A System to Successfully Reactivate Past Due Hygiene Patients

with Cory Pinegar

Every dental practice has the experience of patients that are overdue for their hygiene appointment. This is one of the most pressing practice management problems that Dentists face today.

Running time: 58:51

To present some practical solutions to this challenge, Gary invited his friend Cory Pinegar to discuss a great system to reactivate past due hygiene patients. Gary and Cory discuss; the true economic value of overdue hygiene patients, the staggering statistics of overdue hygiene patients in practices throughout the country, excellent verbal skills to use to successfully reactivate past due hygiene patients, the best time of the day to contact these patients, why effective communication is more than just the words you use, studies on the most effective method of reaching past due hygiene patients and throughout the interview Cory presents a proven system for reactivating past due hygiene patients.

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Proven Tips to to Achieve a High Performance Front Desk

with Missy Fryer and Mary Beth Bajornas - Episode 304

The business department (front desk) of your dental practice is an extremely important part of your success. The performance of your front desk team can quite literally make or break your practice.

Running Time: 60:20 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show interview, Gary invited his friends Missy Fryer and Mary Beth Bajornas to share proven tips to achieve a high performance front desk. Missy and Mary Beth have a massive amount of practical experience and they share their best tips in this interview. In this Show, Gary, Missy and Mary Beth discuss; The 3 most common challenges for front desk team members and how to overcome them, the importance of follow-up systems at the front desk, how to document every patient communication s that any team member can effectively follow up with patients, how to build value with your patients, a new patient ‘reservation’ system that will completely eliminate new patient cancellations and the interview concludes with a discussion of the Dental Office Survival Guide: 2018 Front Desk Edition that Missy and Mary Beth created to help dental offices Thrive. This is a Thriving Dentist Show you will want to share with your entire Team!

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5 Proven Tips to Eliminate Hygiene Cancellations and No-Shows

with Gary Takacs

The #1 practice management problem in dentistry today is hygiene department cancellations and no-shows. In some offices, hygiene no-shows are an absolute epidemic!



Running Time: 47:19 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary shares five specific strategies to radically reduce your hygiene department cancellations and no-shows. These are proven tips that Gary has used in his own practice and in his client offices around the country with success. By applying these five strategies you will reduce your expenses, fill more hygiene appointments and train your patients to keep their appointments!


Tips to Increasing Production on Tomorrow’s Schedule

with Heidi Mount

Keeping your schedule full and productive is one of the most important tasks in your practice. In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend Heidi Mount.




Running Time: 52:16 minutes

She has over 25 years of experience in the dental profession and is passionate about helping Dentists create a schedule that is both full and productive. In this interview, Gary and Heidi discuss; Some great tips to help patients accept your treatment plans, specific strategies to increase production on tomorrow’s schedule, marketing tips to get more new patients and strategies to keep them, how to avoid re-judging your patients and some great verbal skills to use to guide your patients to accept ideal care! You’ll love Heidi’s experience and passion.

Heidi’s website: www.coachingdentist.com

Heidi’s email address: heidi@coachingdentist.com

Proven Tips to Increase Patient Attendance

with Missy Fryer

Getting patients to keep their appointments is a big issue in many dental offices today. In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend Missy Fryer to provide solutions that will radically improve patient attendance in your practice.


Running Time: 60:50 minutes

Missy has tested these solutions in her practice in Northeast Ohio with amazing results and duplicated these results in practices all over the country. In this interview, Gary and Missy discuss; how to specifically measure patient attendance in three categories of appointments, some reasons why patients cancel or no-show for appointments, how to change the culture of you practice to help patients place greater value on their appointments and specific steps to radically reduce cancellations and no shows. You will LOVE Missy’s real world experience and her practical solutions to increase patient attendance.

Missy’s website: www.nextstepdentalresource.com

Missy’s email address: missy@nextstepdentalresource.com

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Finding New Money in Old Places

with Lisa Spradley

Dental PodcastReactivating existing patients and following up with them regarding pending treatment is an opportunity for virtually every dental practice.




Running Time: 49:50 min

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Lisa Spradley known as the ‘Front Desk Lady’. Lisa has almost 20 years of experience as an administrative team member and office manager and is passionate about helping dental practices follow up with existing patients. In this interview, Gary and Lisa discuss why it’s important to reactivate existing patients, how much time should be spent each week on hygiene reactivation, tips to successfully reactivate hygiene patients and how technology can help you with the hygiene reactivation process. Gary and Lisa also discuss tips to follow up with patients with pending treatment plans and how you can move these patients to accept recommended treatment. You’ll love this interview and Lisa’s passion for helping dental offices thrive today!

Lisa’s website:  www.frontdesklady.com

Lisa’s email address:  lisamarie@frontdesklady.com

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Mastering the Schedule

with Gary Takacs

TDS Logo 600X600We are very excited about the content of today’s show because of the profound impact this information can make in your practice. We have decided to devote the content of today’s Thriving Dentist Show to the topic of ‘Mastering your Schedule’ because we have had many requests from listeners about how schedule so that you have consistently productive days. Gary is an expert in the area of schedule and often teaches entire courses on the art and science of scheduling. So, buckle up and hang on……you are going to enjoy this show!

Running Time 41:00

This particular show would be a great one to play for your entire team. Many of our listeners have told us that they use the Thriving Dentist Show as content for their team meetings. They play the entire show or parts of the show during team meetings as a way to get ‘everyone on the same page’ and to provide educational and encouraging content to help the practice thrive. This particular show would be a great one to lay for your next team meeting!

What is the concept of scheduling by design?

I have heard you use the analogy of Rocks, Sand and Water in your scheduling workshops. What do these terms mean in regards to scheduling?

You teach the concept of taking advantage of the opportunities that are presented each and every day. How does that idea relate to mastering the schedule?

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