The Role of CEREC CAD CAM Dentistry in a Thriving Practice

with Dr. Sameer Puri

TDS Logo 600X600The listeners of the Thriving Dentist Show know that we embrace technology as one of the elements of a thriving dental practice. This is such a fabulous time to be in the dental profession, in part because of the truly amazing technology that allows you to help patients in ways that just were not possible even just a short time ago. One such technology is CEREC CAD/CAM Dentistry. This technology allows you to provide one-visit restorations to your patients that are of amazing quality, with the added benefit of reducing your outside lab expenses. Today we are very fortunate to have Dr. Sameer Puri as a Special Guest on the Thriving Dentist Show. Dr. Puri is the Director of CAD CAM at the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry and he is the co-founder of, a website devoted to online education where Dentists can learn the details of CEREC dentistry from basic training to more advanced topics such as anterior restorations and implant restorations. The website has become the standard of CEREC training and is the largest online CEREC resource in the world. We are very excited to have Dr. Puri on the Thriving Dentist Show today to share his passion and knowledge with our listeners.

While many of our listeners will think of CEREC technology as ‘new’ technology, in fact the technology was introduced some 27 ½ years ago! While there have been some really incredible advances in every aspect of this technology in the past 27 years, the foundation was established over 27 years ago. While Gary & Dr. Puri and going to talk in detail about this technology, I want to emphasize the tremendous patient benefit of a SINGLE VISIT!!! This is absolutely HUGE in the mind of the patient and can be a real practice builder.

Running Time 51:35

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The High Tech, High Touch Practice

with Dr. Chris Haag

TDS Logo 600X600If you have ever attended one of Gary’s courses you know that the concepts he teaches are drawn from his real world experience in his own practice in Phoenix, Arizona. Gary talks about what he has walked first. The entire purpose of the Thriving Dentist Show is to share information that will help you have a THRIVING practice and our interview today is another real-world example of someone who is thriving in a pretty unlikely place. Today we have a special guest on the show who considers himself just a regular dentist from Lincoln, Nebraska. Well friends, don’t let his modesty fool you! Dr. Chris Haag has managed to build a very successful practice in an average town by combining the concepts of high tech and high touch. His practice is state of the art but also emphasizes the old fashioned value of treating patients like family! This is a recipe that is working extremely well for Dr. Haag and can work for you as well.

Running Time 48:52

We are huge fans of technology here on the Thriving Dentist Show and I love the way you have incorporated technology. But! the technology takes a back seat to the more human side of your practice when necessary. One of the headlines of a page on your website is; ‘A Dental Team Who Will Treat You Like Family’. I think this is very cool because that is precisely what people want and value today. I know our listeners are excited to hear exactly how you achieve that balance.

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