The Best Dental Rant Ever!

with Dr. Howard Farran

Dental PodcastGary has been a friend of Dr. Howard Farran for over 25 years. As the founder of DentalTown, Howard has a very unique perspective on the profession of dentistry and he shares Gary’s passion for all things related to dentistry and helping patients.


Running Time: 01:00:50 min

In this interview Gary and Howard discuss why only 38 out of 100 dental cavities that are diagnosed actually get treated, the power of a treatment plan presenter, the blood chemistry of selling, why you need to know about dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, how to speak with patients so they understand, why the term ‘flossing cavities’ is so effective and a host of other topics that will help you develop a Thriving practice. You will LOVE this interview!

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DentalTown website:

2015 Townie Meeting April 15-18 Las Vegas, NV

The Question to Ask Every Patient at each Consultation to Create More Opportunities

with Ashley Latter

Dental PodcastIncreasing case acceptance is a goal for every Thriving Dentist. Ashley Latter is known worldwide for teaching ethical sales and communication skills to Dentists.




Running Time: 47:22 min

In this information-packed interview, Gary and Ashley discuss; how to quickly develop rapport and relationship with your patients, why it is so important to ask questions, how to communicate financially with your patients so you can charge what you are worth, the meaning behind the Steven Covey quote, “Seek to understand before trying to be understood” and the one question to ask every patient at each consultation to create more opportunities in your practice. You’ll be inspired to use this information immediately in your practice and the end result is greater case acceptance of ideal dentistry!

Ashley’s website:

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Ashley’s Books: (Fabulous books that will benefit you greatly!):

  1. Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy
  2. You are Worth It!

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The Art of Positive Influence for Your Patients

with Randy Alvarez

Dental PodcastIncreasing case acceptance is a goal for all Thriving Dentists! Gary’s guest for this Show is his friend Randy Alvarez. He is the founder of The Wellness Hour, the #1 Producer of Health & Wellness Documentaries in the world.



Running Time: 46:53 min

In this powerful interview, Gary and Randy discuss how to guide patients to accept ideal treatment recommendations. Specific topics discussed in this interview include why dental fees are becoming commoditized and how to avoid this trap, how to differentiate yourself so patients will be less focused on the price, the most effective way to respond to fee questions over the phone, how to overcome objections, how to involve the entire team in case acceptance and the challenges of traditional team member training in dentistry. Randy and Gary also discuss Randy’s new Alvarez University and the benefits of this training resource for you and your team.

Randy’s Interactive Training Website:
Promo Code: Gary7777   (1 free month)

The Wellness Hour Website:

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Increasing Productivity at Every Stage of Your Career

with Dr. Bruce Baird

Dental PodcastThe focus on this Thriving Dentist Show is about how to increase your productivity and maintain quality dentistry!





Running Time: 52:24 min
In this Show, Gary interviews his good friend Dr. Bruce Baird. Bruce has practiced dentistry for over 34 years and he’s the founder of the award-winning Productive Dentist Academy (PDA). One of the great aspects of Bruce’s experience is that he practices in the small town of Granbury, Texas population 6,800, with an oversupply of Dentists, making the practice climate very competitive. If Bruce can achieve remarkable success in this small, competitive town, then you can replicate his concepts in your area. In this inspiring interview Gary and Bruce discuss specific strategies to increase your productivity at every stage of your career. Bruce explains how to ‘link’ with your patients to create an unbreakable connection, the verbal skills to guide your patients to accept ideal care, tips to help you master diagnosis, treatment planning and case presentation and how to ‘frame’ your practice growth with the ultimate motivation of helping more people. You’ll find this interview to be very inspiring and loaded with use-it-now tips!

Productive Dentist Academy website

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Brilliant Tips to Welcome New Patients Into Your Practice

with Debra Englehardt-Nash

Dental PodcastHow new patients come into your practice can set the stage to an awesome experience.





