5 Tips to Reduce Hygiene Cancellations and No-Shows

with Gary Takacs

Dental PodcastIf your office is experiencing a high percentage of hygiene cancellations or no-shows please know that you are not alone! It seems like hygiene cancellations and no-shows have become an epidemic.



Running Time: 48:48 min

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary provides 5 specific tips that will dramatically reduce your hygiene cancellations and no-shows. Gary has used these tips in his own practice as well as in Takacs Learning Center client offices with impressive results. In his own practice, Gary has seen his unfilled hygiene appointments metric drop to as low as 3% through the application of the 5 tips provided in this Show! Here’s to your success!

Gary’s email (for Guest and Show topic recommendations): gary@takacslearningcenter.com

LEAP website: www.LEAPFoundation.com

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