Breaking Free From the Shackles of Insurance

with Gary Takacs

Dental Insurance can be a challenge for most dental offices. Many PPO plans provide such a low reimbursement that it doesn’t make sense to be a contracted provider.



Running Time: 56:01 minutes

Lately, Gary has been getting many questions from Dentists about how they can reduce their insurance dependency. Gary decided to do this Show to help guide you to reduce your insurance dependency. In this Show, Gary discusses; A solid foundation to begin to reduce your insurance dependency, the 4 pieces of data you need to make insurance decisions, a marketing plan to attract quality new patients, the importance of training your team members on verbal skills, the benefits of an in-office membership plan, payment options that will help you accommodate patients who need some payment flexibility. Gary shares some case studies of Dentists who have successfully reduced their insurance dependency.

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Thriving Dentist Show with Dr. Bruce Baird:
‘The Changing Face of Patient Financing’

Discover How Good Your Practice Can Be

with Lois Banta

Together Lois Banta and Gary have over 75 years of experience coaching dental practices to higher levels of success!





Running Time: 58:30 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show interview Gary and Lois discuss; The main challenges facing Dentists in private practice today, how to develop effective leadership, how to improve office communication, why a systems-based approach is so important, how to hire, train and motivate the best team, strategies to reduce insurance dependency and how to get an understanding of the true overhead of your practice. We also discuss the awesome work that the Speaking Consulting Network provides to speakers and consultants in the dental profession. You will really enjoy Lois’ passion for dentistry and her commitment to help her clients and her colleagues!

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Dentistry Can Be Everything You Want it to Be

with Dr. Tarun Agarwal

You are well aware that Gary is absolutely passionate about the profession of dentistry and so is this week’s guest!





Running Time: 54:00 minutes

In this episode, Gary interviews his friend Dr. Tarun Agarwal better known as ‘T-Bone’! Tarun shares Gary’s passion for dentistry and in this information-packed interview they discuss; How to develop a Thriving practice in an insurance environment, why Tarun believes that his digital camera is one of his most important pieces of equipment, the three most important technologies that Tarun uses every day in his practice, the best piece of advice that Tarun was given right out of dental school and how general dentists can successfully add implant dentistry to their mix of services. You will LOVE Tarun’s perspective on dentistry and his down to earth demeanor!

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How to Slay the Insurance Monster

with Deana Zost

Dental PodcastOne of the hottest topics in dentistry today is how to reduce insurance dependency in your practice. A significant reasons why office overhead is increasing is that Dentists have not been able to raise their fees enough to compensate for the increased costs of doing business, largely because of insurance fee limitations.


Running Time: 51:57 min

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his good friend, Dean Zost about specific strategies to reduce insurance dependency in your practice. Deana is an excellent authority on this topic because she has experienced both sides of the situation. She has worked in insurance-based practices and today she is an office manager in a practice that is largely fee-for-service with just one PPO. Deana truly believes that Dentists have a choice and she shares some awesome tips to reduce insurance dependency in this inspiring interview. You will love her perspective especially at the end when she asks the question; “Why in the world would you discount your worth when you provide such a gift to your patients?”

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A Dental Warrior’s View on a Thriving Practice

with Dr. Mike Barr

Dental PodcastIn this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Dr. Mike Barr also known as ‘The Dental Warrior’. As a practicing Dentist for over 25 years, Mike has developed a successful practice in a very competitive area of South Florida. Mike has also been a very early adopter and participant in Dental Forums starting in 1992 with a crude bulletin board for Dentists on Compuserve!

Running Time: 62:15 min

In this practical interview Gary and Mike discuss Mike’s views on PPO’s and why he has chosen to develop a Fee For Service practice, how he has created a successful Fee For Service Practice in a competitive area, Mike’s website marketing tips, online dental forums and how they have changed the profession of dentistry for the better and Mike’s views on the ADA (hint: you won’t want to miss his views on the ADA!). This is an inspiring interview from a real-world Dentist who is passionate about dentistry!

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How to Survive a 3rd Party or Board of Dentistry Audit

with Dr. Michael Perpich

Dental Podcast

Audits from insurance companies and boards of dentistry are an increasing reality for many Dentists. Dr. Michael Perpich is an authority on the subject and has helped many Dentists defend themselves from these audits.


Running Time: 54:09 min

In this important interview, Mike and Gary discuss the types of situations that trigger a 3rd party audit, why you are still at risk of an audit even if you do not accept medicaid, what triggers a board of dentistry audit and why the adoption of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) will likely increase audits. Mike also shares his recommendations for all Dentists on how to reduce the risk of 3rd part and boards of dentistry audits. This is one subject where it is very important to be proactive and reduce your audit risk.
Dr. Michael Perpich email address:
Dr. Michael Perpich cell number: 612-819-1882