Discover how Drug-Free Stress Intervention can be a Great Practice Builder

with Jim Poole

If you like neuroscience you are going to LOVE this Thriving Dentist Show interview. Let’s face it, the most complex, unpredictable and unreliable part of dentistry is the patient!




Running Time: 68:11 minutes

In this Show, Gary interviews Jim Poole on the science behind an all-natural, drug-free stress intervention solution for patients that improves clinical outcomes and can be an outstanding practice builder.

In this interview Gary and Jim discuss; the neuroscience of reducing stress, how NuCalm was developed and how it works, the four elements of NuCalm, how reducing stress in your patients creates better clinical outcomes, how athletes are using this technology to improve performance and how this technology can be an excellent practice builder.

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Buffered Anesthetic as a Game Changer in Your Practice

with Dr. Dan Davidian

One of the best ways to build your practice is to become known by your patients and by people in your community as the ‘Painless, On Time Dentist’. In this Thriving Dentist Show interview Gary interviews Dr. Dan Davidian on specific tips that will help you deliver painless injections that will also improve your office efficiency.

Running Time: 53:31 minutes

In this Show, Gary and Dan discuss; what motivated Dan to develop the Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System, The family connection and how his Dad inspired the development of this system, the history of local anesthetic from whiskey to cocaine to lidocaine, the science of buffering, what buffering is doing and the benefits provided by buffering, how he gained FDA approval for the one handed feedback aspiration syringe and how buffered anesthetic has changed Dan’s practice. You will enjoy learning the science of buffered anesthetic and Dan’s passion for helping patients enjoy a comfortable injection.

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Building Your Dream Practice

with Dr. David Moffet

You have likely heard this saying before; ‘If it’s been done before it must be possible’. There is much wisdom in that statement and when it comes to building his dream practice, me friend Dr. David Moffet has done so and is passionate about sharing his experiences with other Dentists.


Running Time: 59:18 minutes

In this interview David and I discuss; Some fundamentals that must be in place to achieve a dream practice, why morning huddles are so important and how to do them, scheduling tips for consistently productive days, how to evaluate the data in your practice, dentistry as a ‘people’ game and how to create the ultimate patient experience. David built his dream practice and so can you!

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Specific Strategies One Dentist is Using to Thrive in 2016

with Dr. Louis Kaufman

One of the reasons that Gary produces this Thriving Dentist Show is to share the cool things that Dentists are doing to thrive today. In this Show Gary brings back a returning guest, Dr. Lou Kaufman from Chicago to share the things that are working for him in 2016.


Running Time: 58:54 minutes

In this information-filled interview Gary and Lou discuss; How Lou is using Nucalm in his practice to help patients relax and reduce the stress of a dental visit, the four elements of the science behind Nucalm, how Lou is staying competitive and independent in a very saturated market, the importance of planting esthetic seeds for patients and how Lou successfully approaches comprehensive treatment planning without overwhelming patients. You will LOVE Lou’s ‘real world’ approach to practice success!

Link to previous Thriving Dentist Show interview with Lou
‘Minimally Prepped Veneers, CBCT and other Practice Building Strategies’

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Creating a Dental Practice Everyone Talks About

with Fred Joyal

The fast track for Dentists to stay competitive in an online world where patients seek and share information faster than ever is to become remarkable! Fred Joyal’s new book is titled just that; Becoming Remarkable: Creating a Dental Practice Everyone Talks About.


Running Time: 61:00 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Fred on just what it means to be remarkable. Gary and Fred have been amazing friends for over 30 years and this interview is filled with tips you can use NOW to develop a Thriving practice. Gary and Fred discuss; the new world order of the dental profession, the tectonic shifts disrupting dentistry that all Dentists must recognize and how to respond to these shifts, what you need to know about the changing dental patient and they finish with an inspiring discussion of scarcity versus abundance and how to create an upward spiral of unbridled success! You will absolutely LOVE this interview!

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The Ultimate Patient Experience and Your Dream Practice

with Dr. David Moffet

The Thriving Dentist Show is going Down Under with our first guest from Australia! In this Show, Gary interviews his friend Dr. David Moffet and he has an awesome story to tell about how he developed his ideal practice in Australia.



