A Fee-For-Service Success Story

with Dr. Drew Byrnes

You are likely aware that Gary is passionate about helping Dentists reduce their insurance dependence!

In this Thriving Dentist Show interview Gary invited his friend Dr. Drew Byrnes as a Guest to discuss his fee-for-service journey.

Running time: 64:12

In this Show, Gary and Drew discuss;

  • Drew’s decision and pathway to own a fee-for-service practice,
  • why buying a fee-for-service practice can be a great decision,
  • the possible risks of buying a fee-for-service practice,
  • the benefits of a fee-for-service practice,
  • why Drew is so committed to helping other Dentists reduce their insurance dependence,
  • how a patient membership plan is a cornerstone to success in a fee-for-service practice
  • and throughout this interview Drew shares how he has been able to maintain a fee-for-service practice in an area of the country (near Orlando, FL) that is very competitive.

One of Gary’s Mentors is Dr. Omer Reed and Dr. Reed has often said; “If it has been done before, it must be possible”.

Hopefully this interview with Drew will serve as inspiration for you to reduce insurance dependence and perhaps go all the way to create a fee-for-service practice!

After all, Drew is doing it, so it must be possible!

Links for the ‘Let’s Ask David’ segment with Dr. David Hornbrook:



Website for Gary’s New ‘Less Insurance Dependence’ podcast: www.lessinsurancedependence.com

Link to the Less Insurance Dependence Podcast: https://apple.co/2RBzoVf

Link to Drew’s Fee For Service Dentist Podcast: www.ffsdentistry.com

Link for Drew’s Membership Plan: www.dentalmembershipdirect.com or Text DMD to 31996

With Dr. Drew Byrnes

Busting Loose from Insurance Dependence

with Gary Takacs

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary shares his experience of radically reducing insurance dependence in his own practice in Phoenix, AZ.

Of all the strategic decisions that Gary, Dr. Nielson and Dr. Schmidt have made in their practice, the single most important decision was to reduce insurance dependency.

Running time: 61:23

In this podcast, Gary discusses;

  • Why they made the decision to reduce insurance dependency,
  • the dirty secret that the dental insurance companies do NOT want you to know,
  • why the current dental insurance system is completely broken and what to do about it,
  • why dental practice overhead is rising so rapidly,
  • a five-step plan that Gary followed to successfully reduce insurance dependency in his own practice and in dental offices located throughout the country,
  • how to reduce insurance dependency yet remain patient-friendly in the process,
  • how to determine your practice ‘readiness’ to go out of network
  • and how they were able to retain the vast majority of their in-network patients when they went out of network.

Throughout this podcast Gary shares with you exactly what they did to reagin control of their practice from the insurance companies!

Links for ‘Top Clinical Tips’ with Dr. Lee Ann Beady

Lee’s website: www.leeannbrady.com

Restorative Nation website: www.restorativenation.com

Link for the ‘Busting Loose from Insurance Dependence’ digital course: www.thrivingdentist.com/course

Webinar Replay

The Benefits of Creating Your Own In-Office Membership Plan

with Jordon Comstock

If you are a regular listener to the Thriving Dentist Show you know that Gary is an advocate of reducing insurance dependency in your practice.

Running time:51:40

For this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Jordon Comstock as a guest to discuss how an in-office membership plan can help you develop a thriving practice. In this Show, Gary and Jordon discuss; the definition of an on-office membership plan, how an in-office membership plan is like Amazon Prime for your dental practice, the magic of recurring revenue in your practice, regulations and legal details related to your in-office membership plan, why you should use a ‘Medical Retainer Agreement’, how to name your in-office membership plan, the Direct Primary Care Law and why you need to know about it, how to automate the payment process, how to successfully market your in-office membership plan in your community and throughout the interview Jordon shares how to use your in-office membership plan to roll the red carpet out to welcome patients who do not have dental insurance.

Links from ‘Top Clinical Tips’ with Dr. Lee Ann Brady:

Lee’s website:

Restorative Nation website:

Blog post by Lee ‘Air Abrasion Made Easy’

Discussion thread on Restorative Nation about air abrasion

Website for the Etchmaster:

Jordon Comstock’s website:

Free Ebook about Membership Programs

DPC law and how to Bypass insurance regulation:

Jordon’s email address:

Empowering Office Managers with Practical Tools and Resources

with Kiera Dent - Episode 303

Office Managers are very important in a Thriving Practice! In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Kiera Dent to talk about all things related to Dental Office Manager Success.

Running Time: 51:06 minutes

In this inspiring interview Gary and Kiera discuss; Why it is important for office managers to have a community of colleagues where they can connect with other brilliant office managers, the most common problems that office managers face on a daily basis, how Kiera (as an office manager) grew a practice from 500K to 2.4M in 9 months, insurance tips to help you better serve your patients, why pre-determinations (Kiera calls them pre-denials!) are a trick by the insurance company to reduce the incident of treatment for patients, positive expectations for your office manager, how your office manager can help you reduce practice overhead, leadership tips for office managers and how Dentists can best support their office managers. You will love Kiera’s knowledge, experience and passion!

Kiera’s website:

Access to: ‘Be the Best Office Manager’ Webinar on Wednesday, December 7, 2017

Kiera’s website for Dental Placement Pros:

‘5 Reasons we are About to Enter a New Golden Age of Dentistry’

with Qadeer Ahmed

Last week, Gary interviewed his friend Qadeer Ahmed about a Patient Benefits plan that addresses all the ills that are wrong with the current dental insurance system. Let’s face it, the current dental insurance system is broken!

