How to Use Patient Seminars to Attract Dental Implant and Other High-Value Patients

with Dr. Scott Westermeier and Maria Miecyjak

Developing a marketing plan to consistently attract high-value new patients is an important project for any thriving practice.

Running Time: 59:48 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friends Dr. Scott Westermeier and Maria Miercyjak on their story of how they have developed a marketing strategy to consistently bring in dental implant patients and other high-value dentistry to their Buffalo, New York area practice. Their strategy is to provide patient education seminars in their area to educate potential patients about the benefits of dental implants and other significant services. In this interview, Gary, Scott and Maria discuss; How they came up with plan, the challenges, successes and lessons they have learned over the past 9 years of implementing this strategy, how they have created a step-by-step blueprint and how this strategy has propelled their practice to be in the top 1/2 of 1% of practices nationwide.

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5 Proven Tips to Eliminate Hygiene Cancellations and No-Shows

with Gary Takacs

The #1 practice management problem in dentistry today is hygiene department cancellations and no-shows. In some offices, hygiene no-shows are an absolute epidemic!



Running Time: 47:19 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary shares five specific strategies to radically reduce your hygiene department cancellations and no-shows. These are proven tips that Gary has used in his own practice and in his client offices around the country with success. By applying these five strategies you will reduce your expenses, fill more hygiene appointments and train your patients to keep their appointments!


Materials Update, Digital Scanners and Live Patient CE Courses

with Dr. David Hornbrook

Dr. David Hornbrook has been a leading Educator and Mentor in dentistry for over 30 years and he is very passionate about helping patients and his colleagues alike! Gary was thrilled to have David back on the Thriving Dentist Show to cover a variety of topics.

Running Time: 68:00 minutes

In this Show Gary and David discuss; Materials update including the latest monolithic High Translucency (HT) Zirconia and Ultra Translucency (UT) Zirconia, how these new materials provide high strength with beautiful aesthetics, new multi-phosphate primers, a review of digital scanners and why it’s time to quit taking traditional polyvinyl impressions, how to have an effective consultative relationship with your lab and why this is so important, David’s clinical concept of “aesthetics drive the case and function finishes the case” and cool advances in hands-on live patient CE courses and how David is making these courses much more affordable than in the past. David is a brilliant Mentor and you will absolutely LOVE his passion for dentistry and helping his colleagues!

David’s website

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Utah Valley Dental Lab

Link to David’s Course Handouts

Link to David’s Cementation Guides (Free)

Integration of Medicine and Dentistry

with Bradley Bale MD & Tom Larkin DDS

This Thriving Dentist Show is a live interview that Gary did with Bradley Bale MD and Tom Larkin DDS. Both Doctors are authors of best-selling books and recognized worldwide as authorities on the oral/systemic connection.

Running Time: 52:12 minutes

This interview provides groundbreaking news in two specific areas;

1) Drs. Bale and Larkin share the newest scientific research published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) proving that periodontal disease is a contributing cause of cardiovascular disease and

2) Gary and Drs. Bale and Larkin also discuss why Physicians and Dentists need to work together and how to make this happen.

Other topics in this Show include: The specific high risk oral pathogens that cause cardiovascular disease, the three-part science of how these high risk pathogens cause cardiovascular disease, how Physicians and Dentists can work together more effectively, the critical role of the entire dental team (wellness is a team sport!), the effectiveness of the Bale/Doneen Method and the analogy of the ‘cat in the gutter’.

Drs. Bale and Larkin are committed to preventing heart disease and saving lives!

Dr. Bradley Bale’s website:

Dr. Bale’s email address:

Dr. Tom Larkin’s website:

Dr. Larkin’s email address:

Link to Dr. Bale’s book; Beat the Heart Attack Gene:

Link to scientific article; High Risk Periodontal Pathogens Contribute to the Pathogenesis of Artheriosclerosis published in the Postgraduate Medical Journal:

Practical Tips to Build the Implant Component of Your Practice

with Dr. Philip Gordon

As many of our listeners know Gary is an advocate of adding dental implants (with advanced training) to your dental practice. Here are some statistics to support the need for dental implants; 76% of all Americans age 35+ are missing at least one tooth and 22% of all Americans age 60+ are completely edentulous.

Running Time: 47:41 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend Dr. Philip Gordon on how to build the implant component of your practice. In this interview, Gary and Philip discuss; Why you must develop your leadership and communication skills to achieve your full implant potential, resources to develop your leadership & communication skills, great resources for implant education, useful Academies and Associations to become involved in to advance your implant education and some easy ways to get started on your path to adding dental implants to your practice. You will enjoy Philip’s passion and genuine spirit of helping his colleagues!

