Can You Hear Me Now? The Issue of Hearing Loss in the Dental Profession

with Dr. Sean Tomalty

The issue of hearing loss in the dental profession is a important topic.

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Dr. Sean Tomalty as a Guest to discuss the incidence and causes of hearing loss among Dentists and Team Members and what can be done to reduce the risk.

Running time: 57:10

In this interview Gary and Sean discuss;

  • Sean’s observation of hearing loss with his Dentist Father and with the hearing loss among his Dad’s colleagues,
  • the specific causes of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) in the dental profession including the damaging decibel levels coming from high-speed handpieces and ultrasonic scalers,
  • how Sean experimented with foam earplugs in dental school and the the challenges of this solution,
  • his motivation for coming up with a better solution in the form of Denplugs,
  • the importance of the acoustic filters in the Denplugs design,
  • how Denplugs work via design and technology to protect your hearing yet still enable you to hear normal patient communication,
  • how Dentists, Team Members and Patients can benefit from Denplugs and how this can be used as a practice-builder.

Hearing loss is one of the hidden occupational hazards in the dental profession and it is very cool that the topic is being addressed by creative and passionate people like Sean! You’ll enjoy this interview.

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The Role of A Designer in a Thriving Dental Practice

with Arica Peterson

Office design is a very important element in the way a patient ‘experiences’ your practice.





Running Time: 51:51 minutes

In this Show, Gary interviews his friend Arica Peterson on the topic of dental office design. Arica is one of the most talented dental office designers and Gary has had the privilege of seeing many of the offices she has designed. In this interview Gary and Arica discuss why to hire an office designer, when to get the designer involved in a remodel or new construction project, what other professionals should be part of your project, what elements must be included in your design and common mistakes to avoid. You will appreciate Arica’s perspective and LOVE her passion for helping Dentists have the office of their dreams.

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How Thriving Dental Professionals Can Enjoy a Long Healthy Career

with Dr. Michael and Janet Couch

Dental PodcastDentistry has some very distinct occupational hazards. In a recent survey, it was reported that 87% of Dentists surveyed reported debilitating eyestrain, 75% reported carpal tunnel symptoms, and 50% reported back, neck and shoulder pains. Sadly many of these occupational hazards lead to long-term health issues for Dental Professionals that left unresolved can lead to a forced early retirement.

Running Time: 48:47 min

This is a very important Thriving Dentist Show interview because it features two very dear friends who have committed their lives to helping Dental Professionals enjoy a long, healthy career. Michael Couch DDS and Janet Couch, Occupational Therapist bring a unique skill set combined with over 40 years of experience helping Dental Professionals practice in an efficient and healthy manner. In this interview we discuss the specific occupational hazard of practicing dentistry, the importance of the 3 C’c of Clarity, Comfort and Co-Discovery, and the foundational fact that Seeing Better = Better Dentistry. The interview concludes with a sneak peak of some coming technology that is likely to become standard piece of equipment in all dental practices.



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The Role of Office Design in a Thriving Dental Practice

with James Kuester

Dental Podcast

One of the elements of a thriving dental practice is a great facility! One that you and your team enjoying working in and your patients enjoy visiting.  Gary built his ideal facility in April 2011 and he knows firsthand the importance of a great office. One of the goals that Gary had when he built his new office was to strike a delicate balance. He wanted the office to be attractive and comfortable yet not so fancy that it might scare off some patients. I think he achieved that balance! If you are ever in Phoenix, please consider this an open invitation to come visit Gary’s office. Just email him and he will be happy to host your visit.

Running Time 48:42

In this episode we are very fortunate to have one of Gary’s friends and an amazing authority on dental office design as a guest on our Show. James Kuester is an expert on dental office design and he is also a LEED Green Associate and understands the elements of green dental office design. We are excited to have him as a guest on the show.

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