The Power of Creating Your Practice Philosophy

with Dr. Paul Henny

Intention is a very important element of developing a thriving practice. Determining what your practice stands for can provide the ‘compass points’ that will lead you to develop your ideal practice.

Running time: 65:09

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary invited his friend, Dr Paul Henny to share his thoughts about the importance of creating your practice philosophy. In this Show, Gary and Paul discuss; The specific benefits of a practice philosophy, elements to include in your practice philosophy, why it’s important to involve your team when creating a practice philosophy, the importance of congruence and harmony, your practice philosophy as a flexible self-management tool, the differences between a practice philosophy and your Vision and Mission Statements and how creating your practice philosophy allows you to distinguish your practice in the marketplace. You will enjoy Paul’s wisdom and guidance on this important topic!

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Why is a Practice Philosophy Important Today

Dr. Bob Barkley and Why He Matters More Than Ever Today

with Dr. Paul Henny

Dr. Bob Barkley was a pioneer in the Dental Profession! He was considered by many to be a leader in the world of prevention and he was passionate about developing the Dentist-Patient relationship built on trust and understanding. Although Dr. Barkley is no longer with us, his concepts are more relevant than ever today.


Running Time: 66:01 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Dr. Paul Henny on the legacy created by Dr. Barkley and the merits of developing a practice around the concept of ‘Relationship-Based Health-Centered Dentistry’. In this thought provoking interview Gary and Paul discuss; the story of Dr. Bob Barkley and why his work is more relevant than ever today, how Paul was introduced to the work of Dr. Barkley and why it had such a profound influence on him, specific take-away points our listeners can apply from the work of Dr. Barkley, the concepts of co-discovery and co-diagnosis and the Bob Barkley Study Club. You will be thrilled to be introduced to the work of Dr. Barkley by Paul and you will find this information extremely relevant today!

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The Future of Independent Dentistry

with Dr. Lance Timmerman

News Flash: Dentistry is changing! If you are a regular listener to the Thriving Dentist Show you know that Gary is ‘bullish’ on the future of dentistry. His guest in this interview, Dr. Lance Timmerman, shares Gary’s positive perspective on the future of dentistry.


Running Time: 53:23 minutes

In this Show, Gary and Lance discuss; The challenges facing independent Dentists and how to position yourself for success, why you should consider treating sleep apnea in your practice, other clinical services to consider adding with advanced training, why investing in yourself in the form of CE is the best investment you can make and some additional treatment areas that Lance is excited about now. You will really enjoy Lance’s positive perspective and his appetite to learn more to best serve his patients!

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Creating a Dental Practice Everyone Talks About

with Fred Joyal

The fast track for Dentists to stay competitive in an online world where patients seek and share information faster than ever is to become remarkable! Fred Joyal’s new book is titled just that; Becoming Remarkable: Creating a Dental Practice Everyone Talks About.


Running Time: 61:00 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Fred on just what it means to be remarkable. Gary and Fred have been amazing friends for over 30 years and this interview is filled with tips you can use NOW to develop a Thriving practice. Gary and Fred discuss; the new world order of the dental profession, the tectonic shifts disrupting dentistry that all Dentists must recognize and how to respond to these shifts, what you need to know about the changing dental patient and they finish with an inspiring discussion of scarcity versus abundance and how to create an upward spiral of unbridled success! You will absolutely LOVE this interview!

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12 Steps to Grow a $5 Million Dental Practice

with Dr. Bill Williams

In an earlier interview with Dr. Bill Williams, Gary and Bill discussed his tips for staying in love with dentistry for over 40 years.





Running Time: 64:49 minutes

During that earlier interview Bill told his story about how he had to start from scratch at age 48 after some setbacks and how he went on to develop a $5M practice in less than 10 years. In this interview, Bill and Gary discuss the 12 steps that he followed to achieve these amazing results. While these business results are truly outstanding, the best part is that Bill has achieved these goals while maintaining a practice philosophy based on providing quality care and excellent customer service! You’ll be inspired by Bill’s story and find these 12 steps useful regardless of your practice goals.

Earlier Interview with Bill; ‘How to Stay in LOVE with Dentistry for Over 40 Years

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Effective Team Building Strategies

with Brenda McNulty

Dental PodcastTeam building is a huge part of developing a Thriving dental practice. Often the difference between a good practice and a world-class practice is the presence of a true team where the Dentist and the team members are all moving together in concert toward commonly defined goals.


Running Time: 49:40 min

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Brenda McNulty about how the FISH! Philosophy can help you develop an amazing team. In this interview Gary and Brenda discuss the history and background of the FISH! Philosophy, the four components of the FISH! Philosophy and how each of these can be applied in the dental office, other team building strategies and how Brenda is helping dental teams succeed today. You will LOVE Brenda’s experience and passion for team building!

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