The $10,000 A Day Dentist

with Dr. Bill Williams

Rising practice overhead is severely impacting many dental practices today. While there are many reasons why overhead continues to escalate out of control for many Dentists, one important reason why overhead is so high is that many Dentists are not producing enough to offset their fixed expenses.

Running time:  55:49

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his long-time friend Dr. Bill Willams to discuss how to become a highly productive Dentist.

In this Show, Gary and Bill discuss;

  • The hopeful message of; ‘If it’s been done before, it must be possible’,
  • how Bill has produced an average of over $10,000 per day for every work day in the past 15 years,
  • the five different types of Dentists,
  • the concept of the ‘Servant Dentist’,
  • how to finish well in your career as a Dentist,
  • ‘The Big Five’ categories that will lead you to produce $10,000 per day,
  • how to achieve a great work/life balance and produce $10,000 per day
  • and throughout the interview Bill emphasizes the importance of being highly productive while maintaining an attitude of servitude for your patients!

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One Dentist’s Story of Adversity and How he Overcame these Challenges

with Dr. Brian Toorani

The truth is that we are all likely to face many challenges in our lives. Dr. Brian Toorani is a long-time friend of Gary’s and he has experienced many challenges in his personal and professional life.

Running time: 60:08

Gary invited Brian to be a Guest on the Thriving Dentist Show to share his experiences with the hope that it will help others. In this important interview Gary and Brian discuss; a candid discussion of the challenges that Brian has experienced, how Brian found himself deeply in debt in Southern California in the middle the brutal economic downturn of 2008 and 2009, the experience of practicing dentistry with a 92% overhead, how Brian made radical changes to get his practice overhead around 60%, why bigger wasn’t better for Brian, the toughest decision that Brian had to make as a practice owner and why it still haunts him today, Brian’s experience with Clinical Depression and the fact that Depression is not uncommon in the dental profession, Brian’s recent physical challenges of a severely broken right wrist (Brian is right handed), the role of Emotional Intelligence on overcoming challenges and the interview concludes with a fun discussion of Brian’s Guided Implant Surgery Courses and how he has ben able to Triumph over adversity. Special thanks to Brian for having the courage to discuss such sensitive subjects in the hopes of helping others!

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Brian’s Practice Website:

Empowering Office Managers with Practical Tools and Resources

with Kiera Dent - Episode 303

Office Managers are very important in a Thriving Practice! In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Kiera Dent to talk about all things related to Dental Office Manager Success.

Running Time: 51:06 minutes

In this inspiring interview Gary and Kiera discuss; Why it is important for office managers to have a community of colleagues where they can connect with other brilliant office managers, the most common problems that office managers face on a daily basis, how Kiera (as an office manager) grew a practice from 500K to 2.4M in 9 months, insurance tips to help you better serve your patients, why pre-determinations (Kiera calls them pre-denials!) are a trick by the insurance company to reduce the incident of treatment for patients, positive expectations for your office manager, how your office manager can help you reduce practice overhead, leadership tips for office managers and how Dentists can best support their office managers. You will love Kiera’s knowledge, experience and passion!

Kiera’s website:

Access to: ‘Be the Best Office Manager’ Webinar on Wednesday, December 7, 2017

Kiera’s website for Dental Placement Pros:

Are Your Controlling Inventory Costs or Are They Controlling You?

with Kim Bleiweiss

Dental PodcastIt has become much more difficult for Dentists to control practice overhead to appropriate levels. If you are a regular listener to the Thriving Dentist Show you likely know that Gary’s goal for your practice overhead is no higher than 60%.



Running Time: 50:34 min

In this Show, Gary interviews his friend Kim Bleiweiss on the topic of controlling your inventory costs. This is a very important topic because many Dentists are wasting money by carrying too much inventory or losing money because very expensive inventory is expiring on the shelf. In this interview Gary and Kim discuss why an inventory control system is so important, an appropriate budget for inventory expenses, common inventory mistakes and how to avoid them, the benefits and features of the inventory system that Kim developed and how an inventory control system will bring you peace of mind and improved profitability.

