Lessons on Leadership and Business Building

with Robert Hayman

Gary invited one of his Mentors to be a guest on this Thriving Dentist Show. Robert Hayman has been an inspiration and Mentor to Gary for many years.

Running Time: 56:25 minutes

Robert was the Co-Founder of Discus Dental, the company that created Zoom! Whitening. In 1993, Robert and Dr. Bill Dorfman banded together to create Discus Dental. Their goal was to provide innovative products and services to the Dental Profession and make dentistry ‘cool’ in the mind and eyes of consumers. They started with a $40,000 investment and ultimately developed Discus Dental into a $200 Million Company. In this Show Gary and Robert discuss; The idea behind Discus Dental, how they turned adversity into a strength, the 3 rules you must follow for a partnership to work, why ‘Culture’ must be the #1 priority for every Leader, lessons on entrepreneurship and the importance of giving back and the interview concludes with a discussion of what Robert is up to these days including his re-entry into the dental profession. There are so many positive things to take away from this interview!

Robert on Facebook:

Website for Robert’s Real Estate Development Company:

How Not to be Average

with Paolo Kalaw

Gary has made it his life’s work to study successful Dentists and in doing so he often looks outside of the dental profession to find role models of successful people in other settings. In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend Paolo Kalaw to discuss the topic of what makes the difference between average and great.

Running Time: 54:31 minutes

In this powerful interview, Gary and Paolo discuss;

  • Lessons from the YPO (Young Presidents Organization) Conference Paolo recently hosted in Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • the concept of learning to delegate, the groundbreaking work and research that Paolo did at MIT,
  • the keys to developing a high performance team,
  • the message in the book Simple Rules,
  • how to benefit from artificial intelligence,
  • the power of aggregating buying power for Dentists,
  • how to be better today than they were yesterday,
  • the power of choice as taught by Victor Frankl,
  • the concept of going to work because you want to not because you have to

Gary and Paolo also discuss the introduction of Gary’s new digital course tilted, ‘5 Keys to a Thriving Practice’. Paolo has committed his life to making a difference and it’s our hope that this interview inspires you to make a difference every day!

Paolo’s website: www.nimbyx.com

Connect with Paolo on LinkedIn

Link to the book, Simple Rules

Link to the book, Man’s Search for Meaning

The Secret to Becoming Passionate about Dentistry

with Dr. Lee Ann Brady

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Dr. Lee Ann Brady back as a guest on the Show. Our long-time listeners might remember that Lee was the second guest on the Show back in 2012.

Running Time: 60:18 minutes

In this interview Gary and Lee discuss; Lee’s personal journey from hating dentistry to becoming absolutely passionate about the profession, how to develop a successful work/life balance, a recent CBS News Money Watch story that ultimately shares a very positive perspective on dentistry, the upcoming course hosted by the Pankey Institute titled ‘Making it All Work; A Special Retreat for Women in Dentistry’ and the cool things that Lee is doing with her Restorative Nation online community. Lee is a brilliant Mentor and a great example of a Dentist who embraces the concept of lifelong learning! 
Link to Thriving Dentist Show interview with Ricki Braswell; ‘Dentistry as the Greatest Profession’ 
Lee’s website: www.leeannbrady.com
Lee’s email address: lee@leeannbrady.com
Lee’s Restorative Nation website: www.RestorativeNation.com
Link to CBS News Money Watch Article; ‘Why Your Dentist Costs So Much’ http://www.cbsnews.com/news/why-your-dentist-costs-so-much/
Link to the Pankey Institute ‘Making it All Work; A Special Retreat for Women in Dentistry’ http://www.pankey.org/event/making-work-special-retreat-women-dentistry/

Unleashing the Power of DISC Personality Styles in your Practice

with Chris LoCurto

The DISC Personality Styles is a powerful tool that can help you develop a stronger practice!