Philip’s website:

Philip’s email address:

Link to Ashley Latter’s Books:

Link to Dr. Justin Moody:

Link to Dr. PK Clark & his Whitecap Institute:

Dentistry as the Greatest Profession

with Ricki Braswell CEO Pankey Institute

Ricki Braswell

The Pankey Institute has been an incredible resource for the Dental Profession for many years. For more than four decades the Pankey Institute has provided advanced dental education to help dental professionals develop their clinical, behavioral and financial skills.

Running Time: 70:11 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews Ricki Braswell, the President and CEO of the L.D. Pankey Dental Foundation, most commonly referred to as the Pankey Insitute on why dentistry is the Greatest Profession. Gary and Ricki discuss; why dentistry must be patient-focused, what distracts Dentists from focusing on the patient, why the relationship-based, patient-centered, comprehensive care model of practice is so effective and tips to achieve this model, what makes the Pankey Institute unique, why so many leaders in the dental profession have their roots at the Pankey Insitute, why it’s important to achieve a work/life balance and the upcoming Pankey Europe Conference. You will really enjoy Ricki’s passion for the dental profession!

Pankey Institute Website:

Ricki’s email address:

Link to the book:
A Philosophy of the Practice of Dentistry by Dr. L.D. Pankey & Dr. William J. Davis

Link to the book:
Tough Questions Great Answers by Robin Wright

Link to the Pankey Institute Europe Conference in
Oxford, England
February 2-4, 2017

How to Develop a Multidisciplinary Dental Practice

with Dr. James Goolnik

A multidisciplinary dental practice is a brilliant practice model that serves your existing patients and people in your community. In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Dr. James Goolnik on how to develop a multidisciplinary practice, since James has done just that. James has developed his Bow Lane Dental practice in London, England from a single operatory practice to a premier multidisciplinary practice.

Running Time: 59:56 minutes

In this Show, Gary and James discuss; The benefits of the multidisciplinary practice model, the details of how a multidisciplinary practice actually works, how you can successfully start adding specialists to your existing practice, which specialty to start with, how patients benefit from the multidisciplinary model and Gary and James also discuss James’ book; Brush: Proven Strategies to Make You and Your Dental Business Shine and why this book is an excellent one for your Office Book Club!

James’ email address:

Link to the book:
Brush: Proven Strategies to Make You and Your Dental Business Shine

Amazon link to the the book

The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry website

Adult Orthodontics as an Excellent Practice Builder

with Umair Ahmed

One of the best way to grow a thriving practice is to add selected services for your existing patients and for people in your community. With the proper training, adult orthodontics can be an excellent addition to a general dental practice. It’s never too late for a patient to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile!

Running Time: 50:17 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend Umair Ahmed on the topic of adult orthodontics and how Six Month Smiles can be a great addition to your practice. In this Show Gary and Ahmed discuss: What exactly is short-term orthodontics, the benefits of adding adult orthodontics and specifically Six Month Smiles to your practice, how to maintain a great relationship with the orthodontists in your community, training required to be successful with adult orthodontics, the economic benefits and the development of digital treatment planning for your adult orthodontic cases.

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Link to receive Free eGuide on Six Month Smiles AND Code to save $500 on the Six Month Smiles Certification Course:

Getting to the Finish Line

with Dr. Todd Snyder

If you are a regular listener to the Thriving Dentist Show you have heard Gary say that dentistry can truly provide you with an amazing career.





Running Time: 57:56 minutes

Our guest on this Show is a shining example of how our incredible profession leads to fulfillment. Dr. Todd Snyder is a cosmetic dentist, best-selling author, international lecturer, researcher and instructor at a number of postgraduate teaching facilities. In addition to his dental activities, Todd is also a professional race car driver!

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary and Todd discuss; How racing cars provides many lessons to dentists, things dentists can do early in their career to accelerate their progress, marketing activities to attract quality new patients in the new digital world, and clinical tips that lead to higher quality and greater efficiency. You will LOVE Todd’s passion for dentistry and the great life that dentistry can provide!

Todd’s website:

Todd’s email address:

Connect with Todd Snyder Racing on FaceBook: Todd Snyder Racing

Discover how Drug-Free Stress Intervention can be a Great Practice Builder

with Jim Poole

If you like neuroscience you are going to LOVE this Thriving Dentist Show interview. Let’s face it, the most complex, unpredictable and unreliable part of dentistry is the patient!




Running Time: 68:11 minutes

In this Show, Gary interviews Jim Poole on the science behind an all-natural, drug-free stress intervention solution for patients that improves clinical outcomes and can be an outstanding practice builder.

In this interview Gary and Jim discuss; the neuroscience of reducing stress, how NuCalm was developed and how it works, the four elements of NuCalm, how reducing stress in your patients creates better clinical outcomes, how athletes are using this technology to improve performance and how this technology can be an excellent practice builder.

Jim’s website:

Jim’s email address: