Marketing Tips from a Guinness World Record Holder

with Minal Sampat RDH

Digital marketing is a very effective way to attract quality new patients to your practice. The majority of people today will do a Google search for a new Dentist.

Running Time: 62:31 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show interview, Gary invited his friend Minal Sampat to share her tips on how to streamline your digital marketing to produce the best results. Minal has the unique perspective of a hygienist, marketing consultant, speaker and she is a Millennial who grew up in the world of digital marketing. In this Show Gary and Minal discuss; how to streamline your marketing activities to be most effective, specific way to differentiate yourself from the competition, best strategies to convert contacts to appointments, how to reverse engineer your marketing and the interview concludes with a fun example of a marketing activity that Minal directed that earned her a Guinness World Record!

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Dental Marketing with Minal Sampat RDH

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