The Smile Virtual Consult; A Powerful Strategy to Attract More Cosmetic Cases

with Dr. Brian Harris

The digital world that we all live in today is transforming the way consumers think and act. Today you can order almost anything you can think of online and have it delivered to your doorstep the next day.

Running time: 48:27

Gary invited his long time friend Dr. Brian Harris on the Thriving Dentist Show as a guest to share how smile virtual consults are radically changing his practice. In this Show Gary and Brian discuss; How Brian developed the smile virtual consult and how these virtual consults are resulting in significantly more smile design cosmetic cases, the compelling consumer statistics behind the smile virtual consult, why convenience is often the #1 consumer consideration, how Brian perfected the idea of doing virtual consults, the power of his customized video reply, the top 3 barriers for dental consumers and how to overcome them, how smile virtual consults reduce your marketing expenses and a host of other practical tips that you can use today to help more patients enjoy the smile of their dreams. If you are interested in standing apart from the crowd by making it easier for patients to get what they want, then this interview is for you!

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Proven Ways to Add More High Value Dental Cases to Your Practice

with Elijah Desmond

Dentistry is such an amazing profession because you get the opportunity to change people’s lives! Services like dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry and complex restorative dentistry can quite literally change someone’s life.

Running time: 60:45

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Elijah Desmond to talk about how to add more high value cases to your dental practice. In this Show Gary and Elijah discuss; why marketing dental implants is the gateway to doing more high value cases, Elijah’s data on why Google ads and Facebook ads have proven to be the most effective digital marketing channels, strategies to track your marketing results including a formula to measure your ROI, the 3 types of dental practices including the benefits and limitations of each type, two specific case studies showing one campaign that worked very well and another case study of a marketing fail and why this particular campaign failed. In this Show, Gary and Elijah also talk about the upcoming Smiles at Sea Alaska Cruise May 20-27 where Gary will be a featured speaker.

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Tips to Build the Cosmetic Component of Your Practice

with Dr. Guy Lewis

Helping patients have a beautiful, healthy smile can truly be a life-changing experience. In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend Dr. Guy Lewis on the topic of how to build the cosmetic component of your practice.



Running Time: 69:49 minutes

Guy has a practice is Houston, TX with a very strong focus on cosmetic dentistry and has been a leader in the world of cosmetic dentistry for many years. In this interview, Gary and Guy discuss; Four specific tips that you can use to build to cosmetic component of your practice, how the AACD has benefitted Guy and why you should consider becoming a member, the AACD Give Back a Smile program and how this program is changing lives (Guy shares a very cool case he did as a Give Back a Smile case) and we finish the interview with a discussion of some other areas of dentistry that are of interest to Guy these days. You will absolutely LOVE Guy’s passion for cosmetic dentistry and helping his colleagues!

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How the AACD can Help You Thrive

with Michael DiFrisco

You may know that Gary has been a fan of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) for many years now.





Running Time: 62:19 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Michael DiFrisco. Michael is the Chief Marketing Officer of the AACD and an authority on Brand Marketing. In this interview Gary and Michael discuss; What makes the AACD unique as an organization, how they are staying relevant in changing and competitive times, why the Annual AACD Scientific Session has a well-deserved reputation as one of the year’s most dynamic CE meetings, specific content for the 2016 AACD Conference in Toronto, the Give-Back-A-Smile Program and how Dentists can get involved and we finish with 6 specific tips you can use to create a competitive advantage in your practice. This interview is packed with useful information and you will love Michael’s perspective!

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Minimally Prepped Veneers, CBCT and other Practice Building Strategies

with Dr. Louis Kaufman

Dental PodcastYou likely know that Gary is an advocate of technology as a practice builder. In this interview with his friend, Dr. Louis Kaufman, Gary and Lou discuss some cool technology that can be used to build your practice.



Running Time: 52:03 min

They discuss minimally invasive veneers and how they have changed over the years, why today’s minimally prepped veneers should be an option in your cosmetic skill set, how CBCT can be used today as a practice-builder, advice to Dentists who are looking to grow their practice but struggling to do so and why every Dentist needs to embrace the role of CEO of their practice. Lou is an absolute wealth of information and you will love his enthusiasm and passion for helping Dentists thrive!

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Denmat website:

Clinician’s Report website:

Planmeca (CBCT)

Latest Advances in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry

with Dr. Ross Nash

Dental PodcastOne of the coolest parts of our wonderful profession is helping patients have the smile of their dreams. The look on a patient’s face when they first see their new smile is so rewarding and for many people this is truly a life changing experience.



Running Time: 57:40 min

In this Show, Gary interviews his friend Dr. Ross Nash about the latest advances in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Nash has been a leading educator in the world of cosmetic dentistry since the early days of the ‘cosmetic revolution’ in dentistry and he has trained thousands of Dentists in the latest techniques. In this interview, Gary and Dr. Nash discuss the history and evolution of cosmetic materials, the difference between cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, what’s popular today and why and the interview concludes with a great tip from Dr. Nash on proper case selection. You will LOVE Dr. Nash’s wisdom, humility and passion for helping his colleagues!

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Helping More Patient Have the Smile of their Dreams

with Dr. Dennis Wells

TDS Logo 600X600Our goal here at Thriving Dentist Show is to help as many patients as possible enjoy the benefits of great oral health. We do that by teaching Dentists how to develop a THRIVING practice. In addition to helping patients have excellent oral heath we also LOVE helping patients have a beautiful smile……no…….make that a gorgeous smile!! This type of dentistry is so rewarding because it can literally be life-changing for the patient! Although Gary is not a clinician, he has been a practice management instructor at some of the finest cosmetic dentistry post-graduate programs in the world. Through teaching in these programs, Gary has developed very close friendships with some really amazing Dentists. Today we are extremely fortunate to have a very special guest on the Thriving Dentist Show who is a leader in teaching Dentists how to provide patients with the smile of their dreams. Our special guest today is Dr. Dennis Wells from Nashville, TN. We are excited to have Dr. Wells on our show today. Welcome, Dr. Wells!

Running Time 40:03

Dr. Wells is the founder of the Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry where he has a thriving practice focusing on cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Wells has been providing gorgeous smiles for over 25 years he received accreditation with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in 1994. One of the unique things about Dr. Wells is that he is one of those unique individuals that can both do and teach it. He is absolutely passionate about teaching other Dentists how to provide beautiful smiles and is a pioneer in finding new solutions to help patients. Dr. Wells is the creator of DURAthin veneers that are changing the way many dentists are approaching cosmetic dentistry. This revolutionary approach eliminates some of the concerns about removing healthy tooth structure. We are thrilled to learn from Dr. Wells today.

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