Green Dentists are Thriving Dentists

with Dr. Fred Pockrass

Dental PodcastThis Thriving Dentist Show is all about the benefits of green dentistry and why green Dentists are Thriving Dentists. The special guest is Dr. Fred Pockrass, the Dentists who created the very first green dental practice in 2003 and the co-founder of the Eco Dentistry Association.


Running Time: 48:27 min

In this inspiring interview Gary and Fred talk about the midst shift of dentistry as a relationship business rather than a tooth business. They also discuss what motivated Fred to create the world’s first green dental practice, what the Eco Dentistry Association is and why Fred co-founded this amazing Association, how Dentists can participate in Earth Month with some simple and easy ways to be greener. Gary and Fred also discuss the international certification for green dental offices and the upcoming second annual Green Dentistry Conference on October 17 & 18 at the Sundance Resort in Utah. You’ll enjoy this podcast!

Link for the Second Annual Green Dental Conference, October 17 & 18, Sundance Resort

Eco Dentistry Association website:

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Dentistry’s Green Future

with Ina Pockrass

TDS Logo 600X600Conservation has become a mindset and lifestyle choice for millions of people. People take pride in recycling and making what we like to call ‘green’ lifestyle choices. This concept applies to the dental profession and on this episode we were very fortunate to have Ina Pockrass as a special guest on the Thriving Dentist Show. Ina is the visionary leader of the green dentistry movement. She co-created the first green dental office way back in 2003 and later co-founded the Eco-Dentistry Association in 2008. The mission of the Eco-Dentistry Association is to promote green dentistry and also provides a forum for dentists to become certified as a greenDOC.

Running Time 42:31

What is green dentistry?
First and foremost it’s digital everything

  • Reduce waste and polution
  • Save energy, water and money
  • Incorporates high tech innovations
  • Wellness based model

Five Reasons To Go Green

  1. Right for the Planet
  2. Right for your patients
  3. Right for the doctors
  4. Right for your team
  5. Right for your community

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