Voices of Dentistry 2019 Podcast Summit, Work/Life Balance and Seasons in Your Career

with Dr. Mark Costes

Mark Costes is one of Gary’s amazing friends in dentistry and he invited Mark as a Guest on the Show for a fun conversation covering a range of topics.

Running time: 50:42

In this interview Gary and Mark discuss;

  • the upcoming 2019 Voices of Dentistry Podcast Summit on January 25-26, 2019 in Scottsdale, AZ,
  • what to look for in a successful dental conference now and in the future,
  • the positive perspective that Mark and Gary get from speaking to Dental Students,
  • some thoughts on the elusive concept of work/life balance,
  • the benefits of embracing lifelong learning,
  • the characteristics of Level 5 Leadership taught by Jim Collins,
  • why it is so important to always make sure that your future is bigger than your past
  • and the conversation concludes with some thoughts about the various seasons in your career.

You’ll enjoy this fun conversation between Mark and Gary!

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‘Digital Continuing Education Tools for Dental Professionals’

with John Stamper

The world of Dental CE is changing rapidly. Not so long ago the only real way for Dental Professionals to earn CE Credits was to attend Dental Conferences.

Running Time: 62:54

Today there are many other formats for Dentists to engage in quality Dental CE. Gary has noticed throughout his career that world-class Dentists embrace the concept of Life Long Learning and are constantly refining their clinical, business and behavioral skills. In this interview, Gary invited his friend John Stamper to talk about what’s new and exciting in the world of Dental CE. Gary and John discuss; The radical changes in Dental CE in the past 4 years, how the Dental Boards are adapting to these CE changes, tools and resources that benefit Dentists and CE providers alike, some of the unique Partnerships that John is working on to make CE more relevant and useful, the benefits of John’s ‘Dental Goal tracker’ and throughout the interview Gary and John talk about the importance of Dental CE and the correlation between quality CE and optimum practice performance.

Information about Gary digital Course:
‘Busting Loose from Insurance Dependence’

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‘Busting Loose from Insurance Dependence’

Dental Everything…..All in one app!

with Dr. Jim Arnold

This truly is ‘The Information Age’! That label is especially true in dentistry where the amount of information and knowledge is growing exponentially. It can be a real challenge to keep up with all the cool new dental information!

Running time:  55:09

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary invited his friend Dr. Jim Arnold as a guest to discuss a powerful new app to help Dentists stay informed. In this Show, Gary and Jim discuss; Jim’s background as a practicing Dentist and Educator, Jim’s experience as the owner of two dental practices, what led Jim to co-develop the SWYP Dental app, content aggregation and how to literally create your own person dental news feed, the importance of community and how SWYP Dental creates a powerful dental community, the benefits that Jim has experienced by partnering with Elite Dental Partners, Jim’s athletic background and how that has helped him in his professional career and the interview concludes with Jim sharing his insights for has long term vision for the future.

Website for SWYP:

You can download the SWYPDental app from the Apple app store for iPhones or from Google Play for android smart phones

Jim’s email address:

Website for Elite Dental Partners:

Live Dental Conferences are NOT Dead!

with Steve Parker

Dental CE is changing today! There are many new formats that Dentists can use today to consume continuing education including digital courses, webinars, journal articles and virtual events among other options. While these new formats are convent and efficient there still is a place for live Conferences.

Running time: 55:53

Gary invited his friend Steve Parker on the Thriving Dentist Show to discuss the changing world of dental CE and to share his thoughts on what makes a live Conference successful. In this interview, Gary and Steve discuss; The unique benefits of live Conferences, three elements of a successful live Conference, what attendees want when considering attending a live event, how to get the most out of attending live Conferences and when attending digital and virtual events make more sense. The interview concludes with a discussion about the upcoming Profitable Dentist Conference in Orlando, FL where Gary will be a featured speaker.

Steve’s website:

Link to register for the The Profitable Dentist Conference, April 27-28 Orlando, FL https://www.myeidonline.com/store/p163/17DRE

Steve’s email address:

Link to the Thriving Dentist Show interview with Dr. Craig Spodak:
‘The Model of a Single Location Dental Practice that Produces $10M+ per year Driven by a Noble Cause’

Sedation Dentistry as an Excellent Practice Builder

with Dr. Michael Silverman - Episode 313

The reality is that many patients experience fear or apprehension when it comes to visiting the Dentist. Recent studies reported that 49% of the adult population in the U.S. put off a visit to the Dentist because of fear and 22% of the adults in the U.S. won’t visit the Dentist at all because of fear.

Running time: 62:44 minutes

To help you successfully incorporate sedation dentistry into your practice Gary invited his friend Dr. Michael Silverman on the Thriving Dentist Show. In this interview, Gary and Michael discuss; The current State of the Sedation Union today, current ADA guidelines and state regulations governing sedation dentistry, the demand for sedation dentistry by patients, great tips for Dentists to make sedation part of their practice or a bigger part of their practice, training and safety measures, the concept of the IV sedation permit as your ‘forever permit’, support available from DOCS Education and Michael’s forecast for the future of sedation dentistry.

