dentalintel.com

Link for your FREE ($1,500 Value) Practice Snapshot from Dental Intel: http://get.dentalintel.com/gary/

Link to the Less Insurance Dependence Podcast: www.lessinsurancedependence.com

The Model of an Award-Winning, Multi-Disciplinary Practice with Dr. Nanda Albatish

There are many successful practice models to consider as you strive to develop the style of practice that works best for you.

For this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Dr. Nada Albatish as a Guest to share how she has created an award-winning, multi-disciplinary practice named All Smiles Dental Centre just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Nada is a brilliant young Dentist who is truly doing some amazing things!

Dr. Nada Albatish

In this Show, Gary and Nada discuss;

  • Nada’s journey from graduating Dental School in 2007 to today,
  • her vision of a multi-disciplinary practice model,
  • why this style of practice appeals to Nada,
  • how Nada limits her schedule to providing complex restorative dentistry while ensuring that other clinical needs of patients are being met in her practice,
  • Nada’s CE path to becoming an excellent restorative Dentist,
  • Nada’s role as a Clinical Instructor with Clinical Mastery,
  • CE Resources for Dentists at every stage of their career,
  • how young Dentists can afford quality CE early in their career,
  • tips that have helped Nada achieve an effective work/life balance and throughout the interview

Nada shares her perspective on why now is such an amazing time to be a Dentist and why NOW is a brilliant time to develop the practice of your dreams!

Link to the Less Insurance Dependence Podcast: www.lessinsurancedependence.com

Clinical Mastery website: www.clinicalmastery.com

Nada’s Practice website: www.allsmilesdentalcentres.com

Links to connect with Nada on:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dralbatish/

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/nada.az.14

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/allsmilesdentists/videos

Nada’s email address:  nalbatish@gmail.com

FREE Online CE: Practice Growth Summit (The World’s Largest Online Practice Growth Event) hosted by Weave

If you are a regular listener to the Thriving Dentist Show, you know that Gary is passionate about technology and Continuing Education. In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews three executives at Weave about their upcoming online CE Event called Practice Growth Summit.

Jake Goeckeritz Weave

This Summit is the world’s largest online practice growth Event and is an amazing way for you to earn free CE Credits from the comfort of your home or office! In addition to discussing this upcoming Summit, Gary and Marty Smuin, Jake Goeckeritz, and Mike Buckner talk about the latest trends in Patient Communication and how to use these trends to grow your practice through better communication with your patients.

In this Show, Gary, Marty, Jake and Mike discuss; The upcoming Practice Growth Summit including some of the amazing speakers including former Navy SEAL Team Leader John Choate on the four principles of optimal teamwork derived from 60 years of no-fail operations, Dr. Lou Graham on Today’s Initial Exam; Let Me Show You How to Stand Out, Dr. Hazel Glasper on The Gift of Gab: Communicating, Connecting and Nurturing the Doctor/Patient Relationship, why your office telephone is the single more important piece of equipment in your office, how to use your patient communication platform to develop a stronger relationship driven practice, why you need to be recording your office phone calls and a simple (HIIPA compliant) method of recording practice phone calls, new patient payment solutions that can be seamlessly incorporated into your patient communication system, how to avoid ‘missing’ incoming calls from potential new patients and a 21st Century way to provide a ‘we care’ communication with patients. 

Link to the Practice Growth Summit:


Link for a FREE Weave Demo:


It’s Not in the Knowing, It’s in the Doing’ with Dr. Mike Fling

Thriving Dentists have a common denominator in that they are lifelong learners and constantly improving their clinical, business and behavioral skills. However, for many people there is a gap between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’.

We often know what to do but somehow stop short of applying our knowledge. This podcast interview with my friend, Dr. Mike Fling is all about closing the gap between knowing and doing.

Mike Fling DDS

In this Show, Mike and I discuss;

  • Mike’s experience as an Instructor at the Pankey Institute,
  • how Mike’s training as a Lab Technician has helped him become a more proficient Dentist,
  • how to improve your communication with your Lab to get better results,
  • Mike’s book; 32 Laps: Tipping Points that Motivate Change and Identify Meaning in Your Life and Your Business,
  • the importance of Fearless Clarity for exceptional Dentists,
  • why Faking It is very appropriate at times,
  • why you need to objectively look at your behaviors and work on continuous improvement through connecting with great Mentors,
  • be mindful of the ‘don’t be fooled’ dynamic,
  • know your work and know your patient,
  • and the importance of giving and receiving.

There is SO much useful information in this interview that you will want to listen to it multiple times!

