How to Stand Out as a Dentist

with Dr. Alex Shalman

This Thriving Dentist Show is divided into two distinct parts.






Running Time: 65:19 minutes

In the first half of this Show, Gary interviews his friend Alex Shalman about his experience transitioning from Dental School to private practice. Alex has accomplished a great deal in his first two years in practice. In this interview Alex and Gary discuss; Alex’s experience as a 5th generation Dentist, How he has been able to accomplish so much since graduating from Dental School, the challenges Alex faced transitioning from Dental School to private practice and Alex’s goals for the future. In the second part of the interview Gary and Alex switch roles with Alex interviewing Gary using a ‘speed round’ format of rapid fire questions.

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How to Stay in Love With Dentistry for Over 40 Years

with Dr. Bill Williams

One of the very cool parts of the dental profession is the amazing people who have chosen to make dentistry their life work.





Running Time: 54 minutes

In this inspiring Show, Gary interviews his great friend Dr. Bill Williams. Gary has known Bill for over 30 years and they have shared time on the stage together and maintained a wonderful friendship over these years. In this interview Gary and Bill discuss; the events that resulted in Bill being virtually broke after 15 years in practice despite having a very successful practice, how he rebounded and started a new practice from scratch that went from -0- to over $5 Million in annual collections in less than 10 years, why Bill is still in love with dentistry after more than 40 years, his book Marketing the Million Dollar Practice, and the magic behind him 5M Masters Academy. This interview is filled with information you can use today to develop a thriving practice!

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Link to Bill’s 5M Masters Academy (affiliate link)

Evolve or Die

with Fred Joyal

Dental Podcast

The dental profession is going through fundamental changes right now. Last week Gary’s good friend, Fred Joyal wrote a blog post titled, ‘Darwin Comes to Dentistry; Are You Evolving?’ This is absolutely a must read for all Dentists. Here’s a link to this blog post: Fred was spot on in identifying the forces impacting dentistry today as well as his recommendations for what to do to evolve amid these changes and thrive. This information was so timely that Gary decided to interview Fred for the Thriving Dentist Show and discuss the importance of evolving to survive and thrive.

Running Time: 53:39 min

In this interview Gary and Fred discuss the 6 main forces that are impacting dentistry today. Fred explains these as not just trends, but tectonic shifts! Fred and Gary then make 7 specific recommendations to navigate these changes and evolve so that you can thrive now and in the future.

Fred’s Book: Everything is Marketing: The Ultimate Strategy for Dental Practice Growth     (Promo Code: Takacs)

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Futuredontics Website:

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5 Must-Have Resources for a Thriving Practice

with Gary Takacs

Dental Podcast

In earlier Thriving Dentist Show interviews with Dr.Howard Farran, Howard identified the 4 things Dentists need to be doing today to Thrive in any economy. Those 4 things are; 1) Reduce costs, 2) Increase marketing, 3) Add services and 4) Make dentistry more affordable.




Running Time: 53:34 min

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary presents 5 specific resources that will help you develop a more successful practice. Gary uses each of these resources in his own practice and he also recommends each of these resources to his clients. You will enjoy this Show and the resources that Gary shares.

Merchant Preferred Processing Network
Making Mobi
Six Month Smiles
The Wellness Hour
Smile Reminder

No More Excuses for Creating a Thriving Dental Practice

with Vicki McManus

Dental Podcast

Dentists often have excuses for why they cannot develop a successful dental practice.





Running Time: 54:41 min

In this interview, Vicki systematically eliminates all possible excuses and explains exactly how you can create a thriving practice wherever you are located. She provides examples of Dentists who are succeeding despite whatever challenges they are facing. Vicki also shares the strategies that she uses at the Productive Dentist Academy to help Dentist dramatically increase their productivity.

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