Future-Proof your Practice by Adding Medically Necessary Dentistry to Your Treatment Mix

with Patrick Kircher

There are many patients who suffer from a variety of medical issues that originate from improper and unbalanced forces in the mouth. In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend Patrick Kircher on the topic of Medically Necessary Dentistry and how these serves can be successfully added to your practice.

Running time: 55:49

In this interview, Gary and Patrick discuss; the topic of medically necessary dentistry and what these treatment services include, how these issues often go undiagnosed by physicians and other medical specialists, why issues such as chronic headaches and migraines, TMD, Vertigo and recurring head and neck pain often originate from improper and unbalanced forces in the mouth, how incorporating medically necessary dentistry can be one important way to future-proof your practice, and what’s new and exciting with Trudenta 2.0 including new ownership, new affiliate partners and a broader treatment scope incorporating a full range of medically necessary dentistry. There is much useful information in this interview and you will enjoy Patrick’s focus on helping patients!

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Patrick’s website:

Link to the digital course ‘Busting Loose from Insurance Dependence’: http://ThrivingDentist.com/free

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How to Create a State-of-the-Art Prevention Program in Your Practice

with Trisha O'Hehir RDH


Prevention is a topic that we can all support. In this interview, Gary invited his friend Trisha O’Hehir RDH on the Thriving Dentist Show to discuss state-of-the-art prevention in the dental office today.

  Running time: 64:12

In this enlightening interview, Gary and Trisha discuss; a great definition of prevention in dentistry, why teaching prevention is such a powerful practice builder, the science behind xylitol, why xylitol is the biggest game changer in dental hygiene in the past 50 years, the concept of quorum sensing and multi-species biofilm, chewing gum and other xylitol products available today, how xylitol can help with xerostomia and why dry mouth is becoming more common with patients today, issues related to mouth breathing and why nose breathing is the healthy format (including 18% greater oxygen flow compared to mouth breathing), tips for how to incorporate prevention in your practice, a very simple tip (the toothpaste secret) to make brushing much more effective for your patients, why prevention supports the restorative side of your practice, ‘Dental Defense System’ for Spry, issues related to excess sugar consumption, how health coaching could be incorporated into a dental practice and the cool things Trisha is doing with her O’hehir University. You will absolutely LOVE the sheer amount of cool information in this Show!

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Website for Trisha’s O’hehir University:

Website for Spry (Dental division of Xlear):

Link for ‘The Toothpaste Secret’ (you will LOVE this!)

How to Successfully Incorporate Treating Sleep Apnea in Your Practice

with Steve Wick - Episode 301

Treating sleep disorders is the #1 clinical area of interest in dentistry today. It is estimated that 80 Million Americans suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). To help you successfully incorporate dental sleep medicine in your practice Gary invited his friend Steve Wick as a guest on the Thriving Dentist Show.

Running Time: 54:10 minutes

In this information-packed interview Gary and Steve discuss; the very personal story that motivated Steve to write his book Kicking the Bear Out of the Bedroom; Snoring and Sleep Apnea, the Not So Silent Killers, why Dentists with the proper training are well suited to successfully treat OSA, facts about the incident of sleep apnea and snoring in the general population, date from a study that reported that loud snoring can reduce life expectancy by 10 years, the health risks associated with OSA, the societal cost of untreated OSA in the US at $150 Billion per year, the challenges of compliance with CPAP as a treatment option, specific tips to get started with incorporating dental sleep medicine in your practice, 4 simple questions to ask your patients to identify existing patients in your practice suffering from OSA. This information can make a massive difference in your practice and it’s possible that this information can help you save lives!

As a special perk for our listeners, Steve is providing Module #1 of his digital course on Dental Sleep Medicine.

Copy of the ADA Proposed Policy Statement on the role of Dentists in the treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders

Link to Steve’s book on Amazon

How One Dentist Became Passionate About Lifesaving Dentistry

with Hazel Glasper DDS

Dentistry is truly an amazing profession where you have the ability to change people’s lives every day. Not only do you have the ability to change lives with your knowledge, but you also have the ability to SAVE lives!