Running Time: 59:32 minutes

In this interview Gary and David discuss; how David was able to successfully sell his practice for a very attractive sum, how he continued to work in the practice after his sale, why he developed the Ultimate New Patient Experience and why this is so important, his book titled, How to Build the Practice Of Your Dreams (Without Killing Yourself) in Less Than 60 Days and how Dentists can take control and create their own financial destiny. We were thrilled to have David on the Thriving Dentist Show and you will LOVE this interview!

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Mastering the Business of Dentistry

with Bonnie Hixson

Dental PodcastThe business of dentistry is Gary’s favorite topic and in this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Bonnie Hixson about how to master the business of dentistry. Bonnie is the founder of The Progressive Dentist magazine and she is recognized as a true thought leader in dentistry.


Running Time: 56:51 min

In this inspiring interview Gary and Bonnie discuss some of the most pressing challenges facing Dentists today on the business side. Among the topics they discuss are; the rising office overhead challenge and how to improve your profitability, some brilliant business resources for Dentists, the changing business climate for Dentists today, why amazing customer service is so important today, why mastering the people side of dentistry is so important today and will become been more important in the future, why the health & wellness of the Dentist and Team lead to a more profitable practice and why it is time to get serious about oral cancer screening. You will LOVE this interview and the wonderful energy that Bonnie brings to the profession of dentistry!

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The Question to Ask Every Patient at each Consultation to Create More Opportunities

with Ashley Latter

Dental PodcastIncreasing case acceptance is a goal for every Thriving Dentist. Ashley Latter is known worldwide for teaching ethical sales and communication skills to Dentists.




Running Time: 47:22 min

In this information-packed interview, Gary and Ashley discuss; how to quickly develop rapport and relationship with your patients, why it is so important to ask questions, how to communicate financially with your patients so you can charge what you are worth, the meaning behind the Steven Covey quote, “Seek to understand before trying to be understood” and the one question to ask every patient at each consultation to create more opportunities in your practice. You’ll be inspired to use this information immediately in your practice and the end result is greater case acceptance of ideal dentistry!

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Ashley’s Books: (Fabulous books that will benefit you greatly!):

  1. Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy
  2. You are Worth It!

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Inspired Hygiene for the Thriving Practice

with Rachel Wall RDH

Dental Podcast

If you are a regular listener to the Thriving Dentist Show you know how strongly Gary feels about the role of the hygiene department in a thriving practice.




Running Time: 58:18 min

In this interview, Gary interviews Rachel Wall, an expert with over 23 years of experience and the founder of Inspired Hygiene. In 2012 Rachel was voted the ‘Most Effective Hygiene Educator’ by Dr. Bicuspid and in 2103 she was selected as ‘One of the 25 Most Influential Women in Dentistry’ by Dental Products Report . In this inspiring interview Gary and Rachel discuss the most common obstacles that keep teams from creating a thriving hygiene department, specific benchmarks of a thriving hygiene department, how Dentists can help their hygienists develop a ‘healthcare provider’ mindset and some immediate action steps that Dentists and Hygienists can take to improve efficiency, productivity and service in the hygiene department. This is an excellent interview to play for your next Team meeting!

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Brilliant Tips to Welcome New Patients Into Your Practice

with Debra Englehardt-Nash

Dental PodcastHow new patients come into your practice can set the stage to an awesome experience.





Running Time: 57:04 min

In this amazing interview, Practice Management Consultant Debra Englehardt-Nash shares some powerful information on how to handle the new patient phone call. There is a great deal of misinformation on this subject today and Debra sets the record straight on how to properly welcome new patients into your office. Debra and Gary discuss how to set your office apart on that first call, the importance of the proper ‘tone’, why that new patient should never be put on hold or interrupted, how to get the information you need without interrogating the caller and how to inform patients about the unique qualities of your practice on that initial call. Debra then discusses her format for the Pre-Operative Visit for the bigger cases in your practice. Her tips will help you radically reduce cancellations and no-shows and also help you to get paid in advance of providing the care. Debra offers brilliant tips that can be immediately applied in your practice. This is a must-listen for the Dentist and the entire Team!

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