Adult Orthodontics as an Excellent Practice Builder

with Umair Ahmed

One of the best way to grow a thriving practice is to add selected services for your existing patients and for people in your community. With the proper training, adult orthodontics can be an excellent addition to a general dental practice. It’s never too late for a patient to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile!

Running Time: 50:17 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend Umair Ahmed on the topic of adult orthodontics and how Six Month Smiles can be a great addition to your practice. In this Show Gary and Ahmed discuss: What exactly is short-term orthodontics, the benefits of adding adult orthodontics and specifically Six Month Smiles to your practice, how to maintain a great relationship with the orthodontists in your community, training required to be successful with adult orthodontics, the economic benefits and the development of digital treatment planning for your adult orthodontic cases.

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How I Became a Top 1% Invisalign Provider

with Dr. David Eshom

Adult orthodontics is an excellent way to grow your general dental practice. In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend Dr. David Eshom on how he became a Top 1% Invisalign provider.



Running Time: 51:58 minutes

Gary and Dave discuss; Why adult orthodontics is important in today’s general practice, how David became so successful with Invisalign, how he markets invisalign internally to his existing patients and externally to his community, verbal skills to present adult orthodontics to patients, the team’s role in building the adult orthodontic component of the practice and how to get started with adult orthodontics. This is a very inspiring interview with many take-away points you can immediately apply!

Earlier Thriving Dentist Show Interview with David; ‘Digital Photos for Patient Education

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A Conversation About Success With One of the Most Interesting People in Dentistry

with Dr. Prem Sehmi

Gary has made it a habit to study successful people inside and outside of dentistry. In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Dr. Prem Sehmi on his path as a Dentist and as a very successful entrepreneur.



Running Time: 52:09 minutes

In this inspiring interview Gary and Prem discuss; the path that led Prem away from the clinical practice of dentistry, how he developed a collection of 14 dental practices, why he developed a dental lab, how Prem has successfully developed 12 other businesses, why he is so excited about Quick Straight Teeth (QST), why affordability is an important goal of any business today, how you can deliver high quality at a fair price and how all the business lessons that Prem has learned can apply to your practice. You will appreciate Prem’s business experience, his humility and his absolute passion for the business side of dentistry.

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4 Brilliant Strategies for Practice Growth in 2016

with Dr. Tarun Agarwal

This is a great time to reflect on the past year and make plans and set goals for the coming year. We are devoted to helping make 2016 your best year yet and to that end, this Thriving Dentist Show is an awesome interview with Dr. Tarun Agarwal on four specific strategies to grow your practice without adding any additional new patients.

Running Time: 64:07 minutes

In this interview Gary and Tarun discuss; Why raising fees is not a viable option for practice growth for most Dentists, why seeing more patients is a flawed growth strategy, how to become a true General Dentist rather than just a Restorative Dentist by adding the following services; Dental Implants, Adult Orthodontics, Sleep Apnea and Medical Billing. Tarun discusses how adding these services will allow you to grow your practice, better serve your existing patients and create more professional satisfaction! You will enjoy Tarun’s ‘real world’ advice and his passion for helping his colleagues.

Link to previous Thriving Dentist Show interview with Dr. Tarun Agarwal;
‘Dentistry Can be Anything You Want it to Be’

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The Wonderful World of Orthodontics

with Dr. Jamie Reynolds

There are so many great advances in the world of orthodontics that it was time to do a Thriving Dentist Show devoted to orthodontics.





Running Time: 52:06 minutes

In this episode, Gary interviews his friend Dr. Jamie Reynolds from Novi, MI all about the cool advances available today in orthodontic treatment. Gary and Jamie discuss how computers are being used today in case planning, why more adults than ever are being treated with orthodontics, the 3 ‘urban myths’ that might be keeping more adults from seeking orthodontic treatment, the awesome opportunity to do combination cases with the general dentist and the orthodontist and why this can produce such stunning results, the connection between sleep apnea and orthodontics and a great new payment option that is making orthodontic treatment affordable for more patients today. You’ll love Jamie’s passion for helping patients have a beautiful, healthy smile!