Running Time: 54:04 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Dr. Hazel Glasper to talk about lifesaving dentistry. Hazel was the recent winner of the Spotlight on Speaking competition at the Speaking/Consulting Network Conference. Gary was a judge in this competition as was so impressed with Hazel’s presentation that he wanted to bring her on as a guest on the podcast. In this interview Gary and Hazel discuss; The very personal story that caused Hazel to become passionate about the oral/systemic connection, how to get started with making the oral/systemic link a strong part of your practice, specific tips for the Dentist and Team Members to help patients value high quality dentistry and the interview concludes with a powerful discussion about Hazel’s ‘Teach Me Dental’ Movement where she is helping the public redefine their understanding of oral health. You will be moved by Hazel’s story and her passion to save lives will inspire you!

Hazel’s website:

Hazel’s email address:


Tips to Build the Cosmetic Component of Your Practice

with Dr. Guy Lewis

Helping patients have a beautiful, healthy smile can truly be a life-changing experience. In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend Dr. Guy Lewis on the topic of how to build the cosmetic component of your practice.



Running Time: 69:49 minutes

Guy has a practice is Houston, TX with a very strong focus on cosmetic dentistry and has been a leader in the world of cosmetic dentistry for many years. In this interview, Gary and Guy discuss; Four specific tips that you can use to build to cosmetic component of your practice, how the AACD has benefitted Guy and why you should consider becoming a member, the AACD Give Back a Smile program and how this program is changing lives (Guy shares a very cool case he did as a Give Back a Smile case) and we finish the interview with a discussion of some other areas of dentistry that are of interest to Guy these days. You will absolutely LOVE Guy’s passion for cosmetic dentistry and helping his colleagues!

Email to connect with Guy: Tlewis@LoveThatSmile.com

Guy on FaceBook: www.facebook.com/GuyMojoLewis

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry: www.aacd.com

TruDenta: www.trudenta.com

Smile Source: www.smilesource.com

American Academy for Oral Systemic Health: www.aaosh.org

Alphaeon: www.alphaeon.com

Transform Your Practice Into an Oral/Systemic Specialist

with Charles Whitney MD

There is an abundance of emerging research showing the connection between oral and systemic health. Today we know that if a patient has an infection in their gums they are at greater risk of experiencing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pre-ecclampsia (early-term birth), certain forms of cancer (OSC and pancreatic) and now new research demonstrating a possible link to dementia, alzheimer’s disease and fertility.

Running Time: 56:03 minutes

Our guest for this Thriving Dentist Show is Charles Whitney MD, one of the most recognized authorities on the oral/systemic connection from the medical perspective. In this thought-provoking interview, Gary and Chip discuss the topic of 3rd Era Dentistry and what that means to you, how to connect with the medical community in your area and how to transform your practice into one that is recognized as an oral/systemic specialist. This is powerful information that will not only help you develop a stronger practice but will likely result in saving some lives as well!

Earlier Thriving Dentist Show interview with Chip.

Chip’s website: www.3rdEraDentistry.com

Chip’s email address: ccw@3rdEraDentistry.com

No More Bloody Prophy’s

with Karoline Biami RDH

Dental PodcastGary is passionate about the topic of diagnosing and treating periodontal disease. Based in the incidence of perio disease in the adult population, it is an epidemic.




Running Time: 46:54 min

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews Karoline Biami RDH. Karoline has a unique background that allows her to understand the challenges of implementing a proper perio protocol in a general practice. Karoline practiced for 5 years as a Dentist in Brazil before coming to the US. She then practiced for 3 years as a Dental Assistant and for the past 5 years she has practiced as a hygienist. In this interview, Gary and Karoline discuss; the benefits of implementing a perio protocol, the connection between oral health and whole body health, the economic benefits of a proper perio protocol, how to get your entire team on the same page, 4 specific steps in an ideal perio protocol, and why keeping it SIMPLE is so important. You will LOVE Karoline’s passion about perio and her commitment to help her colleagues.

