Minimally Prepped Veneers, CBCT and other Practice Building Strategies

with Dr. Louis Kaufman

Dental PodcastYou likely know that Gary is an advocate of technology as a practice builder. In this interview with his friend, Dr. Louis Kaufman, Gary and Lou discuss some cool technology that can be used to build your practice.



Running Time: 52:03 min

They discuss minimally invasive veneers and how they have changed over the years, why today’s minimally prepped veneers should be an option in your cosmetic skill set, how CBCT can be used today as a practice-builder, advice to Dentists who are looking to grow their practice but struggling to do so and why every Dentist needs to embrace the role of CEO of their practice. Lou is an absolute wealth of information and you will love his enthusiasm and passion for helping Dentists thrive!

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Planmeca (CBCT)

A Conversation with one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry

with Trish Jones

Dental Podcast
Dentistry is such an amazing profession!





Running Time: 52:45 min

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Trish Jones who was recently nominated as one of the ‘Top 25 Women in Dentistry’ by Dental Products Report magazine about a wide range of topics including; The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s Give Back a Smile Program, Trish’s experience riding her bike over 580 miles across Texas for the Ride Texas Wish for Our Heroes charity, her experience as a Technical Account Manager at a full service dental lab, why treating sleep disorders is such a hot topic today, digital impressions and why it is time to get on board and why having a positive perspective is so important. You will really enjoy this interview!

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Going Paperless in a Thriving Practice

with Dr. Larry Emmott

Dental PodcastAs you likely know, Gary is a huge advocate of technology and he encourages Dentists to use technology to become more efficient and productive.




Running Time: 1:00:00 min
In this Show, Gary interviews his friend Dr. Larry Emmott on going paperless in the dental office. In this interview, Gary and Larry discuss whether it is possible to go paperless in the dental office and the benefits for doing so, the specific hardware and software that an office needs to get started with paperless records, practical solutions for dealing with paper in the practice, cool digital solutions for forms and signatures and Larry concludes the interview with a great discussion about the biggest mistakes he sees Dentists make when they go paperless and how to avoid these common mistakes. As Larry likes to say; “The future is coming and it will be amazing!”……….Larry is right!

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Link to the free whitepaper on going paperless.

The Most Interesting Topics in Clinician’s Report Dentistry Update Courses

with Dr. Gordon Christensen

Dental Podcast

Dr. Gordon Christensen is one of the most respected educators in dentistry.





Running Time: 53:49 min

In this inspiring interview Gary and Gordon discuss the most requested topics that Gordon presents in his 2014 Clinician’s Report Dentistry Update courses, the most common questions Gordon receives in his courses, Gordon’s views on the current and coming effects of the corporate dentistry model on techniques, materials, devices and concepts and current and future technology of interest to Dentists. You will really enjoy Gordon’s unbiased perspective and his thoughts on the future of dentistry!

CR Dentistry Update:

CR Clinicians Report:

PCC Continuum (2-Day Hands-on Courses in Utah):

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How to Enjoy Dentistry for the First Time

with Dr. Peter Auster

Dental PodcastWe love featuring real-world Dentists on the Thriving Dentist Show who have developed their own unique path to a thriving practice.




Running Time: 53:49 min

In this interview you will discover that Dr. Peter Auster took a while to find a path that allowed him to enjoy dentistry but once he did, he really began enjoying the profession of dentistry. You will be inspired by Peter’s story! in this interview, Gary and Peter discuss why giving back to the community at the local and global level has brought much joy and fulfillment to Peter, how his charitable projects have benefitted his practice, why Peter is a huge advocate of technology in his practice, a discussion of one particular technology that has been a big practice-builder for Peter and why being involved with the AACD has been such a great experience for Peter personally and professionally. You will enjoy this interview and you’ll find many useful tips that will help you love the practice of dentistry!

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Sex, Drugs and Oral Cancer

with Robert Whitman

Dental PodcastTwo topics that are very important to us at the Thriving Dentist Show are new technology advances and oral cancer screening.

Running Time: 50:52 min

This interview with Robert Whitman combines both of these topics in a compelling interview. Robert brings a medical engineering mindset to the dental profession. He has both a B.S and M.S.E. in biomedical engineering and began his career at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center using fluorescence technology to detect cervical cancer. He now serves as CEO and Director of Clinical Education for OralID and is using fluorescence technology to screen for oral cancer. In this interview, Gary and Robert discuss recent trends in oral cancer including the reason for the recent increase in oral cancer cases from people outside of the historic ‘at risk’ groups. Robert explains how advances in fluorescence technology can be incorporated into your practice as a screening tool.


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Computers, High Technology and Digital Impressions

with Dr. Paul Feuerstein

Dental PodcastDr. Paul Feuerstein is one of dentistry’s all time good guys! In addition to being a practicing Dentist, Paul is the Technology Editor for Dental Economics and he hosts the world-famous ‘High Technology Playground’ at the Yankee Dental Congress Show every January. In 2010 he was presented the Clinician of the Year by the Yankee Dental Congress.

Running Time: 50:45 min

In this wide ranging interview, Gary and Paul talk about current trends in computers in the dental office including a very timely discussion of the future of cloud-based software systems. Incidentally. Paul was one of the first Dentists in the US to install a computer system in his office in 1978! Paul then discusses 3 pieces of technology he feels are absolute necessities today and then Gary and Paul discuss the benefits of current digital impression systems. This Show is a must-listen for all Dentists interested in technology today!

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Tips from Dr. Marty Jablow: America’s Dental Technology Coach

with Dr. Marty Jablow

Dental Podcast

This is a truly amazing time for the dental profession. We are able to help patients in ways that were not possible even just a few years ago. Part of what makes this such an exciting time is the technology that we have available today.


Running Time: 54:08 min

In this Thriving Dentist Show, we have invited Gary’s good friend, Dr. Marty Jablow to share what’s new and exciting in the world of technology in dentistry. Among the topics that Marty discusses in this interview are, new diagnostic tools that he cannot live without, the value of magnification, computer controlled anesthesia, inexpensive lasers, curing light technology and how to present a high tech image to your patients. Marty also shares his opinion on how to calculate technology ROI. He finishes the interview with an excellent discussion of how to go High Tech on a Low Tech budget!

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The Future of Digital Education in Dentistry

with Dr. Dhru Shah

Dental Podcast

As a regular listener to the Thriving Dentist Show, you know that Gary and I are quite passionate about technology and digital content. After all, it is through the magic of digital technology that allows us to bring you this podcast! And the truly amazing thing is that this technology means that Dentists from 102 countries have now downloaded the Thriving Dentist Show. Gary gets frequent emails from Dentists in remote countries saying they Love the Show and thanking his for providing this useful content. The world truly is shrinking and technology makes it easier to connect with people throughout the world.

Running Time 50:05

Today we have a very special guest on the Show who is as passionate as Gary and I about digital technology. Dr. Dhru Shah is the co-founder of Dentinal Tubules, an online community based in the UK that is a learning portal for all things dentistry. The site is truly amazing and we are very excited to have Dr. Shah on the show.

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It’s a great time to be alive and doing dentistry

with Dr. John Flucke

Dental PodcastTechnology allows us to produce the Thriving Dentist Show and share it for free with Dentists in 101 countries!





Running Time 65:47 minutes

We are very excited to have a fellow Geek and friend of Gary’s on the Show today. Dr. John Flucke is the Technology Editor of Dental Products Report magazine and he is known as ‘Dentistry’s Technology Evangelist’!


Find Dr. John Flucke at

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