Empowering Office Managers with Practical Tools and Resources

with Kiera Dent - Episode 303

Office Managers are very important in a Thriving Practice! In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Kiera Dent to talk about all things related to Dental Office Manager Success.

Running Time: 51:06 minutes

In this inspiring interview Gary and Kiera discuss; Why it is important for office managers to have a community of colleagues where they can connect with other brilliant office managers, the most common problems that office managers face on a daily basis, how Kiera (as an office manager) grew a practice from 500K to 2.4M in 9 months, insurance tips to help you better serve your patients, why pre-determinations (Kiera calls them pre-denials!) are a trick by the insurance company to reduce the incident of treatment for patients, positive expectations for your office manager, how your office manager can help you reduce practice overhead, leadership tips for office managers and how Dentists can best support their office managers. You will love Kiera’s knowledge, experience and passion!

Kiera’s website:

Access to: ‘Be the Best Office Manager’ Webinar on Wednesday, December 7, 2017

Kiera’s website for Dental Placement Pros:

Dental Office Managers ROCK

with Heather Colicchio

The role of a Dental Office Manager has become very important in a thriving practice today.





Running Time: 57:44 minutes

In this Show, Gary interviews his friend Heather Colicchio on the topic of Dental Office Managers in 2015 and beyond. Heather is the founder of AADOM (American Association of Dental Office Managers) and is a real Champion of dental office managers and administrative team members. In this interview Gary and Heather discuss how and why Heather created AADOM, the biggest challenge facing office managers today, great tips for office managers to excel at their job and the upcoming 2015 AADOM Conference. You will LOVE Heather’s passion for helping dental office managers and administrative team members thrive and her commitment to provide a community that meets the specific needs of the dental office manager.

AADOM website: www.dentalmanagers.com

Heather’s email address: info@dentalmanagers.com

Link to the 2015 AADOM Conference in Nashville, TN August 28-30, 2015

The Case for an Office Manager in a Thriving Practice

with Kim McQueen

Dental PodcastYou likely know that Gary is an advocate of developing a true Team in your dental practice. The role of an Office Manager is becoming increasingly important in a successful practice.



Running Time: 58:16 min

In this Show, Gary interviews his friend Kim McQueen and they discuss the evolving role of the Office Manager in a Thriving practice. In addition to owning a consulting firm, Kim is also the Executive Director of AADOM (American Association of Dental Office Managers) providing her an excellent perspective on the role of an Office Manager. In this interview, Gary and Kim discuss; how the role of Office Manager has changed in the past 5 years, how the Dentist’s perspective on the role of Office Manager is changing, priorities for an Office Manager, great advice for hiring an Office Manager and how AADOM can be a great resource for you. You will LOVE this interview!

Kim’s website: www.commonsensedentaladvisors.com

Kim’s email address: kim@commonsensedentaladvisors.com

AADOM website: www.dentalmanagers.com

Link for Special Savings on becoming an AADOM member: https://americanassociationdentalofficemanagersnjassoc.wliinc19.com/join/application.aspx

Type: AADOM2015 in the Promotional Code box and you’ll get your 1st year of Membership for $99. THANKS KIM!!

Dental Tribes: Why Every Dental Office Needs an Office Manager

with Lorie Streeter

TDS Logo 600X600The concept of ‘Tribes’ is something that the renowned thought leader Seth Godin has written about extensively. His concept of tribes is that it is human nature to want to be part of a community of people who share common goals and values. People who are part of the dental profession are no different. Dentists have long had the opportunity to be members in various associations and societies that promote education and fellowship within the profession. The great news is that the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM) is a tribe geared specifically for office managers and business team members. This awesome group was created to provide a forum where office managers can learn and connect with the leaders in the dental profession. Today we are were very fortunate to have Lorie Streeter, the Senior Vice President of AADOM as a special guest on the Thriving Dentist Show.

Running Time 38:12

The role of an office manager in a thriving practice is absolutely critical. Lorie’s dental career spans over 22 years now, 12 of which were spent as an office manager. Lorie understands the unique demands of the office manager position and perhaps most importantly she understands how the office manager can help a dental practice achieve its full potential.  Lorie’s role as Senior VP of AADOM is to seek out resources and companies willing to invest in your future and also to create unique education opportunities for AADOM members.

Contact Lorie:

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