Dental Photography Made Easy

with Bill Moore

Digital photography has so many powerful applications in a dental practice today! In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend Bill Moore on the topic of mastering dental digital photography.



Running Time: 61:15 minutes

Gary and Bill discuss how Bill became interested in digital photography and his interesting dental connection, the most challenging aspects of digital photography for Dentists and Team Members, a discussion of the best equipment for dental photography, the five most powerful applications of digital photography for dental offices and how to make the process of digital photography simple! You will enjoy Bill’s passion for dental photography and his skill at taking a complex topic and making it simple and easy.

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Digital Photos for Patient Education

with Dr. David Eshom

Using digital photos for patient education is one of the most effective ways to help your patients take a greater interest in their oral health.




Running Time: 58:19 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Dr. David Eshom on a variety of topics with a focus on how to use digital photos for patient education. Among the topics that Gary and Dave discuss in this interview include: How Dave transitioned his practice to be a fee-for-service practice, how the use of photos helped with the transition to fee-for-service, the simple system that Dave uses for digital photos in his practice, verbal skills when showing photos to patients, the best camera to use for digital photos and how Dave has become a top 1% Invisalign provider in the US. This Show is filled with practical tips and you will absolutely LOVE Dave’s approach!

Gary’s current online course: ‘Breaking Free from the Shackles of Insurance’:

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Dentistry Can Be Everything You Want it to Be

with Dr. Tarun Agarwal

You are well aware that Gary is absolutely passionate about the profession of dentistry and so is this week’s guest!





Running Time: 54:00 minutes

In this episode, Gary interviews his friend Dr. Tarun Agarwal better known as ‘T-Bone’! Tarun shares Gary’s passion for dentistry and in this information-packed interview they discuss; How to develop a Thriving practice in an insurance environment, why Tarun believes that his digital camera is one of his most important pieces of equipment, the three most important technologies that Tarun uses every day in his practice, the best piece of advice that Tarun was given right out of dental school and how general dentists can successfully add implant dentistry to their mix of services. You will LOVE Tarun’s perspective on dentistry and his down to earth demeanor!

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The Relationship-Driven Practice

with Dee Dee Reid

If you have been a regular listener of the Thriving Dentist Show, you have likely heard Gary speak about the benefits of a relationship-driven practice. In this episode, Gary interviews his friend Dee Dee Reid about the relationship-driven practice and specific steps you can take to develop a relationship-driven practice.


Running Time: 51:28 min


Gary and Dee Dee discuss four questions to ask all patients, why Dee Dee is so motivated to help patients take a greater interest in their oral health, the 5 C’s that must be in place to have a relationship-driven practice, the role of leadership, how digital photos for patient education can accelerate the process, why it is so important to slow things down and really listen to your patients and the role of a Patient Care Coordinator in helping more patients accept ideal care. You will absolutely LOVE Dee Dee’s passion for helping patients have ideal oral health and the smile of their dreams!

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5 Tips to Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet

with Gary Takacs

Dental PodcastIf you are a regular listener to the Thriving Dentist Show it’s no secret that Gary is ‘bullish’ on dentistry!





Running Time: 52:18 min

Now is an excellent time to be in the dental profession provided you are doing the right things. One of the goals Gary has with each of his clients is to do better each and every year. He is a big believer that you are either improving or you’re declining. Some might say there is a third option, staying the same. Gary would debate that staying the same is actually going backwards in business since overhead inevitably increases each year. In this Show, Gary presents 5 specific strategies to make 2014 your best year ever. These tips include; Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, grow your whitening business, use digital photos for patient education, add services that patients want and create a remarkable new patient experience. Within each strategy Gary offers specific tactics that will allow you to use the strategy to full potential.

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Mobile Websites: www.making

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100% Listener questions show

with Gary Takacs

TDS Logo 600X600Gary answers a ton of listener questions about his past show guests.
1. Gary, in your interview with Dr. Pitts on Dentistry as a Team Sport, he mentioned that you have monthly team meetings and also quarterly team meetings. Can you share the format for these meetings?
2. Dr. Pitts talked about how his office uses two-way radios for intra-office communication. Do you recommend this for all your clients?
3. Dr. Brady talked about how she uses four digital photos with her new patients and I read in your blog that you use 6 photos in your office. Can you define the six photos you use?
4. Dr. Brady talked about how she prints the photos four up to a page and gives them to her patients. Should we be printing our photos?
5. Fred Joyal emphasized the importance of seeing new patients within a day or 2 of their first call. How can we do this when I am scheduled out about 1-2 weeks in advance?
6. Fred talks about the telephone as the most important piece of equipment in the office & I agree. Can you offer telephone tips for the new patient call?
7. Jack Hadley really helped me understand how I might use social media. How much time should I devote to this project to keep it manageable?
8. Gary, can you give me some examples of how you are using social media in your practice?

Running Time 54:40


Guiding More Patients to Want Ideal Care

with Dr. Lee Ann Brady

TDS Logo 600X600In this episode of the Thriving Dentist Show Gary visits with his friend Dr. Lee Ann Brady on how to guide patients to want ideal care for themselves. Dr. Brady has had an incredibly diverse career in the field of dentistry and she shares practical instructions on how you can help patients get the comprehensive care they deserve. From the very first phone call she has with her patients Dr. Brady is intentional about her interactions. She discusses the role of photography in her practice and the importance of making sure the patient is heard above all priorities.

Running Time 54:51

You can find Dr. Brady at