Michael’s website:

Michael’s email address:

Link to receive two month’s free membership to DOCS Education Membership: https://docseducation.com/cart
Enter Thriving in the coupon code to receive your two month’s free membership

How I Became a Practice Owner and Lessons Learned Along the Way

with Ryan Lepore DMD

The ultimate career goal for many Dentists it to become a practice owner. However, there are many younger Dentists who feel that practice ownership may be out of reach given their student loan debt and concerns about managing a practice. As inspiration, Gary wanted to bring a young Dentist on the Thriving Dentist Show who has successfully navigated the path to practice ownership early in his career.

Running Time: 63:01 minutes

In this Show, Gary and Ryan Lepore discuss how Ryan became a practice owner.

They discuss: what motivated Ryan to become a Dentist, Ryan’s experiences as an Associate Dentist in both a Corporate setting and Private Practice environment, tips on how to improve clinical speed, efficiency and diagnostic skills, how Ryan ultimately found the right practice to purchase, the lessons that Ryan has learned in his first year of practice ownership and the interview concludes with Ryan sharing some great CE resources that have been very helpful for Ryan. You will enjoy Ryan’s story and his genuine desire to help his colleagues!

Ryan’s email address:


Changes in the World of Dental CE

with Elijah Desmond

Elijah Desmond

It is no coincidence that Dentists who take more CE have more successful practices. However, not all Dental CE is the same. Dental CE that provides excellent educational content in a unique location and networking opportunities with the speakers and attendees can be truly powerful learning experiences.

Running Time: 37:38 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary invited his friend Elijah Desmond to share his thoughts on the changing world of dental CE. In this interview Gary and Elijah discuss; 3 major trends that are happening in the dental profession today and how Dentists can respond to these trends, why traditional dental conferences are struggling to remain relevant today, new CE opportunities for Dentists today, Elijah’s motivation to start a charity called ‘A Success Story for Kids’ with the mission of helping children realize their potential, Elijah’s Smiles at Sea Program and the interview concludes with announcing Gary as the featured speaker for the 2018 Smiles at Sea Alaska Cruise. You will be inspired by Elijah and his commitment to truly make a difference in the world!

Elijah’s website:

Elijah’s Smiles at Sea website:

Elijah’s email address:

Elijah’s Facebook Group ‘Trapped in an Op’

The New Dentists Guide to Real World Dentistry

with Dr. Neha Garge

Making the transition from Dental School to the real world of practicing dentistry can be a challenge. To help Dentists succeed in that transition Gary interviews Dr. Neha Garge in this Thriving Dentist Show.



Running Time: 59:34 minutes

Neha is the author of the book; The New Dentists Guide to Real World Dentistry. In the interview Gary and Neha discuss; Why Neha wrote the book, her experiences in transitioning from Dental School to a practicing Dentist, excellent resources so you don’t feel like you are practicing alone, awesome CE resources, the importance in investing in yourself even when it seems like you can’t afford it, the importance of understanding the business side of dentistry as early as possible and a host of other recommendations to help launch your career. You’ll enjoy Neha’s honest, straightforward approach of sharing her challenges and successes!

Neha’s website: www.newdentistsguide.com

Neha’s email address: info@newdentistsguide.com

The Future of Independent Dentistry

with Dr. Lance Timmerman

News Flash: Dentistry is changing! If you are a regular listener to the Thriving Dentist Show you know that Gary is ‘bullish’ on the future of dentistry. His guest in this interview, Dr. Lance Timmerman, shares Gary’s positive perspective on the future of dentistry.


Running Time: 53:23 minutes

In this Show, Gary and Lance discuss; The challenges facing independent Dentists and how to position yourself for success, why you should consider treating sleep apnea in your practice, other clinical services to consider adding with advanced training, why investing in yourself in the form of CE is the best investment you can make and some additional treatment areas that Lance is excited about now. You will really enjoy Lance’s positive perspective and his appetite to learn more to best serve his patients!

Lance’s website: www.drtimmerman.com

Lance’s email address: smiledoc70@hotmail.com

Smile Source website: www.smilesource.com

American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine: www.aadsm.org

World-Class Dental CE Resources

with Dr. Alex Shalman

One of the common denominators of Thriving Dentists is they are deeply committed to attending quality Continuing Education Courses. Thriving Dentists quite literally embrace the spirit of ‘Lifelong Learning’.



Running Time: 51:48 minutes

In this thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend, Dr. Alex Shalman on the subject of Continuing Education and how important it is to embrace a spirit of lifelong learning. You may remember an earlier Thriving Dentist Show where Alex ‘hijacked’ the Show and interviewed Gary. Well, that format proved very popular with our listeners and we will make the ‘hijacked’ format with Alex as host a periodic feature here on the Thriving Dentist Show. In this interview Gary and Alex discuss some high quality CE resources and Gary provides a document listing some of his favorite CE resources to the listeners of the Show.

Alex’s website address: www.alexshalman.com

Alex’s email address: alex@alexshalman.com

Download Gary’s Recommended CE Resources