Why I Decided (as a mid-career Dentist) to Sell my Practice to a DSO

with Dr. Nezar Kassem

DSO’s (Dental Service Organizations) are the fastest growing segment in dentistry today. It is common today for Dentists to be approached by DSO’s looking to acquire more practices.

  Running time: 59:20

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Dr. Nezar Kassem to share his story about why Nezar, as a mid-career Dentist, decided to sell his practice to a DSO.

In this interview, Gary and Nezar discuss;

  • Nezar’s story of successfully starting a practice from scratch in 2002,
  • the joys that Nezar experienced in his practice and the challenges he has experienced as well,
  • Nezar’s desire to find a better balance in his life,
  • how he actually sought out the right DSO and approached them about the possibility of purchasing his practice,
  • the general criteria that DSO’s are looking for when making an acquisition,
  • how Nezar’s practice was appealing to a DSO even though he was slightly outside of their ideal criteria,
  • the challenge that Nezar was experiencing with his facility,
  • the full details of his sale,
  • what to look for when considering the right DSO,
  • Nezar’s arrangement to stay on as the Dentist after the sale and why this made sense for Nezar
  • and throughout the interview Gary and Nezar discuss how to determine if selling to a DSO might be a good strategy for you.

Selling a practice is a very personal decision and it’s Gary’s hope that this interview will provide you with the information that will help you determine if selling to a DSO makes sense for you.

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Lessons from a Successful Large Private Group Practice

with Stacy Aldmeyer

There are many successful practice models today in dentistry including solo private practice, multi-office DSO group and large single location practice to name three successful models.

 Running time: 57:37

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary invited his friend Stacy Aldmeyer to talk about lessons from a successful large private group practice. Stacy is the COO of Family First Dental, with 32 locations and 230 Team Members. Family First Dental is owned by their founding Dentist and they are doing many things well that can be successfully applied by our listeners.

In this interview Gary and Stacy discuss;

  • benefits of practicing in small, rural towns,
  • how some towns have provided financial incentives for Family First Dental to open a dental office,
  • tips for attracting and keeping the best possible Team Members,
  • Stacy’s principle of hire, train and trust,
  • how to encourage a perspective of lifelong learning among dental Team Members
  • and the importance of recognition (emotional and financial) in attracting and retaining a great Team.

Stacy offers a wealth of experience that you can apply to your practice model!

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Stacy’s website:

What Every Dentist Needs to Know About DSO’s

with Dr. Jeromy Dixson

The dental landscape is changing rapidly and the fastest growing segment of dentistry today is corporate dentistry and a subset of corporate dentistry are known as DSO’s (Dental Service Organizations).

Running Time: 68:48 minutes

In this Show, Gary interviews Dr. Jeromy Dixson about everything Dentists need to know about DSO’s. In this interview Gary and Jeromy discuss;

  • How Jeromy discovered the world of DSO’s
  • How he helped grow Smiles Dental Group from 3 offices to 24 offices
  • Jeromy’s thoughts on why corporate dentistry is growing so rapidly
  • How all DSO’s are not the same
  • The 7 goals Jeromy used to guide Smiles Dental Group to impressive growth
  • Jeromy’s DSO Project

The interview concludes with a great discussion of what Jeromy has learned in his year long around the world sabbatical with his family. This is an episode that every Dentist needs to hear!

Jeromy’s website:

Jeromy’s email address:


How to Compete with the ‘Big Boys’ by Mastering Digital Marketing

with Jon Nelson

Many Dentists are concerned about how to compete with the big corporate practices and DSO’s.

Running Time: 63:39 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Jon Nelson on exactly how Dentists can successfully compete with the corporate offices and DSO’s by mastering digital marketing. Gary and Jon discuss; The fascinating story of how Jon came to appreciate the dental profession, why digital directories are so important, the concept of data suppression, the power of micro sites, new data showing what percentage of new dental patients find a Dentists via their smart phone, why strategic paid search should be part of every Dentists digital marketing plan, appropriate marketing budget and how to measure the success of your marketing campaigns. Dan is a brilliant resource and your will enjoy his wisdom and recommendations!

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Remain Independent to Achieve Your Full Potential

with Trevor Maurer

One of the trends facing the dental profession today is the rise of corporate dentistry. Eight new corporate dental offices are opening each new business day in 2016.




Running Time: 59:05 minutes

In this Show, Gary interviews his friend Trevor Maurer, CEO of Smile Source, to discuss the changes facing dentists today and how dentists can thrive by remaining independent. In this interview Gary and Trevor discuss; The specific challenges facing dentists today, tips to reduce practice overhead and improve profitability, the story of Vision Source and how the lessons learned here can benefit dentists, how to create a powerful practice culture and best practices gleaned from the experience of over 400 thriving practices. Trevor brings excellent business experience with a passion for helping dentists thrive in these changing times.

Trevor’s website: www.smilesource.com

Trevor’s email address: tmaurer@smilesource.com
Send Trevor an email with the subject line: My Free Digital Scanner