Creating a Dental Practice Everyone Talks About

with Fred Joyal

The fast track for Dentists to stay competitive in an online world where patients seek and share information faster than ever is to become remarkable! Fred Joyal’s new book is titled just that; Becoming Remarkable: Creating a Dental Practice Everyone Talks About.


Running Time: 61:00 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Fred on just what it means to be remarkable. Gary and Fred have been amazing friends for over 30 years and this interview is filled with tips you can use NOW to develop a Thriving practice. Gary and Fred discuss; the new world order of the dental profession, the tectonic shifts disrupting dentistry that all Dentists must recognize and how to respond to these shifts, what you need to know about the changing dental patient and they finish with an inspiring discussion of scarcity versus abundance and how to create an upward spiral of unbridled success! You will absolutely LOVE this interview!

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Tips to Fuel your Career

with Dr. Nilesh Parmar

If you are a regular listener to the Thriving Dentist Show you know that Gary believes that Dentistry truly does ROCK! One of the many reasons that Gary believes this is because of the remarkable people in the dental profession.



Running Time: 56:59 minutes

This Thriving Dentist Show will introduce you to Dr. Nilesh Parmar, a truly amazing young Dentist from London. In this interview, Gary and Nilesh discuss; why he became a Dentist and the wonderful influence of his father, the advanced post-graduate education that has been so important to Nilesh, tips for building a new office, the challenges that Dentists are facing at the moment and the super cool things that Nilesh is doing to give back to his community. You’ll love to hear about you can combine fast cars, racetracks and charity in one brilliant project!

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Tips to Achieve True Success in Dentistry

with Chris Barrow

In his book, True Success author Tom Morris defines success as; Doing what you want to do, when you want to do it, with the people you’d like to do it with! We happen to think that is an excellent definition of success in dentistry.



Running Time: 60:53 minutes

In this Show Gary interviews his friend Chris Barrow on the on the topic of how to have a great practice and a great life. In this interview Gary and Chris discuss; Chris’ four biggest tips to any aspiring or existing practice owner, why Dentists hire a business coach and what they get for their investment, the concept of ‘zero tolerance’, the biggest challenges facing Dentists in 2015 and a look into the crystal ball to see where the dental profession will be in 2025. You will LOVE this interview!

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12 Steps to Grow a $5 Million Dental Practice

with Dr. Bill Williams

In an earlier interview with Dr. Bill Williams, Gary and Bill discussed his tips for staying in love with dentistry for over 40 years.





Running Time: 64:49 minutes

During that earlier interview Bill told his story about how he had to start from scratch at age 48 after some setbacks and how he went on to develop a $5M practice in less than 10 years. In this interview, Bill and Gary discuss the 12 steps that he followed to achieve these amazing results. While these business results are truly outstanding, the best part is that Bill has achieved these goals while maintaining a practice philosophy based on providing quality care and excellent customer service! You’ll be inspired by Bill’s story and find these 12 steps useful regardless of your practice goals.

Earlier Interview with Bill; ‘How to Stay in LOVE with Dentistry for Over 40 Years

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How to Stay in Love With Dentistry for Over 40 Years

with Dr. Bill Williams

One of the very cool parts of the dental profession is the amazing people who have chosen to make dentistry their life work.





Running Time: 54 minutes

In this inspiring Show, Gary interviews his great friend Dr. Bill Williams. Gary has known Bill for over 30 years and they have shared time on the stage together and maintained a wonderful friendship over these years. In this interview Gary and Bill discuss; the events that resulted in Bill being virtually broke after 15 years in practice despite having a very successful practice, how he rebounded and started a new practice from scratch that went from -0- to over $5 Million in annual collections in less than 10 years, why Bill is still in love with dentistry after more than 40 years, his book Marketing the Million Dollar Practice, and the magic behind him 5M Masters Academy. This interview is filled with information you can use today to develop a thriving practice!

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Link to Bill’s 5M Masters Academy (affiliate link)

The Greatest Gift

with Dr. Bill Dorfman

Dental PodcastIf you are a regular listener to the Thriving Dentist Show you know that Gary is committed to helping Dentists find a forum for giving back.





