The Role of Legacy, Purpose and Passion in a Thriving Practice

with Gary Takacs - Episode 312

This Thriving Dentist Show is a very personal show for Gary. In this episode, Gary announces the Launch of the Thriving Practice Academy. Topics covered include; The back story to the creation of the Thriving Practice Academy,

Running Time: 47:37 minutes

Gary’s perspective that now is an amazing time to be a Dentist, the three specific events that caused Gary to reflect on how he wants to spend the next 10-15 years of his career, the role of Legacy in your practice, how Gary’s LifeSmiles dental practice serves as a ‘test kitchen’ to test concepts that can be applied to help you develop a thriving practice, 6 very specific goals to embrace in a thriving practice, why a systems-based practice is the best possible foundation, tips to create accountability in your practice and the importance of maintaining an effective work/life balance.

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Six Goals for a Thriving Dental Practice

with Gary Takacs

Dental PodcastGary Takacs shares six goals for a thriving dental practice as well as a specific action your practice can take TODAY to make it more profitable.




Running Time 34:38

Episode #2 Show notes

The Story of LifeSmiles
– Started in May 2007
– Bottom dropped out in September 2008
– Story of Struggle and Triumph

6 Specific Goals for LifeSmiles and all dental offices
• Overhead no greater than 60% (ideal 50%)
• Ability to fully find retirement plan
• All the technology and still control overhead
• High performance team you truly LOVE and enjoy working with
• Patients you genuinely enjoy taking care of
• Treatment mix that gives you satisfaction

Working with a team of people you truly LOVE and enjoy working with is the most important of the six goals.

What was one specific strategy LifeSmiles Dental Care did to turn things around when the economy declined: whitening a core element of the practice.

Future shows will include guests in the dental field that will help you build a THRIVING dental practice.