Excellent Front Office Systems

with Laura Hatch


Systems are SO very important in a Thriving practice! In this Show Gary interview his friend Laura Hatch on Front Office Systems that are necessary for your practice to achieve full potential.

Running Time: 61:39 minutes

In this interview, Gary and Laura discuss; the most important systems to have in place at the front desk, how to get started if you currently have no systems in place, how Laura developed a fee-for-service practice in the highly competitive area of San Diego, CA, the role that systems played in successfully developing a fee-for-service practice and specific steps that you can take today to reduce insurance dependency. Laura is passionate about helping Dentists and Team Members embrace systems in their practice and you’ll love way these systems lead to a thriving practice.

Laura’s website:

Laura’s email address:

Link to Laura’s ‘White Paper’ on Reducing Insurance Dependency:

Keys to Growing Your Hygiene Department to Full Potential

with Heidi Arndt RDH

A  strong hygiene department = a thriving practice! In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend, Heidi Arndt RDH on how to grow your hygiene department to full potential. Heidi has led and managed a hygiene team for a large group practice that collectively produced more than $140 Million per year in hygiene department production.

Running Time: 59:22 minutes

In this interview Gary and Heidi discuss; the challenges that dental practices are experiencing when it comes to improving their hygiene department, the most common growth opportunities in your hygiene department, how the Dentist/Office manager can identify these opportunities, next steps to take to tap into these growth opportunities and how you can ensure continued hygiene department growth. You’ll really enjoy Heidi’s passion for hygiene and helping dental offices achieve the full potential of their hygiene department!

Heidi’s website: www.enhancedhygiene.com

Heidi’s email address: heidi@enhancedhygiene.com


Empowering Today’s Dental Assistants

with Kevin Henry

Dental Assistants are often the unsung heroes of dentistry and they play a critical role is the success of a practice. Kevin Henry is regarded as the ‘Champion of Dental Assistants’ and he is passionate about helping dental assistants achieve their full potential.


Running Time: 59:35 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show interview Gary and Kevin discuss the changing role of today’s dental assistants and how they contribute to a thriving practice. Some of the topics discussed include; How dental assistants can become a bigger part of the practice, why dental assistants need to understand the numbers of the practice, how to develop a great relationship with your dental assistants and five specific recommendations for dental assistants to achieve their full potential. You will love Kevin’s passion for all things related to dental assistants and his practical, use-it-now recommendations!

Kevin’s website: www.kevinspeaksdental.com

Other websites mentioned in interview:


Kevin’s email address: kevin@kevinspeaksdental.com

The 3 Most Common Labor Law Mistakes that Dentists Make

with Ali Oromchian

Navigating the maze of employment law is a challenge that every Dentist must face. Labor law is very complicated and the potential fines and penalties can be significant. In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend, Ali Oromchian on the topic of what every Dentist needs to know about Labor Law.


Running Time: 33:50 minutes

Ali is an attorney with a focus on Dental Labor Law and he is considered by many to be the most experienced expert on Dental Labor Law in the country. In this interview Gary and Ali discuss; the importance of an employee manual as the foundation of your HR policies in your practice, potential fines that Dentists face when in violation of Labor Law, the three most common labor law mistakes that Dentists make and how a solid, compliant HR system in your practice in a critical component of a Thriving practice. Ali Oromchian is a resource that every Dentist needs to know!

Ali’s website: www.hrforhealth.com

HR for Health Phone number: 877-779-4747

Ali’s Law Firm Phone number: 925-999-8200
(no-charge consultation for listeners of the Thriving Dentist Show)

Tips to Increasing Production on Tomorrow’s Schedule

with Heidi Mount

Keeping your schedule full and productive is one of the most important tasks in your practice. In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend Heidi Mount.




Running Time: 52:16 minutes

She has over 25 years of experience in the dental profession and is passionate about helping Dentists create a schedule that is both full and productive. In this interview, Gary and Heidi discuss; Some great tips to help patients accept your treatment plans, specific strategies to increase production on tomorrow’s schedule, marketing tips to get more new patients and strategies to keep them, how to avoid re-judging your patients and some great verbal skills to use to guide your patients to accept ideal care! You’ll love Heidi’s experience and passion.