Running Time: 72:57 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews Chris LoCurto, a world-renowned expert on the DISC Personality Styles. In this interview Gary and Chris discuss; a summary of the four different DISC personality styles, how to use the DISC information to function better as a team, how to use the DISC information with your patients to better connect with them, how the DISC information can be used to increase case acceptance, the concept of ‘leaning in’ and why this is such a powerful communication skill and where to learn more about the DISC Personality Styles. You will thoroughly enjoy Chris’ knowledge and passion around the DISC Personality Styles. This information will radically improve your practice!

Chris’ website: www.chrislocurto.com

Link for the DISC test and Chris’ training video: www.chrislocurto.com/shop

Link to Chris’ ‘Avoiding Conflict Guide’

Link to Chris’ ‘Next Level Leadership’ Course

Hustle Your Way to a Thriving Dental Practice

with Tiger Safarov

One of Gary’s favorite quotes comes from Coach John Wooden; “Nothing will work unless you do.”

Running Time: 60:28 minutes

This Thriving Dentist Show is with Tiger Safarov, a person who absolutely represents the hustle work ethic! Tiger came to the US from Russia in 2005 and has created a number of successful dental businesses including a construction company that has built over 100 dental offices, and a dental supply company that is radically changing the way Dentists order supplies. In this Show, Gary and Tiger discuss; What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, the myth of the work/life balance and a better way to achieve the balance that you desire, the immigrant advantage and how to apply this to your dental practice, tips to have a successful experience building your dental office, how to master dental supply inventory management and why team first is a requirement to achieving a successful dental practice. You will really enjoy Tiger’s work ethic and his tips to Thriving in 2017 and beyond!

Tiger’s website address: www.zensupplies.com

Tiger’s email address: team@zensupplies.com

Thriving Dentist Show with Jayme Amos on ‘Startup vs Acquisition – Click here

Strategies to Take Action on What you Learn

with Dr. Mark Costes

Dr. Mark Costes is an amazing resource for Dentists. Gary had the privilege of interviewing Mark at the recent Voices of Dentistry Conference in Nashville. Mark is a fellow podcaster (Dentalpreneur), owner of eight dental practices, a coach and consultant to Dentists and the founder of the Horizon Schools of Dental Assisting.

Running Time: 40:41 minutes

In this Show, Gary and Mark discuss; tips to help Dentists take action on what they learn, Mark’s list of fantastic four books that will serve as a guides to help you implement what you learn, the blessing and the curse of being a perfectionist, how to develop a systems-driven practice, the power of abundance thinking, why persistence is a powerful trait and how to know when you are ready to expand to more than one practice. Mark is truly an incredible resource and you will enjoy his spirit of sharing his knowledge and experience with his colleagues.

Marks’ Fantastic Four Books to help you take action on what you are learning:

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber
The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes

Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink

The Four Disciplines of Execution by Sean Covey https://www.amazon.com/Disciplines-Execution-Achieving-Wildly-Important/dp/145162705X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1486335466&sr=1-1&keywords=the+four+disciplines+of+execution

Link to Mark’s Dentalpreneur Podcast
Link to receive a Free copy of Mark’s Book: Pillars of Dental Success
Mark’s website

Mark’s email address: info@truedentalsuccess.com

Tips to Grow Your Practice Without Adding More New Patients

with Weston Lunsford

Nearly every dental practice could benefit from strategic growth. To do so, most Dentists are focused on adding more new patients. While more new patients are indeed important, perhaps even more important is nurturing the existing patients that you already have!

Running Time: 63:32 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Weston Lunsford, Founder and CEO of Dental Intel shares his insights on how to grow your practice significantly without adding more new patients. In this interview Gary & Weston discuss; Three critical metrics that will drive your practice growth, the importance of data visualization metrics, why information without implementation is worthless, insights from the data that Weston gathered from over 1,000 dental practices (you will be absolutely astounded by this data!), why it’s so important to ‘close your back door’ and a case study of how one Dentist used this information to increase his Net Income by a multiple of 5 to achieve the income that he was really worth. You will develop a newfound interest in practice data after listening to this episode.

Link to the replay of the webinar titled:
‘Double Your Practice Without Adding More New Patients’

Link to the Free Practice Snapshot for first 50 Dentists who respond.

Weston’s website

Weston’s email address: weston@dentalintel.com

Lessons from a Green Beret on How to Do a SWOT Analysis of Your Practice

with Brett Rutherford

Business lessons can be learned from surprising places. In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend Brett Rutherford, retired member of the US Army Elite Special Forces better known as a ‘Green Beret’. Brett spent significant time as a Green Beret as a Paratrooper jumping from airplanes at 36,000 ft. Upon retirement from the US Army, Brett earned a college degree in finance and banking applying what he learned in his military career and his education to build a successful financial services company.

Running Time: 54:10 minutes

In this show, Gary and Brett discuss how to conduct a SWOT analysis of your practice. Gary and Brett discuss; The specifics of how to do a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis, the importance of conducting an internal and external SWOT analysis, how the right pension plan can be a strength in your practice, why ‘key person’ life insurance can help mitigate a potential threat and how to take action once you have conducted a SWOT analysis.

Brett’s email address: brett@rutherfordfinancial.com

Brett’s website: www.rutherfordfinancial.com

Rutherford Financial Group Inc. is not licensed in Foreign countries and any and all investment advice might not be suitable for all. There are risk associated with any investment.

Rutherford Financial Group is an independent company with securities offered through Capital Investment Group FINRA SIPC.

The Capital Investment Group representative associated with this website may discuss and/or transact securities business only with residents of the following states: California, Florida, Hawaii, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia.

Dentistry as the Greatest Profession

with Ricki Braswell CEO Pankey Institute

Ricki Braswell

The Pankey Institute has been an incredible resource for the Dental Profession for many years. For more than four decades the Pankey Institute has provided advanced dental education to help dental professionals develop their clinical, behavioral and financial skills.

Running Time: 70:11 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews Ricki Braswell, the President and CEO of the L.D. Pankey Dental Foundation, most commonly referred to as the Pankey Insitute on why dentistry is the Greatest Profession. Gary and Ricki discuss; why dentistry must be patient-focused, what distracts Dentists from focusing on the patient, why the relationship-based, patient-centered, comprehensive care model of practice is so effective and tips to achieve this model, what makes the Pankey Institute unique, why so many leaders in the dental profession have their roots at the Pankey Insitute, why it’s important to achieve a work/life balance and the upcoming Pankey Europe Conference. You will really enjoy Ricki’s passion for the dental profession!

Pankey Institute Website: www.pankey.org

Ricki’s email address: rbraswell@pankey.org

Link to the book:
A Philosophy of the Practice of Dentistry by Dr. L.D. Pankey & Dr. William J. Davis

Link to the book:
Tough Questions Great Answers by Robin Wright

Link to the Pankey Institute Europe Conference in
Oxford, England
February 2-4, 2017

How to Develop a Multidisciplinary Dental Practice

with Dr. James Goolnik

A multidisciplinary dental practice is a brilliant practice model that serves your existing patients and people in your community. In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Dr. James Goolnik on how to develop a multidisciplinary practice, since James has done just that. James has developed his Bow Lane Dental practice in London, England from a single operatory practice to a premier multidisciplinary practice.

Running Time: 59:56 minutes

In this Show, Gary and James discuss; The benefits of the multidisciplinary practice model, the details of how a multidisciplinary practice actually works, how you can successfully start adding specialists to your existing practice, which specialty to start with, how patients benefit from the multidisciplinary model and Gary and James also discuss James’ book; Brush: Proven Strategies to Make You and Your Dental Business Shine and why this book is an excellent one for your Office Book Club!

James’ email address: James@bowlanedental.com

Link to the book:
Brush: Proven Strategies to Make You and Your Dental Business Shine

Amazon link to the the book

The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry website