A System to Successfully Reactivate Past Due Hygiene Patients

with Cory Pinegar

Every dental practice has the experience of patients that are overdue for their hygiene appointment. This is one of the most pressing practice management problems that Dentists face today.

Running time: 58:51

To present some practical solutions to this challenge, Gary invited his friend Cory Pinegar to discuss a great system to reactivate past due hygiene patients. Gary and Cory discuss; the true economic value of overdue hygiene patients, the staggering statistics of overdue hygiene patients in practices throughout the country, excellent verbal skills to use to successfully reactivate past due hygiene patients, the best time of the day to contact these patients, why effective communication is more than just the words you use, studies on the most effective method of reaching past due hygiene patients and throughout the interview Cory presents a proven system for reactivating past due hygiene patients.

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Breakthrough New Technology for your Office Phone System

with Brandon Rodman

You have likely heard Gary say that it is his opinion that the telephone is the single most important piece of equipment in the dental office. The reason for this is that the phone is the conduit through which most patients flow into your office.

Running time: 63:13

Frankly, telephone technology has not changed much over the last 30 years…..Until now! To discuss some breakthrough new telephone technology, Gary invited his friend Brandon Rodman as a guest on the Thriving Dentist Show. In this Show, Gary and Brandon discuss; Some good reasons why patient retention may be more important that getting more new patients, latest advances in office phone technology, how this technology provides the needed information in a timely manner, how text messaging is changing the way we interact with our patients, trends in communication in the dental profession and how technology can best be used to create a remarkable patient experience.

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‘Busting Loose from Insurance Dependence’

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‘Busting Loose from Insurance Dependence’

Compare Your Practice to 2,000 Practices in 4 Specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

with Weston Lunsford - Episode 300

It is absolutely critical to measure performance in your dental practice. However, your practice management software only tells you ‘what happened’ as opposed to ‘what’s happening’.

Running Time: 64:42 minutes

To help you better understand what is happening in your dental practice, Gary invited his friend Weston Lunsford on the Thriving Dentist Show to discuss 4 specific metrics that will propel your practice to new levels of performance! In this Show, Gary and Weston discuss the concept of ‘things that are measured, improve’ and then focus on 4 very specific metrics that you MUST measure to achieve your full potential. These 4 metrics are:

Hygiene Patient Reappointment %

Dentist Production per Patient

Treatment Acceptance %

Unscheduled Active Patients

Weston then provides you with benchmark information from 2,000 practices showing you the average, top 10% and bottom 10% of each metric in this 2,000 practice database. This benchmark information allows you to see how your practice performs compared to these 2,000 practices! You will LOVE Weston’s passion for measuring KPI’s and his equal passion for helping Dentists better serve their patients.

Weston’s website:

To receive a Free ($1,000 value) Practice Snapshot showing you precisely how your practice is performing with information unavailable from your practice management software:

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Excellent Front Office Systems

with Laura Hatch


Systems are SO very important in a Thriving practice! In this Show Gary interview his friend Laura Hatch on Front Office Systems that are necessary for your practice to achieve full potential.

Running Time: 61:39 minutes

In this interview, Gary and Laura discuss; the most important systems to have in place at the front desk, how to get started if you currently have no systems in place, how Laura developed a fee-for-service practice in the highly competitive area of San Diego, CA, the role that systems played in successfully developing a fee-for-service practice and specific steps that you can take today to reduce insurance dependency. Laura is passionate about helping Dentists and Team Members embrace systems in their practice and you’ll love way these systems lead to a thriving practice.

Laura’s website:

Laura’s email address:

Link to Laura’s ‘White Paper’ on Reducing Insurance Dependency:

Discover How Good Your Practice Can Be

with Lois Banta

Together Lois Banta and Gary have over 75 years of experience coaching dental practices to higher levels of success!





Running Time: 58:30 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show interview Gary and Lois discuss; The main challenges facing Dentists in private practice today, how to develop effective leadership, how to improve office communication, why a systems-based approach is so important, how to hire, train and motivate the best team, strategies to reduce insurance dependency and how to get an understanding of the true overhead of your practice. We also discuss the awesome work that the Speaking Consulting Network provides to speakers and consultants in the dental profession. You will really enjoy Lois’ passion for dentistry and her commitment to help her clients and her colleagues!