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A Model For Success in 2014 and Beyond

with Dr. Steffany Mohan

Dental PodcastMany Dentists today struggle with creating a successful balance between their professional and their personal lives.





Running Time: 54:03 min

In this interview, Gary talks with his friend Dr. Steffany Mohan about the practice model she has developed that helps her achieve balance in her life. Steffany is a very accomplished Dentist, a Speaker and Educator in dentistry and a Mother of four children. While Steffany does acknowledge that it is not always easy to maintain a balance, she has developed a practice model that works for her. In this interview, Gary and Steffany discuss why she thinks it is essential for Dentists to add services to their general dentistry mix, why she loves Six Month Smiles for adult orthodontics, trends in dentistry to be aware of today, and her concepts about how she uses leverage as part of her business model. Steffany also shares how she is constantly re-inventing herself to keep dentistry interesting and exciting. This is a stimulating interview sure to inspire some thoughts and ideas about how you can better achieve a successful balance in your life.

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An Awesome Day at LifeSmiles Dental Care

with Dr. Paul Nielson

TDS Logo 600X600The Thriving Dentist Show is all about practical information that will help you develop a thriving practice. If you are a regular listener to this Show you know that although Gary is not a Dentist, he co-owns a dental practice in Phoenix, Arizona in a business partnership with Dr. Paul Nielson. Over the past 5 years, Gary and Dr. Nielson have taken a practice that was in desperate need of some attention and developed it into a thriving practice………and they have accomplished this in an area that has been very hard hit by the downturn in the economy. One of the reasons that Gary wanted to own a practice was to be able to test concepts and ideas and share the results with his audiences when he is speaking and also with his clients. Recently Gary and Dr. Nielson had an excellent experience with adding a new service to their practice and we’ve invited Dr. Nielson on the Show today to talk about this experience with our listeners. Welcome back to the Thriving Dentist Show, Dr. Nielson!

Running Time 42:08

 Episode #29 – Dr. Ryan Swain interview
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Help More Patients Have Straight, Beautiful with Six Month Smiles

with Special Guest Dr. Ryan Swain

TDS Logo 600X600Pardon our enthusiasm for Dentistry, but one of the really cool aspects of the Dental Profession are the clinical advances that have been made in the past few years. You are able to help patients in ways that simply were not possible just a few short years ago. Combine these clinical advances with the fact that people are more interested in good health and appearance than ever makes THIS a great time to be a Dentist! In a recent Thriving Dentist Show, Dr. Howard Farran suggested that one of his four keys to success in today’s economy is to expand your services. Dr. Farran is right on! Today we are very fortunate to have as a Special Guest on the Thriving Dentist Show, Dr. Ryan Swain the founder of Six Month Smiles.

Running Time 43:28

Six Month Smiles is a modern twist on the tried and true method of using braces to help patients have straight, healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. The twist is that you are able to finish most cases with an average treatment time of only six month. This is a huge motivator for adults that would love to have beautiful, straight teeth but want results soon. Let’s face it, people are impatient today. We very excited to learn about Six Month Smiles and how the addition of this treatment option can help our listeners develop a Thriving Practice.

1.The story of Six Month Smiles is fascinating! Tells us how you became interested in short term ortho and how did Six Month Smiles start?

2.Most General Dentists have not ventured into fixed ortho. Why is that? How can you help Dentists get comfortable offering this treatment option in their practice?

3.How does Six Month Smiles differ from aligner systems?

4. Let’s talk about the business case for short term ortho. Please explain the expected production and potential ROI with Six Month Smiles. Let’s also talk about how Six Month Smiles can contribute to a Thriving practice.

$200 Professional Courtesy for any listeners who are ready to become Six Month Smiles providers. To receive this courtesy just use promo code GARY200 upon registering online.

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