A System to Successfully Reactivate Past Due Hygiene Patients

with Cory Pinegar

Every dental practice has the experience of patients that are overdue for their hygiene appointment. This is one of the most pressing practice management problems that Dentists face today.

Running time: 58:51

To present some practical solutions to this challenge, Gary invited his friend Cory Pinegar to discuss a great system to reactivate past due hygiene patients. Gary and Cory discuss; the true economic value of overdue hygiene patients, the staggering statistics of overdue hygiene patients in practices throughout the country, excellent verbal skills to use to successfully reactivate past due hygiene patients, the best time of the day to contact these patients, why effective communication is more than just the words you use, studies on the most effective method of reaching past due hygiene patients and throughout the interview Cory presents a proven system for reactivating past due hygiene patients.

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Finding New Money in Old Places

with Lisa Spradley

Dental PodcastReactivating existing patients and following up with them regarding pending treatment is an opportunity for virtually every dental practice.




Running Time: 49:50 min

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Lisa Spradley known as the ‘Front Desk Lady’. Lisa has almost 20 years of experience as an administrative team member and office manager and is passionate about helping dental practices follow up with existing patients. In this interview, Gary and Lisa discuss why it’s important to reactivate existing patients, how much time should be spent each week on hygiene reactivation, tips to successfully reactivate hygiene patients and how technology can help you with the hygiene reactivation process. Gary and Lisa also discuss tips to follow up with patients with pending treatment plans and how you can move these patients to accept recommended treatment. You’ll love this interview and Lisa’s passion for helping dental offices thrive today!

Lisa’s website:  www.frontdesklady.com

Lisa’s email address:  lisamarie@frontdesklady.com

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