Running Time: 57:04 min

In this amazing interview, Practice Management Consultant Debra Englehardt-Nash shares some powerful information on how to handle the new patient phone call. There is a great deal of misinformation on this subject today and Debra sets the record straight on how to properly welcome new patients into your office. Debra and Gary discuss how to set your office apart on that first call, the importance of the proper ‘tone’, why that new patient should never be put on hold or interrupted, how to get the information you need without interrogating the caller and how to inform patients about the unique qualities of your practice on that initial call. Debra then discusses her format for the Pre-Operative Visit for the bigger cases in your practice. Her tips will help you radically reduce cancellations and no-shows and also help you to get paid in advance of providing the care. Debra offers brilliant tips that can be immediately applied in your practice. This is a must-listen for the Dentist and the entire Team!

Nash Institute for Dental Learning website:

Debra Englehardt-Nash email address:

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How to Communicate Your Fees to Patients

with Ashley Latter

Dental PodcastDiscussing fees with patients is a topic that many Dentists struggle with. Recently, Ashley Latter wrote a book titled; You are Worth It: Feel Comfortable Communicating Your Fees and Achieve the Income Your Services Deserve. 



Running Time: 45:22 min

In this interview, Gary and Ashley share powerful information that will help Dental Professionals become comfortable communicating their fees with confidence to patients.  In the interview they discuss why Ashley wrote the book, why so many Dentists find the concept of discussing fees such a challenge and some of the key mistakes that Dentists make when discussing fees. The interview includes a summary of some of the most important points covered in the book and the one most important message that readers should take away from the book. This is a wonderful interview that will inspire confidence when you discuss fees with patients and is a must-listen for all Dentists!

Ashley Latter website:

Ashley’s email address:

Link to order the book:

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Dentistry ROCKS

with Deana Zost

Dental PodcastOne of the biggest challenges we face in the dental profession is helping our patients take a greater interest in their oral health.





Running Time: 48:52 min

In this amazing interview, special guest Deana Zost shares some incredible information on a range of topics including; best way to handle the new patient phone call, verbal skills to help patients take a greater interest in dentistry, how to say things to communicate your passion for dentistry, three very specific customer service tips you can apply today and how to help your existing patients want more ideal care. Deana is an office manager with over 20 years of experience in the dental profession and she is a true dental ROCK STAR!

This is a Thriving Dentist Show you will want to share with your entire Team!

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Deana on Facebook:

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The Role of the Treatment Coordinator in a Thriving Practice

with Laura Horton

Dental Podcast

Laura Horton is an amazing resource from the UK on how to have a successful dental practice. She is an advocate of the role of the Treatment Coordinator and how this Team Member can have a very influential role in the practice.



Running Time: 48:37 min

In this interview, Laura defines her vision for the role of the Treatment Coordinator, how creating this position inspires Team Members, the concept of how to create ‘switched on’ Team Members and how the Treatment Coordinator can guide patients to take a greater interest in their oral health. This is an excellent interview to share with your entire Team!

Laura’s website:

Laura’s email:

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Solutions for Increased Case Acceptance of Ideal Care

with Dr. David Hornbrook

Dental Podcast

Dr. David Hornbrook is a very gifted clinician and dental educator.





Running Time: 45:22 min

In this inspiring interview, David discusses some simple tips that Dentists can use to increase case acceptance of ideal care. David discusses what he likes to call, “Dwarfing the treatment plan”.  This is what dentists unintentionally do to limit treatment and even treatment acceptance by not asking the patient the correct questions as they diagnose treatment, especially aesthetic treatment. He also discusses his concept of the ‘Fast moving train to paradise’ where you focus your discussion with the patient on the outcome and results rather than the process of the treatment. In addition to our discussion of case acceptance tips, David also talks about the new restorative materials available today and how these materials enhance the predictability of aesthetic dental care. This is a great Thriving Dentist Show to share with your entire Team!

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Sure Fire Tips to Increase Case Acceptance

with Gary Takacs

TDS Logo 600X600Helping patients accept ideal treatment recommendations so they can enjoy the benefits of ideal dental health must be one of the most rewarding aspects of being a Dentist.




Running Time 51:46

In this Show, Gary is going to share some excellent tips to increase case acceptance in your practice. Gary provides entire courses and workshops on Case Presentation and will share his most effective tips here in this Show.

Email Gary your social media questions –

Green Dental Conference:

We are thrilled to announce the first Green Dental Conference sponsored by the Eco-Dentistry Association May 3-4, 2013 in Sundance, Utah. Gary will be one of the featured speakers along with a host of other outstanding speakers.

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