Kim’s websites: and

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Best Ways to Cut Costs

with Todd Odasz

TDS Logo 600X600In previous episodes of the Thriving Dentist Show we have discussed the importance of marketing as a means of growing your practice. Growth is important in a thriving practice because increased income helps reduce the cost of your fixed expenses. We recently had Dr. Howard Farran as a guest on the Thriving Dentist Show and he said it very well when he said that a successful Dentist keeps one eye on practice income and the other eye on cutting expenses. This has become even more important as your costs continue to rise. It is becoming more and more difficult to control expenses as evident by a recent report citing the average dental practice overhead at 74%. Gary has defined success as overhead no higher than 60% and ideally 50%. The only way this is going to happen today is by keeping one eye on your expenses.

Running Time 37:22

Today we have two guests on the Thriving Dentist Show who are going to show you how you can save considerable money each year on an often overlooked expense. Today we have invited Todd Odasz and Ken Handy from Merchant Preferred Processing Network to help you reduce your costs on an overhead line item expense that is a mystery for most Dentists.

For more information and for a special offer, click here to download their flyer:

Green Dental Conference:

We are thrilled to announce the first Green Dental Conference sponsored by the Eco-Dentistry Association May 3-4, 2013 in Sundance, Utah. Gary will be one of the featured speakers along with a host of other outstanding speakers.

Visit for more info.

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Increasing Practice Profitability

with Dr. Charles Blair

This past August, Gary had the distinct honor of being invited to speak at a meeting hosted by Dr. Gordon Christensen. The panel included a selection of some outstanding speakers including our guest on today’s show, Dr. Charles Blair. In his presentation, Dr. Blair provided some of his insights on what he sees as the ‘Future of Dentistry’. His insights were so thought provoking that Gary decided that Dr. Blair would be an outstanding guest on the Thriving Dentist Show. In addition to sharing his insights on the future of dentistry, Dr. Blair will also share some tips with our listeners on practice profitability, fee analysis, insurance coding strategies and overhead control. These topics can each have a dramatic impact on your income and we are thrilled to have Dr. Blair as a guide on these topics for our listeners.

Running Time 49:06

Dr. Blair has authored and co-authored several business and finance books, as well as contributed countless articles in all the major dental publications. He currently offers two publications, Coding with Confidence and the Insurance Solutions Newsletter. Gary considers both of these resources as absolutely essential for every practice and he considers Dr. Blair as THE ‘Go To’ resource on all things related to insurance coding and fee analysis. Dr. Blair takes these complicated subjects and distills the information in a manner that you can use immediately to improve your bottom line.

Practice Booster offer – Free shipping. It’s a one stop dental insurance coding
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4 Things Dentists Need to Know to Thrive(part 3)

with Dr. Howard Farran -

TDS Logo 600X600In two earlier episodes of Thriving Dentist Show, Dr. Farran shared some very practical tips that Dentists need to be doing now to thrive in the contracted economy. These two episodes have become some of the most downloaded podcasts in Thriving Dentist Show history. If you have not listened to these earlier shows, let me encourage you to visit iTunes and download them. In show #17, Dr. Farran discussed why Dentists need to lower their costs and how they can specifically lower their costs of doing business today. In show #18, Dr. Farran discusses the importance of marketing and why Dentists should be investing more in marketing to thrive today. We are very excited to have Dr. Farran back on the Thriving Dentist Show today to continue this discussion about what Dentists must do to thrive in today’s economy. Dr. Farran’s experience from lecturing in 40 countries and his connection with over 150,000 practicing Dentists on DentalTown provide him an invaluable perspective on what Dentists must do to THRIVE today.

Running Time 45:48

Gary and Dr. Farran discuss tips number 3 & 4 for thriving today. Tip #3 is the importance of adding services and tip #4 is lower fees. Both of these tips are extremely important when viewed from the patient perspective and keeping this patient perspective in focus is an absolute key to having a thriving practice in any economy. I’m especially interested in hearing Dr. Farran’s concepts about lowering fees since that may be one very important factor in helping more patients enjoy great oral health.

Let’s re-define the four specific things that you feel Dentists need to be doing to THRIVE today.

1) Lower costs
2) Invest more in marketing
3) Add services
4) Lower fees

Tip #3 is the importance of adding services. Tell us why it is important for Dentists to add services today and what specific services are the most important to add?

Tip #4 is to lower fees. Conventional wisdom is that Dentists should increase their fees on a regular basis. Why do you think this conventional wisdom is nonsense and why Dentists should figure out how to lower their fees as a pathway to greater success?