Karoline’s website:  www.karolinebiamirdh.com

Karoline’s email address:  karolinebiamirdh@gmail.com

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Gums of Steel Hygiene Transformation

with Dr. Chris Kammer

Dental PodcastWe are in a new era of diagnosing and treating periodontal disease and it’s time to get series about helping patients improve the health of their gums.




Running Time: 1:01:39 min

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Dr. Chris Kammer about the clinical and financial benefits of helping patients improve the health of their gums. In addition to being a practicing Dentist for over 30 years, Chris is the co-founder of AAOSH (American Academy for Oral Systemic Health) and has been a leader in recognizing the relationship between oral health and whole body health. In this inspiring interview, Gary and Chris discuss why perio has been a neglected treatment area in dentistry, how getting serious about diagnosing and treating perio disease can be a powerful growth area for any dental practice, the latest advances in diagnosing and treating perio disease and the latest information on the oral/systemic connection. Additionally, Chris gives us a sneak preview of the 2014 AAOSH Annual Scientific Session in St. Louis (September 26-28, 2014) and he also discusses his highly acclaimed ‘Gums of Steel’ Hygiene Transformation Program.

Gums of Steel Hygiene Transformation Program

American Academy for Oral Systemic Health
(NOTE: 2014 AAOSH Annual Scientific Session: September 26-18 in St. Louis, MO)

Dr. Chris Kammer email address:  drchriskammer@yahoo.com

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What’s New & Exciting in the World of Perio

with Dr. Alex Bankhead

Dental PodcastPeriodontal disease is an epidemic in the US and getting serious about diagnosing and treating perio disease is not only an excellent practice builder but also a pathway to greater overall health for your patients. Dr. Alex Bankhead is a world-renowned authority on perio and in this interview he shares his passion for perio and dental implants.

Running Time: 53:15 min

In this interview, Gary and Alex discuss the oral/systemic connection, how to establish solid protocols to diagnose and treat perio disease today and some of the new advancements in the world of dental implants. This is a great interview sure to inspire your interest in diagnosing and treating perio disease and dental implants.

Dr. Alex Bankhead’s Website:  www.perioviews.com

Dr. Alex Bankhead’s Email Address:  drbankhead@perioviews.com

Oral Cancer: An Emerging Pandemic

with Jo-Anne Jones RDH

Dental PodcastThe incidence of Oral Cancer has been increasing at alarming rates. Oral Cancer is the 6th most common form of cancer in the US and the most expensive to treat. At Gary’s own dental office, LifeSmiles Dental Care, he and his Team has decided to make screening for oral cancer a primary project in 2014.


Running Time: 55:39 min

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend and colleague, Jo-Anne Jones RDH. They discuss; how and why the incidence of oral cancer has changed over the past 10 years, how Jo-Anne’s personal and professional life have been impacted by oral cancer, what do Dental Professionals needs to know about oral cancer and how Dental Professionals can make a difference by getting serious about oral cancer screening. Jo-Anne is absolutely passionate about this topic and you will enjoy the wealth of information that she shares in this interview!


Jo-Anne Jones Website:  www.jo-annejones.com

Jo-Anne Jones email address:  jjones@jo-annejones.com

More Oral Cancer Resources

Clinical Practice & Educational Resources:

Lexi-Comp Reference Library: www.lexi.com/dentistry (Promo code: RDHC01 )

PennWell webinars www.ineedce.com ‘Oral Cancer Today:  The Impact on our Profession’

Patient Education Resources

Customized Assessment Risk Evaluator www.philipsoralhealthcare.com/CARE

Oral Cancer Cause Brochure www.oralcancercause.org

Oral Cancer Foundation Brochure www.oralcancer.org

Six Step Screening Brochure www.sixstepscreening.org

HPV Info Healthcare Professionals and Public Information www.hpvinfo.ca

CDC HPV Oropharyngeal Fact Sheet http://www.cdc.gov/std/HPV/HPV-oral-factsheet-nov-2013.pdf

SMILE:  Healthy Teeth – Healthy Body (Health Canada booklet)

To obtain printed copies of the document (limit of 50 copies per order), contact publications@hc-sc.gc.ca.

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