How to Use Patient Seminars to Attract Dental Implant and Other High-Value Patients

with Dr. Scott Westermeier and Maria Miecyjak

Developing a marketing plan to consistently attract high-value new patients is an important project for any thriving practice.

Running Time: 59:48 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friends Dr. Scott Westermeier and Maria Miercyjak on their story of how they have developed a marketing strategy to consistently bring in dental implant patients and other high-value dentistry to their Buffalo, New York area practice. Their strategy is to provide patient education seminars in their area to educate potential patients about the benefits of dental implants and other significant services. In this interview, Gary, Scott and Maria discuss; How they came up with plan, the challenges, successes and lessons they have learned over the past 9 years of implementing this strategy, how they have created a step-by-step blueprint and how this strategy has propelled their practice to be in the top 1/2 of 1% of practices nationwide.

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Practical Tips to Build the Implant Component of Your Practice

with Dr. Philip Gordon

As many of our listeners know Gary is an advocate of adding dental implants (with advanced training) to your dental practice. Here are some statistics to support the need for dental implants; 76% of all Americans age 35+ are missing at least one tooth and 22% of all Americans age 60+ are completely edentulous.

Running Time: 47:41 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend Dr. Philip Gordon on how to build the implant component of your practice. In this interview, Gary and Philip discuss; Why you must develop your leadership and communication skills to achieve your full implant potential, resources to develop your leadership & communication skills, great resources for implant education, useful Academies and Associations to become involved in to advance your implant education and some easy ways to get started on your path to adding dental implants to your practice. You will enjoy Philip’s passion and genuine spirit of helping his colleagues!

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No More Dentures Partials and Bridges

with Dr. Justin Moody

Dental Implants can be a very important component of a thriving practice. A recent study reported that 76% of Americans ages 35+ are missing at least one tooth and 22% of Americans 60+ are completely edentulous.



Running Time: 63:25 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Dr. Justin Moody on ‘all things implants’. Justin is a real world authority who has developed a very successful practice limited to dental implants in Rapid City, SD. In this Show, Gary and Justin discuss; Why implants are not just a specialty service any more, where general dentists can get a good solid implant education, the importance of credentials and where to pursue these credentials and the importance of laboratory support for implants. You will LOVE the real world information provided in this interview!

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4 Brilliant Strategies for Practice Growth in 2016

with Dr. Tarun Agarwal

This is a great time to reflect on the past year and make plans and set goals for the coming year. We are devoted to helping make 2016 your best year yet and to that end, this Thriving Dentist Show is an awesome interview with Dr. Tarun Agarwal on four specific strategies to grow your practice without adding any additional new patients.

Running Time: 64:07 minutes

In this interview Gary and Tarun discuss; Why raising fees is not a viable option for practice growth for most Dentists, why seeing more patients is a flawed growth strategy, how to become a true General Dentist rather than just a Restorative Dentist by adding the following services; Dental Implants, Adult Orthodontics, Sleep Apnea and Medical Billing. Tarun discusses how adding these services will allow you to grow your practice, better serve your existing patients and create more professional satisfaction! You will enjoy Tarun’s ‘real world’ advice and his passion for helping his colleagues.

Link to previous Thriving Dentist Show interview with Dr. Tarun Agarwal;
‘Dentistry Can be Anything You Want it to Be’

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Dentistry Can Be Everything You Want it to Be

with Dr. Tarun Agarwal

You are well aware that Gary is absolutely passionate about the profession of dentistry and so is this week’s guest!





Running Time: 54:00 minutes

In this episode, Gary interviews his friend Dr. Tarun Agarwal better known as ‘T-Bone’! Tarun shares Gary’s passion for dentistry and in this information-packed interview they discuss; How to develop a Thriving practice in an insurance environment, why Tarun believes that his digital camera is one of his most important pieces of equipment, the three most important technologies that Tarun uses every day in his practice, the best piece of advice that Tarun was given right out of dental school and how general dentists can successfully add implant dentistry to their mix of services. You will LOVE Tarun’s perspective on dentistry and his down to earth demeanor!

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The Case for Dental Implants in a Thriving Practice

with Leslie Icenogle

Dental Podcast

In a recent Thriving Dentist Show, Dr. Howard Farran made a point about expanding the services you offer your patients as an excellent practice building strategy in today’s economy. Howard is absolutely right! Dental Implants have been important part of Gary’s practice since the beginning and are becoming even more important today.

Running Time: 52:11 min

In this Show, Gary interviews his friend Leslie Icenogle about how to develop the implant component of your practice and why the team approach will produce the best results. Leslie has over 30 years of experience helping Dentists develop the implant component of their practice. In this interview Gary and Leslie discuss; The huge opportunity today regarding dental implants, how to get started, why the team approach is so important, specific things to do to get your entire team on board and how to overcome the common stumbling blocks. Dental Implants represent a growth opportunity for every practice and this Show will help you achieve your Dental Implant potential.

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What’s New & Exciting in the World of Perio

with Dr. Alex Bankhead

Dental PodcastPeriodontal disease is an epidemic in the US and getting serious about diagnosing and treating perio disease is not only an excellent practice builder but also a pathway to greater overall health for your patients. Dr. Alex Bankhead is a world-renowned authority on perio and in this interview he shares his passion for perio and dental implants.

Running Time: 53:15 min

In this interview, Gary and Alex discuss the oral/systemic connection, how to establish solid protocols to diagnose and treat perio disease today and some of the new advancements in the world of dental implants. This is a great interview sure to inspire your interest in diagnosing and treating perio disease and dental implants.

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Dental Implants in a Thriving Practice

with Dr. P.K. Clark

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The topic of dental implants is very still evolving today! While dental implants are hardly new, the reality is that advances in materials and technology allow you to successfully provide dental implants to more patients today.


Running Time 51:10

We have a very special guest on the Show today who is a pioneer in providing dental implants and in teaching dentists how to successfully provide dental implant surgery. Dr. P.K. Clark is a practicing Dentist, Lecturer, and Surgical Mentor. He is the founder of WhiteCap Institute located in Heber, Utah where he provides a teaching environment where protocols and systems instill greater confidence in attendees and produce repeatable and predictable results. Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Clark is passionate about his work.

Contact Dr. P.K. Clark:

Green Dental Conference:
We are thrilled to announce the first Green Dental Conference sponsored by the Eco-Dentistry Association May 3-4, 2013 in Sundance, Utah. Gary will be one of the featured speakers along with a host of other outstanding speakers.

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