The Question to Ask Every Patient at each Consultation to Create More Opportunities

with Ashley Latter

Dental PodcastIncreasing case acceptance is a goal for every Thriving Dentist. Ashley Latter is known worldwide for teaching ethical sales and communication skills to Dentists.




Running Time: 47:22 min

In this information-packed interview, Gary and Ashley discuss; how to quickly develop rapport and relationship with your patients, why it is so important to ask questions, how to communicate financially with your patients so you can charge what you are worth, the meaning behind the Steven Covey quote, “Seek to understand before trying to be understood” and the one question to ask every patient at each consultation to create more opportunities in your practice. You’ll be inspired to use this information immediately in your practice and the end result is greater case acceptance of ideal dentistry!

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  1. Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy
  2. You are Worth It!

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The Role of a High Performance Team in a Thriving Dental Office

with Stacy Sveilis

Dental PodcastDentistry is a team Sport!







Running Time: 49:08 min

In this Show, Stacy shares her experience on how to create a high performance dental team. Topics include; how to attract and keep the right team members, how to empower your team, and how to have effective communication within the office. Stacy also identifies the most important systems in a dental practice and discusses how to create appropriate goals and how to get the entire team on board with the practice goals. The Show concludes with Stacy sharing some brilliant tips on how to get the team involved in creating more patients referrals.

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The High Tech, High Touch Practice

with Dr. Chris Haag

TDS Logo 600X600If you have ever attended one of Gary’s courses you know that the concepts he teaches are drawn from his real world experience in his own practice in Phoenix, Arizona. Gary talks about what he has walked first. The entire purpose of the Thriving Dentist Show is to share information that will help you have a THRIVING practice and our interview today is another real-world example of someone who is thriving in a pretty unlikely place. Today we have a special guest on the show who considers himself just a regular dentist from Lincoln, Nebraska. Well friends, don’t let his modesty fool you! Dr. Chris Haag has managed to build a very successful practice in an average town by combining the concepts of high tech and high touch. His practice is state of the art but also emphasizes the old fashioned value of treating patients like family! This is a recipe that is working extremely well for Dr. Haag and can work for you as well.

Running Time 48:52

We are huge fans of technology here on the Thriving Dentist Show and I love the way you have incorporated technology. But! the technology takes a back seat to the more human side of your practice when necessary. One of the headlines of a page on your website is; ‘A Dental Team Who Will Treat You Like Family’. I think this is very cool because that is precisely what people want and value today. I know our listeners are excited to hear exactly how you achieve that balance.

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