Running Time: 52:49 min

In this Show, Gary interviews his friend Dr. Bill Dorfman and they discuss the incredible opportunities that exist for Dental Professionals to give back at the local, national and international level. You likely know Bill from his media appearances which include Extreme Makeover, Oprah, The Doctor’s and countless other shows, where he has worked tirelessly to position dentistry in the most positive light possible in the media. Bill has also been very involved is giving back from the earliest days of his dental career and in this interview Bill and Gary discuss the various projects that Bill has participated. In addition to the dental-oriented contributions, they also discuss the LEAP Foundation which Bill co-founded to help young adults achieve success personally and professionally. This is an amazing week-long program at UCLA each summer for young adults age 15-26. You will LOVE this interview and the perspective that Bill shares when he says, “He who gives, receives the greatest gift.”

LEAP website:

Bill’s Facebook link:

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If You Stand For Nothing, You Will Fall for Anything

with Dr. Brett Kessler

Dental PodcastLeadership is often the difference between a good practice and a work-class practice.





Running Time: 50:58 min

In this inspiring interview with his friend Dr. Brett Kessler, Gary and Brett discuss the topic of Leadership in a Thriving practice. The topics discussed in this interview include; the three big disruptors in dentistry today, a great definition of leadership, why it is so important to start by being clear about your guiding principles, why Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is more important than IQ, why leadership is such a difficult concept for Dentists to master and implement and a summary of Steven Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and how each of the habits apply to dentistry. You will enjoy Brett’s passion for the topic of leadership and helping his colleagues.

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Brett’s blog:

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How to Enjoy Dentistry for the First Time

with Dr. Peter Auster

Dental PodcastWe love featuring real-world Dentists on the Thriving Dentist Show who have developed their own unique path to a thriving practice.




Running Time: 53:49 min

In this interview you will discover that Dr. Peter Auster took a while to find a path that allowed him to enjoy dentistry but once he did, he really began enjoying the profession of dentistry. You will be inspired by Peter’s story! in this interview, Gary and Peter discuss why giving back to the community at the local and global level has brought much joy and fulfillment to Peter, how his charitable projects have benefitted his practice, why Peter is a huge advocate of technology in his practice, a discussion of one particular technology that has been a big practice-builder for Peter and why being involved with the AACD has been such a great experience for Peter personally and professionally. You will enjoy this interview and you’ll find many useful tips that will help you love the practice of dentistry!

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AACD Website:

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A Model For Success in 2014 and Beyond

with Dr. Steffany Mohan

Dental PodcastMany Dentists today struggle with creating a successful balance between their professional and their personal lives.





Running Time: 54:03 min

In this interview, Gary talks with his friend Dr. Steffany Mohan about the practice model she has developed that helps her achieve balance in her life. Steffany is a very accomplished Dentist, a Speaker and Educator in dentistry and a Mother of four children. While Steffany does acknowledge that it is not always easy to maintain a balance, she has developed a practice model that works for her. In this interview, Gary and Steffany discuss why she thinks it is essential for Dentists to add services to their general dentistry mix, why she loves Six Month Smiles for adult orthodontics, trends in dentistry to be aware of today, and her concepts about how she uses leverage as part of her business model. Steffany also shares how she is constantly re-inventing herself to keep dentistry interesting and exciting. This is a stimulating interview sure to inspire some thoughts and ideas about how you can better achieve a successful balance in your life.

Dr. Steffany Mohan’s practice website:

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Helping yourself by helping others

with Dr. James Goolnik

Dental PodcastAccess to dental care is a major issue in developing countries and it is truly heartwarming to see how Dental Professionals provide charitable care to those patients who might not ever receive care otherwise. Gary has often said that he’s not sure who benefits most; the people receiving the care or those providing it!


Running Time 38:50

In this episode we are thrilled to have Dr. James Goolnik from London, England as a returning guest on the Show to talk about two projects he is currently involved in. The first being an upcoming trip that Dr. Goolnik is arranging in Malawi, Africa this summer ( We’ll also be discussing a project that Gary and Dr. Goolnik are very excited about called Heart Your Smile.


Contact information for Dr. Goolnik:

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Green Dental Conference:

We are thrilled to announce the first Green Dental Conference sponsored by the Eco-Dentistry Association May 3-4, 2013 in Sundance, Utah. Gary will be one of the featured speakers along with a host of other outstanding speakers.

Visit for more info.

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