Dr. Bob Barkley and Why He Matters More Than Ever Today

with Dr. Paul Henny

Dr. Bob Barkley was a pioneer in the Dental Profession! He was considered by many to be a leader in the world of prevention and he was passionate about developing the Dentist-Patient relationship built on trust and understanding. Although Dr. Barkley is no longer with us, his concepts are more relevant than ever today.


Running Time: 66:01 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Dr. Paul Henny on the legacy created by Dr. Barkley and the merits of developing a practice around the concept of ‘Relationship-Based Health-Centered Dentistry’. In this thought provoking interview Gary and Paul discuss; the story of Dr. Bob Barkley and why his work is more relevant than ever today, how Paul was introduced to the work of Dr. Barkley and why it had such a profound influence on him, specific take-away points our listeners can apply from the work of Dr. Barkley, the concepts of co-discovery and co-diagnosis and the Bob Barkley Study Club. You will be thrilled to be introduced to the work of Dr. Barkley by Paul and you will find this information extremely relevant today!

Paul’s email address: paul@paulhennydds.com

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Tips to Achieve True Success in Dentistry

with Chris Barrow

In his book, True Success author Tom Morris defines success as; Doing what you want to do, when you want to do it, with the people you’d like to do it with! We happen to think that is an excellent definition of success in dentistry.



Running Time: 60:53 minutes

In this Show Gary interviews his friend Chris Barrow on the on the topic of how to have a great practice and a great life. In this interview Gary and Chris discuss; Chris’ four biggest tips to any aspiring or existing practice owner, why Dentists hire a business coach and what they get for their investment, the concept of ‘zero tolerance’, the biggest challenges facing Dentists in 2015 and a look into the crystal ball to see where the dental profession will be in 2025. You will LOVE this interview!

Chris Barrow’s website: www.7connections.com

Chris Barrow’s email address: coachbarrow@me.com

How to Win Your Team & Positively Influence Patients

with Dr. Daniel Cheung

Dental PodcastIf you are a regular listener of the Thriving Dentist Show you know that Gary is bullish on the Dental Profession! It’s his perspective that NOW is a fabulous time in dentistry. Dr. Daniel Cheung share’s Gary’s passion for dentistry. He is an amazing young Dentist who is living his dream of helping more patients have great oral health.


Running Time: 53:12 min

In this inspiring interview, Gary and Daniel discuss what Daniel enjoys most about dentistry, the secrets to developing a world-class Team, tips for Dentists thinking about buying or starting a practice, and specific things to do to stand out from the crowd. Daniel also discusses the mentors that have been his biggest influence. This is an interview you’ll want to share with the entire Team.

Dr. Daniel Cheung Website: www.dentistinbury.co.uk

Dr. Daniel Cheung email address: endoexcel@live.com

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Six Goals for a Thriving Dental Practice

with Gary Takacs

Dental PodcastGary Takacs shares six goals for a thriving dental practice as well as a specific action your practice can take TODAY to make it more profitable.




Running Time 34:38

Episode #2 Show notes

The Story of LifeSmiles
– Started in May 2007
– Bottom dropped out in September 2008
– Story of Struggle and Triumph

6 Specific Goals for LifeSmiles and all dental offices
• Overhead no greater than 60% (ideal 50%)
• Ability to fully find retirement plan
• All the technology and still control overhead
• High performance team you truly LOVE and enjoy working with
• Patients you genuinely enjoy taking care of
• Treatment mix that gives you satisfaction

Working with a team of people you truly LOVE and enjoy working with is the most important of the six goals.

What was one specific strategy LifeSmiles Dental Care did to turn things around when the economy declined: whitening a core element of the practice.

Future shows will include guests in the dental field that will help you build a THRIVING dental practice.