Effective Social Media Marketing Campaigns

with Hayley Irons

Social media has become an important part of many people’s lives. Worldwide, Facebook has over 1.8 Billion active users! At the dental practice level, social media can be a very effective part of your marketing plan and a great way to attract quality new patients.

Running Time: 56:51 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Hayley Irons on some of the most effective social media campaigns she has designed for her clients. This Show is an excellent ‘case study’ on how to use social media in your marketing efforts. In this Show Gary and Hayley discuss; Why some campaigns go viral, a simple technique to get 37% more engagement, a fun way to attract more families to your practice, an excellent campaign to promote selected services in your practice and how to have fun with the ‘selfie’ craze. Throughout this interview Hayley shares how to create the right marketing mindset for you and your team members.

Hayley’s website: www.hayleyironsmarketing.co.uk

Hayley’s email address: hayley@hayleyironsmarketing.co.uk

Why Patient Attraction and Retention is like Dating

with Janice Hurley

Photos are a very important element of your marketing plan. In this Thriving Show Gary interviews his friend Janice Hurley on the types of photos you need on your website, social media sites and throughout your marketing materials. Janice is known as ‘The Image Expert’ and also is a very accomplished photographer.

Running Time: 50:30 minutes

In this interview, Gary and Janice discuss; How to take the best possible photo of your team, things to think about for the Dr. bio photo, why you should hire a professional photographer and how to make the most out of your photo shoot, the role of candid photos in your marketing materials, why patient attraction and retention is like dating and the interview concludes with a discussion of how Janice is helping her clients present their best possible image. This is a fun interview filled with information you can use NOW!

Janice’s websites:


Janice’s email address: jhurley@janicehurley.com

Getting to the Finish Line

with Dr. Todd Snyder

If you are a regular listener to the Thriving Dentist Show you have heard Gary say that dentistry can truly provide you with an amazing career.





Running Time: 57:56 minutes

Our guest on this Show is a shining example of how our incredible profession leads to fulfillment. Dr. Todd Snyder is a cosmetic dentist, best-selling author, international lecturer, researcher and instructor at a number of postgraduate teaching facilities. In addition to his dental activities, Todd is also a professional race car driver!

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary and Todd discuss; How racing cars provides many lessons to dentists, things dentists can do early in their career to accelerate their progress, marketing activities to attract quality new patients in the new digital world, and clinical tips that lead to higher quality and greater efficiency. You will LOVE Todd’s passion for dentistry and the great life that dentistry can provide!

Todd’s website: www.drtoddsnyder.com

Todd’s email address: doc@tcsdental.com

Connect with Todd Snyder Racing on FaceBook: Todd Snyder Racing

What Not to Wear Dental Style

with Rachel McTarsney

Many of our listeners may be familiar with the TLC TV show called ‘What Not to Wear’ featuring wardrobe and appearance makeovers. Well, the dental profession could benefit from ‘What Not to Wear’ dental style! Time to put those wrinkled, faded scrubs to rest.


Running Time: 41:06 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews Rachel McTarsney on the topic of appropriate apparel in the dental office. In this Show Gary and Rachel discuss; the history of scrubs, the most common complaints dental team members have with scrubs, the three most important qualities of good apparel (fit, fabric and style), why Rachel co-founded Renwalla, how they discovered the fabric RenFiber and the qualities of this fabric and how the right apparel improves the image of your office and the confidence of your team members. You will enjoy Rachel’s passion for this important topic!

Rachel’s website: www.renwalla.com

Rachel’s email address:rachelm@renwalla.com

How One Dentist Gained 50,000 Fans on her Practice Facebook Page

with Dr. Anissa Holmes

Social media has become an effective way to attract quality new patients to your practice. The key to successful social media marketing is a combination of excellent content and a proven strategy.



Running Time: 59:53 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Dr. Anissa Holmes. Anissa is a practicing Dentist in Jamaica, speaker and social media authority. She has attracted over 50,000 fans to her office Facebook page and consistently attracts a significant number of new patients each month from her social media marketing activities. In this interview Gary and Anissa discuss; Why social media is the new media, why dentists need to include social media in their marketing activities, the specific strategies dentists need to use to successfully attract new patients via social media and the new FaceBook rollouts and features that will impact the dental profession. Anissa is THE recognized expert in social media marketing and you will LOVE her passion for social media and helping fellow dentists master social media marketing!