Speaking Consulting Network website: www.speakingconsultingnetwork.com

Lois’ website: www.bantaconsulting.com

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Lois’ email address: lois@bantaconsulting.com


A Bonus System for a Thriving Dental Practice

If you have ever attended a course given by Gary you know that he is in favor of a properly designed bonus incentive compensation system.





Running Time: 49:35 minutes

Gary is a recognized authority on bonus systems as the author of countless articles in the dental trade press on this subject and perhaps more importantly, he has helped design bonus systems in hundreds of the most successful dental practices.

We chose the topic for this Show based on many emails that Gary has received from listeners asking for information related to bonus systems. In this Show Gary discusses how to determine if your practice is ready for a bonus system, the five fundamental criteria that a bonus system must have to be effective, a description of some flawed bonus systems and a detailed discussion of the bosuns system Gary currently uses in his dental practice and in the practices of his clients. Here’s to your success!

Gary’s email address: gary@takacslearningcenter.com

Gary’s personal page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Garycharlestakacs

Gary’s Business page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/takacslearningcenter

Gary on Twitter: twitter.com/gary_takacs

24 Systems for a Thriving Dental Practice

with Gary Takacs

Dental PodcastGary is an advocate of a ‘systems’ approach to practice success. Having the appropriate systems in your practice will allow you to improve your practice performance, create consistency and reduce stress in your practice.



Running Time: 51:50 min

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary defines the 24 most important business systems in your practice then he provides a description of each system including a way to measure your performance whenever possible. As part of this Show, Gary also describes how systems degrade over time and why it is so important to audit your systems periodically. He recommends a very practical way to audit your 24 systems on a regular basis. You will LOVE this Thriving Dentist Show, it’s filled with useful information!

Gary’s email address: gary@takacslearningcenter.com

Website: www.takacslearningcenter.com

6 Most Important Lessons of 2014

with Gary Takacs

As we wrap up another year, Gary spent some time reflecting on his own practice and the offices of his clients to identify the most important lessons from the year.




Running Time: 38:06 min

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary defines the 6 most important lessons he learned in 2014. They include; The importance of B.H.A.G’s (Big, Hairy, Audacious, Goals), the importance of constant team-building activities, marketing is more important than ever, developing a culture of adding treatment into your schedule each day, the need to audit your 24 practice systems on an ongoing basis and the fact that more CE = more enjoyment. Wishing you all a New Year filled with Good Health, Happiness and Prosperity!

Gary’s Email address: gary@takacslearningcenter.com

Takacs Learning Center always welcomes new clients and we’d enjoy working with you to help you develop your ideal practice!

5 Systems For A Thriving Dental Practice

with Gary Takacs

Dental Podcast

This week’s episode is the first without co-host Andy Traub. He recently published his book titled Early to Rise (http://amzn.to/11zpvq4) and if you have not read this wonderful book, then run don’t walk and read it NOW. May be the best $7.99 you ever invest in yourself! Due to increasing time demands, Andy is no longer able to serve as the co-host of the Thriving Dentist Show. However, the Show will go and we are forever grateful to Andy’s contribution. Thanks Andy!

Running Time: 47:43 min


I decided to do this Show as a solo show to allow me to go into detail on the topic of The 5 Systems for a Thriving Practice.

Here are those 5 systems:

1)      Develop a Comprehensive Dental Marketing Plan

2)      Make Teeth Whitening a Core Element

3)      Use Digital Photography for Patient Oral Health Education

4)      Get Serious about Diagnosing & Treating Periodontal Disease

5)      Create an Incredible New Patient Experience


Here are 6 Goals of a Thriving Practice:

1)      Overhead no higher than 60% (ideally 50%)

2)      Ability to fully fund a pension or savings Plan

3)      Enough revenue to allow you to have a state-of-the-art facility, modern equipment, generous CE budget, use the best labs, latest technology and still control overhead at 60% or less (Ideally 50%)

4)      A high-performance team you truly love and enjoy working with

5)      Patients you genuinely enjoy taking care of

6)      Treatment mix that gives you satisfaction

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