Running Time: 65:58 minutes

The current system suppresses claims. Patients, Dentists and Employers all lose. This is Part II of Gary’s interview with Qadeer Ahmed all about how we are about to enter a new Golden Age of Dentistry. Qadeer brings a deep background in business to the dental profession and he decided to look at the dentistry from a ‘clean slate model’. In doing so, he came up with a five-part plan that will significantly benefit Dentists.

Here are those 5 elements;
1) A coverage plan that actually benefits Patients, Dentists and Employers
2) Co-Management of complex cases
3) Profit Velocity and Quality
4) Capital Equipment available on a cost-per-use basis, and
5) Equity Conversion; The ability to convert equity in your practice to cash.

We truly are about to enter a new Golden Age of Dentistry and this interview will provide you with new ways of thinking about our amazing profession!


‘ProCare-Dental Coverage Controlled by Dentists and Patients’

with Qadeer Ahmed

It is no secret that the current system of dental insurance is totally broken! The current system only benefits the Insurance companies. Employers, Patients and Dentists all lose in the current system. Gary invited his friend Qadeer Ahmed on this Thriving Dentist Show to share how he and his Team have created a system that corrects all the flaws in the current system.

Running Time: 67:19 minutes

In this Show, Gary and Qadeer discuss; Why quality of care MUST be central to any patient benefit program, a discussion of how the current dental insurance system is completely broken, the story of a Dentist from Seattle who offered a free clinic day and experienced a line of people over two miles long to receive care and the reality was that the vast majority of these people had jobs and in some cases multiple jobs!, how ProCare addresses the flaws of the current insurance system and provides significant benefits for Employers, Patients and Dentists alike. You will enjoy the ‘origin story’ of ProCare and Qadeer’s passion for building a system that corrects all the flaws in the current insurance system. Ultimately, Qadeer’s goal is to help more patients receive the care they need and deserve and that is a powerful motivator, indeed!


Easy Insurance Conversations that Lead to Greater Case Acceptance

with Teresa Duncan

Communicating with patients about their dental insurance is an important element in just about every dental practice.

Running Time: 64:03 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Teresa Duncan about how to communicate with patients about their insurance in a way that leads to greater case acceptance. Teresa literally wrote the book on this topic when she wrote: Moving Patients to Yes; Easy Insurance Conversations. In this information-packed interview Gary and Teresa discuss; How to lead with conversations about health with your patients rather than leading with conversations about insurance, the right verbal skills that lead to greater case acceptance, a wonderful discussion about how words matter including specific words to use and things you should stop saying, the three C’s of Confidence, Clarity and Conversation and the interview concludes with a discussion between Gary and Teresa about their predictions about the future of dental insurance.

Teresa’s website:

Link to Teresa’s Book:
Use Code: THRIVING to receive a discount

Link to Teresa’s online ‘Dental Insurance Skills Training’ (DIST) Program: odysseymgmt.digitalchalk.com/dc/learn/dental-insurance-skills-workshop-1
Use Code: THRIVING to receive a discount

Teresa’s email address:

Link to article about dentistry in Los Algodones, Mexico, a town of 6,000 with 600 dentists.


Tips for Negotiating the Best Possible Fee Schedule with Insurance Companies

with Ben Tuinei

Many Dentists are not aware that then can successfully negotiate their fee schedule with the insurance companies.


Running Time: 64:26 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Ben Tuinei on this very important topic. Ben is an authority on negotiating with 3rd party payers and to-date has worked with over 5,000 Dentists resulting in over a billion dollars of newly negotiated revenue for his clients. In this powerful interview Gary and Ben discuss: How Ben got started in the dental profession, why be built a business focusing on negotiating fee schedules with insurance companies, specific strategies for successfully negotiating with insurance companies, the one question you MUST ask when starting the negotiation process with insurance companies, who should be the one negotiating with the insurance companies and the show concludes with a great discussion from Ben on his views on the future of dental insurance.

Ben’s website: www.veritasdentalresources.com

Ben’s email address: ben@veritasdentalresources.com

Harness the Benefits of an In-Office Membership Plan for Your Patients

with Jordon Comstock

Developing an in-office membership plan can be like harnessing the benefits of your own Amazon Prime program! In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Jordon Comstock on all of the details about creating your own in-office membership program for your patients.


Running Time: 46:59 minutes

In this Show Gary and Jordon discuss; What exactly is a membership plan and why it is so useful for many patients in your practice and in your community, how to market your membership program, the legal pitfalls to avoid, how a membership plan can be a powerful growth opportunity of your practice, how to automate your membership program and how to avoid the common mistakes with your membership program. As a fun side note, you’ll also learn about Jordon’s connection to our outro song, Dream Big from Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band!

Jordon’s website: www.boomcloudapps.com

Jordon’s email address: jordon@boomcloudapps.com

‘The Debate: Tarun and Gary on Insurance, No Insurance and What’s Right For You’

Moderated by Dr. Alan Mead

Last week we published a Thriving Dentist Show titled; ‘Breaking Free From the Shackles of Insurance’. As usual, Gary published a link to the new Show on Facebook with a short summary of the content of the Show.



Running Time: 85:19 minutes

In the comments, Dr. Tarun Agarwal indicated that he really appreciates Gary’s perspective but he has figured out how to make insurance work in his practice and he proposed a debate on the subject. Dr. Alan Mead, co-creater of The Dental Hacks podcast agreed to moderate the debate. In this Show, Gary, Tarun and Alan discuss; The various types of insurance, how Tarun and Gary both handle insurance in their practices, Tarun’s perspective on the difference between a ‘practice’ and a ‘business’, how to be insurance-friendly in any format, how to answer the question; ‘do you take my insurance’ and host of other details around the topic of insurance. The show concludes with a stimulating discussion about the real issue that holds most practices from achieving their potential!