Anissa’s website: www.deliveringwow.com

Anissa’s email address: connect@deliveringwow.com


3 Ways Successful Practices Use Facebook to Attract New Patients

with Jack Hadley

Social media is a very important component of your digital marketing plan for a thriving practice today. In this Show Gary interviews a returning guest and amazing digital marketing thought leader, Jack Hadley on the topic of how to use Facebook to attract new patients.


Running Time: 53:33 minutes

In this interview Gary and Jack discuss; How social media has evolved and why your practice should be using social media as part of your marketing plan, the three specific techniques you can use with Facebook to attract new patients, how the Facebook posting algorithm has changed and why this is critical information, how Google uses your social media content in their ranking algorithm and the four characteristics of great content. The interview concludes with a discussion of the upcoming Digital Marketing Conference in Dallas, TX. You will enjoy Jack’s immense knowledge on the topic of digital marketing and his style of sharing successful case studies.

Jack’s website: www.mysocialpractice.com

Link to Digital Marketing Conference: www.dentalmarketingconference.com
Use Registration Code: thrive21 for a Special Savings on Conference registration

Jack’s email address: info@mysocialpractice.com

How to Build Trust in Your Marketing Activities

with Mark Oborn

Building a comprehensive marketing plan is a critical skill set that Dentists need to master in 2015 and beyond.





Running Time: 54:33 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Mark Oborn about precisely how to create successful marketing activities today. In this content-filled interview Gary and Mark discuss how to identify your ideal new patient, why it is so import to segment your marketing activities, how to create the right ‘marketing voice’ in your marketing activities, why being helpful as opposed to ‘selling’ is the right approach, the concept of golden proportion in your marketing and how the Fibonacci Sequence applies to marketing. Mark also explains why every Dentist needs to understand Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help patients accept ideal treatment recommendations. This is one interview you will want to listen to multiple times to fully digest the content!

Mark’s website: www.markoborn.com

Mark’s email address: info@markoborn.com

Mark on Facebook: facebook.com/DentalMarketingOnline

Mark on Twitter: twitter.com/markoborn

Fibonacci Sequence: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibonacci_number

5 Reasons You Need Video SEO Marketing for a Thriving Practice

with Al Ferretti

2015 is going to be the year of video marketing for dental practices.






Running Time: 42:26 min

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend Al Ferretti about how Dentists can use video marketing to consistently attract quality new patients. Al’s unique angle on video marketing is optimizing each video for search to enhance your ranking results with Google and the other search engines. In this interview Gary and Al discuss; the five reason dental practices need video as part of their digital marketing plan, practical tips to get started now with video marketing, why SEO needs to be an integral part of your video marketing, case studies on practices that are successfully using video marketing and why video will be so important in 2015.

Website link for Al Ferretti: http://makingmobi.com/video
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Al Ferretti phone number: 763-438-1162

What Google Hates about Your Website & Other Marketing Pearls

with Fred Joyal

Dental PodcastThriving Dentists have a comprehensive marketing plan to consistently attract quality new patients.





Running Time: 54:59 min

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend Fred Joyal and they have a wonderful discussion about all things marketing! Among the topics that Gary and Fred discuss are; What Google hates about your website and how to correct these issues, how to convert callers to appointments, why marketing needs to be a Team Sport and how to develop a practice culture where every Team members in involved in practice marketing. Fred also shares some great information about the suite of marketing services that Futuredontics has developed to help you develop an effective marketing plan.

Fred’s website:


Fred’s Book: www.goaskfred.net/store
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Tips to Master Online Marketing

with Richard Train and Rebecca Buscemi

Dental PodcastMarketing is a skill set that has become imperative if you are to have a Thriving practice. Online or digital marketing has become even more important today with the rising use of smart phones and other mobile technology that places access to the internet in everyone’s purse or wallet.


Running Time: 51:47 min

For many people, ‘Google’ is now a verb; when searching for a product or service the first activity is to ‘Google’ it!  In this content-filled interview, Gary discusses online marketing tips with his friends Richard Train and Rebecca Buscemi. In this Show they discuss; how online dental marketing has evolved and what is most effective today, the acronym EFCTT which stands for Energy, Flexibility, Creativity, Time and Tenacity and why this acronym is your key to online marketing success, how to measure your social media and website success, why every Dentist needs to use Google Analytics, and a host of other online marketing tips.

Richard and Rebecca’s Website:  www.ezdentalpracticemarketing.com

Richard’s email address:  richard@ezdentalpracticemarketing.com

Rebecca’s email address:  rebecca@ezdentalpracticemarketing.com

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