Link to the Less Insurance Dependence Podcast: www.lessinsurancedependence.com

Mike’s website: www.FlingSeminars.com

Mike’s email address: mcfling@aol.com

Mike’s Book: 32 Laps: Tipping Points that Motivate Change and Identify Meaning in Your Business and Your Life

To Get the book at cost, please call Mike’s office and Kinsey will send it to you: 405-848-6743

Website for the Pankey Institute: www.pankey.org

Life After I Sold My Practice to a DSO (and Kept Working There!) with Dr. Nezar Kassem

Earlier this year, Gary interviewed his friend Dr. Nezar Kassem about his decision to sell his practice at mid-career to a DSO.

During that interview, Gary asked Nezar’s permission to circle back later this year for a follow up interview with Nezar to share this post sale experiences. This is that follow up interview.

Nazar Kassem DDS

In this Show, Gary and Nezar discuss;

  • Nezar’s new 10-operatory office,
  • his experience working with Apex Design Build in designing and building his new office,
  • how selling his practice to a DSO has helped Nezar achieve a better work/life balance,
  • Nezar’s experience as an employee Dentist of Elite Dental Partners,
  • future growth plans for his practice,
  • whether Nezar’s experience of selling his practice to a DSO met his expectations,
  • how HR decisions are now made in Nezar’s practice,
  • why Nezar chose Elite Dental Partners and his satisfaction with that decision.

Nezar shares very useful information here that might apply now or at some point in the future in your situation. Wonderful to hear Nezar sharing candid information with the goal of helping his colleagues!

First interview with Nezar: ‘Why I Decided (as a mid-career Dentist) to Sell my Practice to a DSO with Dr. Nezar Kassem’  http://bit.ly/2RHYnux

Interview with Apex Design Build Executive, Bruce Johnstone; ‘Everything to Consider When Building Your Ideal Office with Bruce Johnstone’     http://bit.ly/2RHYnux 

Elite Dental Partners:     www.elitedentalpartners.com

Nezar’s email address: nkasse1@gmail.com

Link to the iLoveDentistry Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/iLovedentistry.online/

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How to Become a Transformational Leader to achieve the Practice of Your Dreams with Dr. Mac McDonald

Leadership is such an important element of a Thriving dental Practice.

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary invited his friend, Dr. Mac McDonald to share his wisdom and thoughts on how Dentists can become Transformational Leaders.

Dr. Mac McDonald

In this Show, Gary and Mad discuss;

  • The fact that Leadership can be learned and developed,
  • the importance of Leadership in an exceptional practice,
  • the difference between Leadership and Management and the role of each,
  • why Dentists can feel like a prisoner in their own practice and how to break free from this situation,
  • the importance of objective feedback for your own Leadership Development,
  • the Leaders role in developing the culture of the practice,
  • how to align your goals of purpose and profit,
  • next steps you can take to develop your Leadership
  • and throughout the interview Mac shares his wisdom and encouragement for you to develop your Leadership skills so that you can have a practice that everyone is happy to be part of; you, your Team and your patients!

Link to the iLoveDentistry Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/iLovedentistry.online/

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Mac’s website: www.lineofsightcoaching.com

Mac’s email address:   mac@lineofsightcoaching.com

Pankey Institute Website: www.pankey.org

Courageous Conversations with Katherine Eitel Belt

Communication is such an important topic! Our Guest on this Thriving Dentist Show is Katherine Eitel Belt and she is a master at teaching effective communication.

In this particular Show, Katherine shares strategies and tips for how to have Courageous Conversations. It is fair to say that the content of this interview is an absolute Game Changer and you will be able to use this information in your professional life and also in your personal life as well.

Katherine Eitel Belt

In this interview Gary and Katherine discuss;

  • The value in unscripted communication,
  • when scripting can be used effectively,
  • how to enhance your authenticity in your communication,
  • three specific lanes of communication skills (patient-facing, team-facing and audience-facing) and how to adapt your communication to these lanes,
  • the importance of developing your skills in the area of courageous conversations,
  • the concept of courageous conversations as the core competency of emotional intelligence,
  • Katherine’s Four-Point (G.E.C.O.) courageous conversation check list,
  • two rules of engagement
  • and Katherine’s A.R.C.H. Formula.

On a very personal note, Katherine shares her own experience with a courageous conversation that likely saved her son’s life. The information that Katherine shares in this interview will make a massive difference in your life and in the lives of those you Love!

Link to the Thriving Dentist Show interview about the opioid crisis in dentistry with Leslie Fang M.D.   http://bit.ly/DentalOpioidCrisis

Katherine’s website: www.lionspeak.net

Link to Lionspeak on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LionSpeak.net/

Link to Katherine’s ‘Leaders of the Pride’ Workshops: www.lionspeak.net/Leaders 

NOTE: Use Promo Code 19LOP100 to receive a $100 savings on these workshops!

Courageous Conversations Support Sheet

Link to the iLoveDentistry Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/iLovedentistry.online/

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