Heidi’s website: www.coachingdentist.com

Heidi’s email address: heidi@coachingdentist.com

Proven Tips to Increase Patient Attendance

with Missy Fryer

Getting patients to keep their appointments is a big issue in many dental offices today. In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend Missy Fryer to provide solutions that will radically improve patient attendance in your practice.


Running Time: 60:50 minutes

Missy has tested these solutions in her practice in Northeast Ohio with amazing results and duplicated these results in practices all over the country. In this interview, Gary and Missy discuss; how to specifically measure patient attendance in three categories of appointments, some reasons why patients cancel or no-show for appointments, how to change the culture of you practice to help patients place greater value on their appointments and specific steps to radically reduce cancellations and no shows. You will LOVE Missy’s real world experience and her practical solutions to increase patient attendance.

Missy’s website: www.nextstepdentalresource.com

Missy’s email address: missy@nextstepdentalresource.com

Missy on Facebook

Discover How Good Your Practice Can Be

with Lois Banta

Together Lois Banta and Gary have over 75 years of experience coaching dental practices to higher levels of success!





Running Time: 58:30 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show interview Gary and Lois discuss; The main challenges facing Dentists in private practice today, how to develop effective leadership, how to improve office communication, why a systems-based approach is so important, how to hire, train and motivate the best team, strategies to reduce insurance dependency and how to get an understanding of the true overhead of your practice. We also discuss the awesome work that the Speaking Consulting Network provides to speakers and consultants in the dental profession. You will really enjoy Lois’ passion for dentistry and her commitment to help her clients and her colleagues!

Speaking Consulting Network website: www.speakingconsultingnetwork.com

Lois’ website: www.bantaconsulting.com

Link to access Lois’ forms for Thriving Dentist Show listeners: www.bantaconsulting.com
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Lois’ email address: lois@bantaconsulting.com


Managing Millennials

with Claudia Lovato

The Millennial generation is the group of people that were born from 1980 to 2000. Many people of the millennial generation are now working for you as part of your team and you likely have many patients who are also millennials. If you have not already figured this out, managing millennials is quite different than managing people of other generations.

Running Time: 53:16 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Claudia Lovato on the topic of managing millennials. Claudia is a recognized authority on the subject and an absolute wealth of information. In the is Show they discuss; How Claudia came to be an authority on millennials, some common characteristics of millennials, leadership styles and techniques that work with millennials and how to manage a team that includes millennials combined with people of other generations as well. This is a very important topic and you will love Claudia’s wisdom and recommendations!

Claudia’s website: www.moradodentalacademy.com

Claudia’s email address: claudia@moradodentalacademy.com

The Role of the Team to Articulate Authentically with Ideal Patients

with Kristine Hodsdon

The role of the team in a thriving practice is absolutely critical! A common denominator in all world-class dental practices is a team that is all working together in concern toward commonly defined goals and objectives.



Running Time: 54:47 minutes

In this Show, Gary interviews his friend Kristine Hodsdon on the role of the team to communicate effectively with ideal patients. Kristine is the founder of Dental Influencers, a firm that is committed to helping develop women leaders in healthcare. She is also the director of RDH eVillage, which is the largest online newsletter for hygienists with a subscription base of over 57,000. You will LOVE Kristine’s message and her passion to help her colleagues!

Kristine’s website: www.kristineahodsdon.com

Kristine’s email address: kristineahodsdon@gmail.com

RDH eVillage: www.dentistryiq.com/newsletter/rdh-evillage.html

Dental Office Managers ROCK

with Heather Colicchio

The role of a Dental Office Manager has become very important in a thriving practice today.





Running Time: 57:44 minutes

In this Show, Gary interviews his friend Heather Colicchio on the topic of Dental Office Managers in 2015 and beyond. Heather is the founder of AADOM (American Association of Dental Office Managers) and is a real Champion of dental office managers and administrative team members. In this interview Gary and Heather discuss how and why Heather created AADOM, the biggest challenge facing office managers today, great tips for office managers to excel at their job and the upcoming 2015 AADOM Conference. You will LOVE Heather’s passion for helping dental office managers and administrative team members thrive and her commitment to provide a community that meets the specific needs of the dental office manager.

AADOM website: www.dentalmanagers.com

Heather’s email address: info@dentalmanagers.com

Link to the 2015 AADOM Conference in Nashville, TN August 28-30, 2015